Mr. Big Shot (Suits & Sevens #1) by Isla Olsen

As I was about to and as I was reading this book. I was like who in the fudge is Will. Then I learn who he was; I was like who’s Spencer I learn who he was. I was likeee ohhhh . I know who they are now 😫😒🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ Spencer isn’t as bad as Shay said he was. Can’t wait to read book two with Sullivan. “& yes I love reading MM Romance 🤷🏽‍♀️…

Book Review:

**spoilers? There’s a possibility of there being some or maybe a few***

Okay, so I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read this book at first. But when I read up on the synopsis. It had me curious. And for the life of me, I was trying to figure out who both Will and Spencer were…

Once I realize who they were I was like ahhh. Will is Jamie’s friend that was in the book with Jamie and Shay. I remember him leaving. But wait I’m not even sure I’m thinking of the right person lmao. Who knows it was two of the guy’s friends but I’m thinking of Shay’s brother friend.

But like I said I remember Will. & Spencer comes from Shay and their beef with each other over Rugby 🏉but the life of me. I never thought that Spencer Cox could’ve been GAY I meant bisexual. That was interesting to learn about him. Same as Shay and his brothers.
I see that Spencer and his brother; even his friends minus one of the guys are GAY too. It’s going to interest me a lot when each of the guys come out with a book. I can’t wait to read it too.

BTW: listen I’m still waiting on; we’ll more so I’m waiting on the book about Finn… Shay brother. :/ the wait is killing me and I’m hoping it comes out in early 2021. Not only that Threes a crown needs to come out too in early 2021. Cause the suspense is killing me…

Book Description:


Turning up on the first day of a job you desperately need to discover you’ve already slept with your billionaire boss? Yeah, that’s a bit of a conundrum.

Learning he’s a closeted bisexual currently embroiled in a—by all accounts bogus—sexual harassment scandal? That’s more of a fiasco.

But having to sit outside the office of one of the sexiest men alive, day in, day out, knowing there’s no chance of a repeat? That’s what I’d call a disaster.

My sexy-as-hell boss, Spencer Cox, has one rule: no messing around with the employees. And seeing as how I can’t afford to give up this job, that kind of puts me between a rock and a hard place. A very hard place if you get my meaning…

The way things are going, I’ll be lucky to survive in this job a month.

The Suits & Sevens series spins off from the Love & Luck series, however it is not necessary to have read the Love & Luck books before reading Mr. Big Shot. 

My Dad’s College Friends (The Forbidden Fun Series, #11) by Cassandra Dee

Better than the last Cassandra Dee, book I’ve read… 

Book Review:


This one wasn’t too bad like the last one I read that was dreadful to read. I can say I understand why her dad got mad. But was glad he understood after she left and they fixed their relationship. But two guys I’m like dang. But there’s a lot of people in relationships like that… they make it work too.

Plus; something tells me that her best friend Toni and her dad are seeing each other that’s just my feelings. I think she and the guys know it too.

Book Description:

After my boyfriend cheats on me with his stepsister, I decide I’m going to do something even more extreme. I’m going to hook up with TWO of my dad’s old college friends, and damn the consequences.

Amelia is a smart girl. When her boyfriend Roger steps out on her with his future stepsister, she doesn’t get mad. She gets even. Amelia seizes control, and decides to take up with Reece and Ryan, two handsome alpha males who also happen to be her dad’s friends from college.

Reece and Ryan have watched Amelia grow up since she was a little girl. But Amelia’s not so little anymore. The tiny thing has transformed into a luscious woman, and Reece and Ryan are only too happy to claim the sassy girl’s curves … while also giving her a baby.

Hold your horses! There’s not one alpha male here, but two who adore plus-sized women and the generous assets Amelia has to share. Get ready for a shy girl who bursts into womanhood with a vengeance, seeking pleasure for herself. As always, bring a fire extinguisher because the HEAT’s on maximum. Swords do cross a teeny bit in this story, but it only makes things even more delicious. You’ll love the tale, I promise! Xoxo, Cassandra

The Bosses Forbidden Employee (Revenge Gone Wrong #5) by Alicia Beckton

This one a bit different from the other books that I read in this series. 

Book Review:

****spoilers thrown here and there +**

I’m a be honest, this book was different than the others. I don’t know I wasn’t feeling it! It was a good book, with a few errors but it was okay to read.

I’m not sure if it was David and Samantha and their personality or the way that the author wrote their story. I just can’t pinpoint.

But I was glad that they finally ended up together after thousands of years (that’s what it felt like) smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ and Dennis still bitter I see. I bet he going to be bitter when he finds out about Tony and his twin’s mom. I think it’s the twin’s mom. I just forgot which daughter it was. Might have been the one (girl) that goes with Justin…

Book Description:

David Powers is used to having power, both through his surname and his nature. As the manager at his father’s multimillion corporation, he’s used to getting what he wants. But what happens when the thing he wants is the new girl Samantha Jones who had just joined the company. It’s bad enough that his father the owner of the company has told him never to get involved with the staff but even worse that she’s only eighteen. 

Will he listen to his father for the sake of the company’s growth? Or will he be the horny boss he is known to be and try to bed her? And will when things come crashing down when both David and his father find out who Samantha is related to?

Find out in this brilliant steamy older boss younger employee romance by Alicia Beckton of BWWM Love.

Their Awkward Second Chance At Love (Revenge Gone Wrong #4) by Alicia Beckton

Currently reading 📖 

Book Review:

*Spoilers splash 💦 here and there***

If you think about it… Todd Senior isn’t a bad guy. He was just hurt by what his wife did to him. Hurt can go on for years if you don’t just forgive that person. I think that what Todd should’ve done in the first place.

But I think he never realizes that he was doing bad things to hurt those who worked for him. Nor did he realize by hurting Dennis’s girls would also be bad. But I liked the fact that he came to realize his mistakes weren’t good ones.

He finally found love for himself. But ended up finding love with one of Dennis’s baby mothers. Which I find hilarious. But you see I think that Todd actually got his revenge in the end. Not only that Simone made him happy.

It was just her daughter Samantha who wanted her to be careful. Just because she heard a lot about Todd. Which I think was stupid. When her daddy wasn’t any better. Which he still isn’t especially if Todd was actually was trying to tolerate him and have a conversation. But Dennis was still a bitter man.

Smh, I was glad that Samantha chooses to let Todd be with her mother. Because for one I didn’t think Todd should’ve been the one to apologize. That is my opinion because for one Dennis started it. Even though Todd was mean to him at work. That didn’t give him the right to mess with his wife and get her pregnant.

I didn’t blame the revenge plans, but lord knows I was over it. Glad that it came to an end because sheesh. Eight years that beef should’ve been a squash. He Todd should realize something. That Dennis more likely not happy and doesn’t want his baby moms happy. He was mad just the same with Todd when he found out three of his daughters. Are dating Two of Todd’s sons and his nephew.

But you live and you learn. But his author made many mistakes with her/him, missing words, etc, and even calling Simone “Justine” in one of the chapters smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ that confused me so hard smh!!!

Book Description:

Todd Power is tired of being lonely ever since his marriage came to a crashing end. With two sons out the house, and one not interested in the family at all, he is desperate for company. So when life throws a beautiful woman his way, Simone Jones, he’s more than ready for it. 

Simone is eager to date in hope of finding love. Feeling she needs a companion as she can’t keep relying on her daughter for adult conversations. 

But when Todd finds out that the woman he’s dating was once going out with his arch enemy and they have a daughter together, his world comes crumbling down. He wants nothing to do with Dennis Taylor. But is that reason enough to give up on someone he could actually fall in love with? What’s more important to him? 

It doesn’t help when Simone drops a bombshell on Todd that will change their lives forever either. 

Find out what happens in this steamy mature BWWM romance full of surprises by Alicia Beckton of BWWM Love.

Unexpected Love (Revenge Gone Wrong #3) by Alicia Beckton

Book three…to this series I started. Can say so far they all been good 😌… but once I finish this book. Well this series I’m going to try and finish these two books I’ve started on that I never finished.💀 

Book Review:

***spoilers here and there***

I can tell this one was a bit different from the twin’s book. Where they ended up pregnant. And Shaniyah their other sister didn’t end up pregnant. That is interesting to learn. I wonder why she didn’t end up pregnant. Maybe the author didn’t want two young kids to have children.

But before I get into their story and my opinion on it. I wanted to point out that. As I was reading this book. Then went to see who the other stories were about, what I learned was Taylor is a Powers… but he didn’t get a book like his brothers Todd and Justin did and even his cousin Timothy. His own father gets his own book where I can’t wait to read. Because that man needs to change his horrible mean ways…

Also, who in the world is David Powers. I can’t help but think that maybe his Timothy brother. But I’ll learn who he is once I get to his book.

So back to this book. I enjoyed it. What I thought on the part where Shaniya broke up with Justin. Was how I don’t think she would’ve asked him back. She would’ve continued with them not being together. Just to please both of their fathers. I was glad that Justin took it upon himself to asked her to stop playing games and listening to their father. To get back into a relationship with each other. Because for one they care about each other.

Book Description:

The 3rd Part in this sizzling hot series. 

Book 1: 18 With Unwanted Miracle Quintuplets 
Book 2: The Trick That Led To Twins 

Shaniyah Carr is a fun bubbly young lady who gets on with everyone, everyone except one man. That man being her colleague Justin Powers. A handsome yet annoying young man. 

Shaniyah ends up stuck in the work lift with the colleague that annoys her the most, none other than the smug Justin Powers himself. But when Justin ends up calming her nerves, she realizes there’s more to him than meets the eye. 

A terrifying situation can have you looking at someone in a different light but was that the case with Shaniyah and Justin? Or is this genuine feelings growing? What will happen when they both find out who they’re related to? 

Find out in this brilliant BWWM book by Alicia Beckton of BWWM Love.

My Fiance’s Twin Brothers by Cassandra Dee

I was soooo not feeling this book🤦🏽‍♀️😫 but that revenge was sweet though!!! 

Book Review:

**spoilers thrown here and there***

I’m going, to be honest. The first being was sooo boring I couldn’t get into it. That was chapter one. I believe chapter two was when she found out about what her so called best friend Paula and her fiancée Galen did to her.

Once that happens. It continues being boring it only got interesting sort of… when the twins popped up at Galen’s apartment. It wasn’t too bad of a read after that but I wasn’t feeling it still.

But I can say… I would’ve done worse than what Natalie did cause I would’ve banged those twins and told Galen on top of that beat both of them up too. Instead of crying. Galen would’ve ended up with a dent in that forehead of his🤣🤣🤣

What had me was when he came to his brother’s penthouse screaming about how Natalie was still his fiancée and she was cheating on him with his twin brothers.

I was like now he knows darn well he was smashing her friend. I told her she was a placeholder so that his parents could stop nagging him about settling down.

I was like the nerve of this guy. Where has he been when he was treating her so wrong and didn’t care about her feelings. He definitely needed the help that he needed. Because his mind wasn’t there… but the twins were good for her. But fourteen kids sheesh!!!!

Book Description:

My fiancé cheated on me with my best friend, but I got back at him … by sleeping with his twin brothers!

Natasha feels lucky to be dating a handsome male model. As a curvy girl, she’s always felt insecure about her shape and landing a fiancé like Galen is a huge coup. But what happens when Galen cheats on Natasha with her best friend? She’s hurt and angry, and out for revenge.

Drake and Dexter have always tolerated their younger brother. To them, Galen is a male beauty queen who makes money off his looks. But when their brother betrays his fiancée, the twins feel responsible. They make it up to Natasha in a way that has the sassy girl begging for more … even as she’s pregnant with their baby!

Hey Readers – Natasha is an independent, vivacious curvy girl who shows what she’s made of with imagination and sass. The gorgeous twins are her ex-fiancé’s brothers, but that doesn’t stop her from pursuing her dreams in life and love. Sit back, relax, and let yourself indulge in this steamy tale. You’ll love it, I promise! Xoxo, Cassandra 

The Trick That Led To Twins (Revenge Gone Wrong #2) by Alicia Beckton

Book two, to the (Revenge Gone Wrong series)… oops for the “I” in the author name but oh well!! 

Book Review:

***Spoilers splash 💦 here and there****

On to the second book, I was waiting to see if at least Todd was going to break up with Tanya. Like Timothy was supposed to do with Tianna. & he did… but in the end with him hurting Tanya, he still lost everything including his father. Who stopped talking to him. All because he had got Tanya pregnant.

Right there should’ve told Todd that his father is one bitter old man. And what I come to realize is that. Todd Senior is about to hate his other son Justin too because I believe in the next book, book three he finna get into a relationship with the other sister and get her pregnant too.

Whereas Todd Senior about to disown him along with Todd Junior and Timothy. What I can say I was glad that Todd came around though when it came to Tanya.. it took him to lose the money that his father was giving him to him having to make his own money to think about his life.

And see how he needed to make a change and be there for Tanya. I definitely wanted to slap him a bit for dissing Tanya. But glad that at least one of them actually told the twins the reason behind why they got together.

But I don’t think anything or anyone should ruin things for Timothy and Tianna because they are meant to be. The same goes for Todd which he didn’t realize until he actually lost Tanya… can’t wait to read book three because I’m kind of curious to learn who the girl is…

Book Description:

Timothy Powers had one job. All he had to do was make a girl fall in love with him and then dump her. An easy revenge for his favorite uncle. But he failed. Now it’s Todd Powers’ job to do what his cousin couldn’t do. An easy task, surely? He’s always quite liked the name Jack so what better name to use for his revenge plan 

Tanya Taylor has no intentions of falling in love or having a family just yet. She has her eye on the prize and spends all her waking hours doing what she does best: studying. But when the handsome Jack Steele comes into her life, she finds it hard to say no to him. 

Can Todd do what Timothy couldn’t? Will Todd senior finally get his revenge? 

Find out in this awesome BWWM book by Alicia Beckton of BWWM Love. 

18 With Unwanted Miracle Quintuplets (Revenge Gone Wrong #1) by Alicia Beckton

Just finished this book. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and I’m going to read this whole series. Because I’m curious about this family. Well both sides.. the Taylor’s etc and Powers… 

Book Review:

***Spoilers splash here and there***

Not much to say when it comes to this book just that I was curious as to what was going to happen. You can tell by reading this story that his (Timothy) uncle Todd is still bitter about what his ex-wife Sarah did to him with Dennis.

All those years and that man still mad about it instead of confronting Dennis himself he uses his nephew to harm one of Dennis’s daughters. It was stupid for Timothy to agree to it too then on top of that lie to Tianna about his age and stuff.

With him not telling her about his uncle Todd. I already know something about to happen in the next book with her twin sister Tanya. With Todd’s son Todd Junior. I just hope that Timothy and Tianna don’t break up.

Book Description:

Timothy Powers has always looked up to his uncle Todd. So when he finds out the truth behind why Todd’s wife left him, he offers to help Todd take revenge on the man she left him for. The idea is simple. Go out with the man’s daughter Tianna and make her fall in love with him, then dump her. Easy, right? But things get complicated when Tianna gets pregnant with quintuplets. 

Will Timothy still Dump and leave Tianna with 5 kids? Or will he have a change of heart and do the right thing? 

Find out in this steamy revenge romance by Alicia Beckton of BWWM Love. This book is sure to have you on an emotional roller-coaster! 

Curvy Girls Can’t Date Bad Boys by Kelsie Stelting

Current read. I’m almost finish.? 

Book Review:

**Spoilers thrown here and there**

Out of all of the books, Zara’s book was the one I was more excited about reading. Boy wasn’t I NOT disappointed. I enjoyed this book. It had so many chapters, but I went through them so fast lol.

I like a book that can keep my attention especially when it has more than 19 chapters. This book did that. Plus I knew that Ryde wasn’t the one for Zara. He was too into himself for my liking and so judgmental. A bit fake too if you ask me. He was a kiss *** because of what her father offer him and what Ryde was offering her father.

Boy didn’t I want to have words with her dad lol. He wasn’t listening to her at all until she told him off and told him what he needed to hear. Plus with her getting locked up for saving Ronan and his friends. I was like finally, he listens.

And speaking of Ronan, surprising how he and Beckett knew each other and Beck kept a lot of secrets about the DP. I figure that Ronan may have been in it especially when he knew so much about the Dp. He knew he could trust Zara with DP. But it hurt me how he broke up with her just because she kept secrets from him. Which I understood.

I thought she could’ve told him about what was going on but I don’t think she wanted to at the time. Until it was too late.

But he found a way to get Zara back. I was glad of that because I knew that they were made for each other.

Book Description:

An arranged marriage and a bad boy who breaks all of the rules…

My father’s been planning my wedding day for longer than I have. Since I turned seventeen, he’s sent me on date after date with people from the film industry–producers, directors, actors… I’ve dated–and turned down–them all.

But Ryde Alexander is the worst. He’s vapid, self-obsessed, and it doesn’t help that his sister is evil in a pair of Louboutin heels. Too bad he’s the one my dad is determined to send me down the aisle with the day I turn eighteen.

My only escape is a food delivery boy and a motorcycle my dad would have a heart attack if I got on. But I don’t care. I need to get away, and Ronan is more than happy to take me.

But this forbidden getaway driver is starting to mean more to me than the man I’m supposed to marry.

The only problem is, I may not have a choice.

Zara’s story in The Curvy Girl Club is the emotional, exciting read you have been waiting for! Who wouldn’t want to be whisked away on the back of Ronan Moretti’s motorcycle and have the adventure of a lifetime? Start reading Curvy Girls Can’t Date Bad Boys today and begin falling in love.

My High School Royal Boyfriend: A Sweet YA Secret Identity Romance (Boyfriend Series (River Valley High) Book 5) by Kylie Key

Good book 📖 

Book Review:

**Spoilers thrown here and there***

I didn’t know it was another book to this series. Normally I get an update. But lately, I haven’t been getting updates for this author.
But glad I found out that there’s another book which includes Blair and a London guy goes by the name Alex.

Both had false identities. But both actually use their names though they just changed their last names and shorten or added to their first name. That’s it, I knew that Blair got frame for stealing, because I was like what rich person would steal something? Even if this book fiction or fake. Like if you live in a big house have money plus your family is royal what you gone still for 😂 . Like smh, 🤦🏽‍♀️ I don’t know what that girl Zara thought she was getting out of that.

She actually helped Blair in my opinion because she learned who her real friends were. Those people at that prep school weren’t her true friends. She met REAL friends at River High. At first, I thought Chloe and Olivia were full of crap and Chloe was planning to take Lily’s spot but turns out they weren’t as mean as they wanted (assume to be) I was glad of that.

I also was glad that Blair made first with Lily and took up for her. Plus, I am waiting for a book with Lily and Ethan because I’m curious. He’s one of the guys from the other book brother too. I just forgot who.

But I wasn’t disappointed in this book at all. I was just glad that none of Blair’s REAL friends stop being her friend once they found out who she really was. Unlike her FAKE friends WHO thought she was a theft, I would’ve Love to read their reactions to finding out about Zara setting up Blair.

Book Description:

Two people with secret identities…
Can anything between them be real?

A tragedy at Langley Estate puts my family in the spotlight
Hounded by a ruthless press, it’s decided I should disappear for awhile
That’s how I’ve ended up on the other side of the world
At River Valley High
The new exchange student from England…

I’m Covington Prep royalty, but after being accused of stealing
My world comes crashing down 
I’ve shamed my family name 
And I’m finishing my senior year at River Valley High
But incognito
No one can know who I really am

Leaving my privileged life isn’t easy
And falling for Alex certainly wasn’t in the plans
But how can we be in love…
When Blaire Ashley and Alex Lord aren’t even real people?