Wreck Me Forever (Polished P & P #1) by Lila Rose

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Book Review:

Spoilers. Thrown throughout this review****

Before I get into this review about Lucas and Wade, I want to point out that I had a feeling that book two was going to be about Kylo. I have this feeling that he has a thing for Zion. But I’m pushing more towards West; because it gave me a feeling that they may end up with each other. But I’ll see when August comes. I wonder when in August the second book will come out!!! I’ll be on the lookout.

With that being said. Maybe Wade always had a thing for guys, but it took Lucas to come into his life to move forward. Because I always say if you go for a guy or girl of the same gender as you, then deep down, you like it. But who knows. I know that I liked how Wade finally gave in to Lucas’s feelings because he was fighting his feelings and trying not to give in.

I was glad he decided the right thing to do was to get the guy he wanted. Because clearly, he knew that he was hurting Lucas by all that crap he was doing in front of him or saying to him in text, etc. I mean, even Death knew something was going on. West even knew, especially when Wreck kept popping up places more so before he and Lucas got together. When he was with that chick which ah face can’t even remember her name and Lucas was with West.

Wreck wasn’t having it. He was pulling so much jealousy out of him; it was funny. But in the end, they work things out; Zion accepted them most of the guys from their club accepted them too. Except for Duck… smh 🤦🏽‍♀️!!!

But I’m so ready for book two omg 😱 like I want to know who the guy Kylo is going to end up with I’m just stuck between West and Zion for some reason lol 😂… even though Zion straight. I mean, Wreck was a straight man until Lucas. But whatevs…

Kindle Edition, 237 pages
Published June 23rd 2020
Edition Language: English
  • Wreck Me Forever (Polished P & P #1)

53443592. sy475

Book Description:

Lucas Storey’s life is all about college, studying, and finishing his medical degree. That’s until he moves in with his older brother and meets his motorcycle club friends. Only, new people make Lucas nervous, almost to the extent of peeing himself, but he soon realizes they’re great people and will accept him as he is.

Now, if only he can stop thinking of a certain grumpy biker, things will be good.

Never before has Wade “Wreck” Williams noticed the same sex, or at least not until Lucas crashes into their lives. And notice Lucas he does. But that’s not all. He wants to get to know the man, and he kind of likes looking at Lucas too. None of it makes sense, and Wreck will fight it for that reason alone.

When Lucas thinks he can go out with a someone who’s not Wreck—and jealously rears its ugly head to a point Wreck just has to step in—it’s clear that he may just be wrecked forever.

Loud Mouth (Ice Knights #3) by Avery Flynn

Currently reading 📖 “Loud Mouth” when I was reading book two “awkweird the ending had me curious. Glad I got around to reading this one finally. 

Book Review:

***Spoilers… thrown here and there***
Before I get started on this review, I wonder if Alex is going to get a book. There wasn’t anything in the ending telling me there’s going to be another book to this series. If so, I do hope, so I’ll be on the lookout for the next book.

With that being said. I knew that both Ian and Shelby would end up liking and being with each other in the end. But it was Ian who needed to work out his issues before he could be in something serious with Shelby, especially when it came to his dad.

That man was horrible; I understood why Ian felt the way he felt when people looked at him or made comments about him. He was always judged based on his dad, whereas Alex wasn’t judged based on his dad. Their dad looked at Alex as the better son than he did, Ian. I thought he was so wrong; I felt like he treated Ian wrong, which he showed so many times in the book.

I was glad when Shelby told him off too because he needed to hear it though it went out one ear to another. Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ , I see why Ian’s mom didn’t last long with that horrible cheating man who only thought about himself. I wonder how his daughters feel about him. That got me curious because both Alex and Ian don’t like him.

You could tell that Ian and Alex got a tight bond. I was glad that they fixed in the end because they had a bond like twins lol! They could tell how each was feeling or thinking. Both were there for one another, even through all the crap with the media and their dad.

Plus, Alex helped Ian get his girl instead of drowning in alcohol. All three worked things out in the end and got rid of the terrible person in their life. Well, more so Ian and Alex got rid of the trash, and Ian got the coaching job that he wanted, which was a good thing even had a kid in the end, which he named after his brother.

50876049. sx318 sy475

Book Description:

I never meant to say a word, not one single word.

But I did.

And now, because of my blog, everyone knows that Ice Knights hockey star Ian Petrov’s best friend and fellow player is actually his half brother—hello, hockey Hall of Famer dad who couldn’t keep his jeans zipped.

That wouldn’t be such a big deal if Ian knew. He didn’t, and boy howdy is he pissed. And who is he most mad at? Oh sure, he’s upset with his dad and former best friend/brother from another mother, but most of his ire is with me. It’s definitely a case of hating the messenger.

And what could make it worse? How about the two of us being trapped together in a remote cabin after a massive blizzard. Neither of us can leave. Just us, the snow, his resentment, and OMG sexual tension so thick it would take a snowplow to break through it.

I’ve got to get out of here before I do something even dumber than I’ve already done and kiss the sexy, snarly grump with his misplaced anger and perfect pecs. That would be the worst, the absolute worst. That’s why I’m not going to do it. Nope. Really. So why can’t I stop imagining what it would be like?

Each book in the Ice Knights series can be read as a STANDALONE:
* Parental Guidance
* Awk-Weird
* Loud Mouth

Kindle Edition, 207 pages
Published June 22nd 2020 by Entangled: Amara
Edition Language: English
  • Loud Mouth (Ice Knights, #3)

Trick You (Rebel Ink #2) by Tracy Lorraine

Arc of Trick You by @tracy_lorraine_author. Coming July 16.… really good book. I remember reading book one and the ending had me like 😱 bih…. I’m just lucky to get a chance to read this because I’ve been curious. “ But I’ll be waiting on a book with Spike and (_) cause I think it’s something there…. I can’t go into details that’ll be a spoilers…🤯 

Book Review:

****Spoilers here a there•^***

I got this book as an ARC from the author for an honest review. Trick You coming July 16… Pre-Order now…

I don’t know, but I feel that there’s going to be a book about Spike and Zach’s sister Kas. I don’t know, but I will see it. If so, I am going to be reading that one too.

Dang, I was right too. I knew that Spike and Kas were going to get a book. I can’t freaking wait… I know it’s going to be more interesting, especially because she is at the club stripping, and maybe she’s going to be his roommate, which I think she is…
So with that being said… Gah…. this book was good. I did felt bad for Carter, aka Titch, because Danni was pushing him away, but he knew that it was felt there. To learn that he was a twin to turn around and see how Logan was as a person; changed her mind in the end. I was like finally. It took him to be in that cage fight to look into her feelings that she tried to get rid of…

But in the end, she knew that she couldn’t fight it anymore. Plus, the whole time, I was like why people in every book I read either doing an idea; mistake; accidentally marriage in Las Vegas. I was like what about a Florida wedding dang; at least it’s hot there. But hey, if Spike gets married there, I wouldn’t say anything. 😅

I was just glad they worked things out with each other, and she Danni stopped running from Titch when she knew full well she wanted him. I cracked up when she got jealous when he was flirting with Mel. 😂…
Besides that, I do hope that he works things out with his twin brother. But I don’t know about his parents I am still on the fence about them. They are just horrible; even Logan is horrible. But I want him to show them that he doesn’t need them. Show them that he has a baby on the way and that his child is never going to feel not wanted. Because as I reading this book, I was like yeah. Titch got a disability and darn wasn’t it Dyslexia.

One thing I liked was he had friends who cared about him. I think that Danni’s parents are going to care about him more than his parents ever did.

54260859. sy475

Book Description:

I hated to trick her…

But I knew she would never go for the real me.

She was beautiful, smart and funny—everything I could want.
And I was… well. Me.

Tattooed, foul mouthed, bad boy.

I told one little white lie hoping to meet someone different. And I did.

Danniella Abbot.

She wasn’t who I was expecting, and I guess she could say the same, because Danni made it very clear she wasn’t interested in me or my reasons for lying.

The fact that she was my best friend’s little sister only complicated an already impossible situation.

I didn’t intend on tricking her. I just wanted her to give me a chance, to discover who I am underneath the ink.

She can fight me all she likes because we both know that I’m exactly her type. She just doesn’t know it yet.

What happens when you wake up married to the woman you tricked into a date?

You kiss the bride and prove her wrong.

Dear Readers,

Trick You is the second book in my angst-filled, emotional and steamy Rebel Ink series.

Popularity is Just an Equation by A.R. Perry

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Book Review:

A good book I wasn’t bored at all while reading this

**Spoilers. Splash throughout this review**

I understand what Piper did, but I figured that her plan wasn’t going to work out as she planned and that someone would ruin whatever her and Carter had. Not only that, I knew that Claire and John had a thing for each other. They just gave me the vibes of a messed up friend and ex-boyfriend.

I can say Piper a good one for forgiving them both. Because I don’t think I could’ve done such a thing! Smh! All I know is I was glad that she and Carter finally admitted to their feelings because they were dragging it far too long. I was over the denial. Even their friends (Blythe, Nash, and Jordan) knew that they both liked each other. They, especially Carter, was more in denial than Piper was to me.

It took Jordan to push them towards each other for them together. But take someone like John to ruin things for them. Claire wasn’t a good friend either for telling John the plan that Piper had going on. She had to be so on like or love with John to snitch on her friend.

I felt like she wasn’t a good friend anyways. Because she bailed on them so many times. To be with John. I don’t care how much you liked your best friend ex-man. You at least have to talk to them. Because friendship could get ruin like that, I couldn’t understand how Piper couldn’t see what was going on I already knew what was happening when Claire had walked out of the cafeteria and John looked her away with sad eyes. Piper saw that but still didn’t figure it out. Because she was to focused on her plan to ruin John, it didn’t even ruin him at all. But I think she did them both a favor. Because in the end, they both got a deal at the popular table. Both hung out with Jordan, Nash, and Carter. She ended up dating Carter, and John and Carter became friends.

I mean, I never saw anything like it, just crazy. But I will say this I want a story (book) with Jordan and Blythe because I want to know what Is going on with the two of them. I am so curious; because I could tell something happened between those two. 

Kindle Edition
Published April 8th 2020 by Legendary Books
  • Popularity is Just an Equation

52617624. sy475

Book Description:

Sometimes even the best-laid plans go awry.


This isn’t how the rest of junior year is supposed to go. Prom is in a month and a half, and it should be a magical night with my boyfriend and all our friends.
Except there’s one little problem.
The guy who I’d been planning a future with kicked me to the curb out of the blue with little explanation.
But don’t worry, he still wants to be friends.
Now I’m out to prove a point. He wants to be popular? Well, I’ll beat him there and I have the perfect person in mind to help me get there.
Carter Jackson the golden boy of Center High is about to become my Yoda.
I’ve seen all the movies. How hard can it really be?


My future is on a set trajectory with me as an unwilling passenger. Piper Greenly isn’t part of that plan, but she asks for my help and even though I should say no, I agree to her ridiculous scheme to snag the guy and a spot at the popular table.
It all sounded so simple at first. But I guess nothing really is as easy as it sounds.
In a matter of weeks, my present is shaky and my future might not be as set as I thought. But I do know one thing—the girl with fiery hair and a matching spirit has ignited something in me.
Too bad she wants my best friend.

Popularity might be a simple equation, but what happens when variables of the heart aren’t considered? 

The Accidental Boyfriend (Boyfriend #7) by Christina Benjamin

I am here like… I can’t wait until Lucy get rid of her boyfriend he is such a horrible person. Trash can filled up with dog 🐕 poo 💩…. I’m so agreeing with her best friend “what a douche” .. more so I say a turd 🤷🏽‍♀️… I’m waiting on her to leave his cheating behind. & get with Jaxon lol 😂… he saved her away when Alex only wanted video with her in the hospital for his fans. Bleh!

Book Review:

This book was soo good….

***Spoilers thrown throughout this review***

When I first started this book, I already knew that I was going to like this book that I like where I can get into a book. Not wish it was over already, especially when it has more than 20 chapters.

As I was reading this book, I knew I wasn’t going to like Alex, I wasn’t going to like his parents either. Because for one, they didn’t show up at all during Lucy’s time in the hospital. You could tell they didn’t even care about her, which shows at the end of the book when Jaxon and Alex got the fighting, and Alex got his ahh kicked back to his horrible parents. I’m a get into that after I have to say what I have to say about the accident.

I was glad that Jaxon was there for Lucy through her accident and recovery because lord knows Alex didn’t even care until he saw that his place in Lucy’s life was threatening. He also threatened her a couple of times. I thought she was stupid to even stay with him after he said those things and did things right in front of her.

He didn’t even care about her being in an accident and leg being in a case couldn’t walk without her crutches. Lord, I was to body slam in so hard that he wouldn’t have known what hit him. This is fiction, may I add. But dang. I kept calling him a turd, which I called horrible people.

I was glad that Lucy had both Brooke and Jaxon. Without them shouldn’t have anybody, I kept thinking that maybe Jaxon’s uncle was going to take her in. But was glad she had the dorms that she could stay in and not go to Alex the douche parents’ house after she got out of the hospital.

One thing I was glad about was when Lucy came to her senses about how horrible Alex was. She finally realizes that after she caught him with Trica or whatever that flick box name is. I was like it took her long enough to see he wasn’t right for her.

Then on top of that, learning that his (Alex) parents had something to do with her dad going to jail was the icing on the cake. I was waiting for her to finally tell Jaxon, if not Jaxon, at least his brother Conner. I was glad it took Brooke to give Lucy a freaking push, which leads to Alex and his family getting what they deserved, and Lucy’s dad finally getting out of jail. Plus, it’s a good thing that Jaxon and Conner dad started getting himself together. Good thing too; because he was a mess.

Kindle Edition, 366 pages
Published April 25th 2018 by Crown Atlantic Publishing
Series: Boyfriend #7
  • The Accidental Boyfriend (Boyfriend #7)
  • The Accidental Boyfriend (The Boyfriend #7)
  • The Accidental Boyfriend (The Boyfriend #7)

49604282. sy475

Book Description:

Can an accident lead to love? All signs point to yes.

Some accidents tear your world apart, others put your right where you were always meant to be.

Armed with a Magic 8 ball and a quirky best friend, Lucy Adams tries to pick up the pieces of her life after a car accident shattered things apart. The trouble is, her life just doesn’t seem to fit back together the way it used to.

Lucy now finds herself with two boys in her life. Alex Alvez, her long-time boyfriend and pro-soccer hopeful, and Jaxon Bradburn, the mysterious new guy on campus who saved her life and has been by her side ever since.

Lucy has been dating LA soccer sensation, Alex Alvez, for years. They grew up next door to each other. He was her first kiss, her first love, her first everything. But the trouble is she fears he loves his millions of social media followers more than her.

Jaxon Bradburn showed up out of nowhere. He’s moody, mysterious and the only student that doesn’t live on campus at Lucy’s elite California boarding school. But Jaxon is somehow always there when it counts. He rescues her from her car accident and has been her rock during recovery.

Fate keeps throwing Lucy and Jaxon together. Is there a reason? Lucy’s superstitious roommate Brooke certainly thinks so and she has her Magic 8 Ball to back her up.

Which boy will Lucy choose? Will she follow her heart or let fate decide.
Magic 8 Ball says: Better not tell you now . . .

A Fun, Fast, YA Romance Read with Comedy.
Perfect for fans of Gossip Girl and Kasie West.

(Note: Suggested reading age 16+ for mature language and content.)

Dare You to Fall for the Catcher (Rock Valley High #3) by Lacy Andersen

My current read… 

Book Review:

Catcher ❤️ Track runner. Can enemies turn to lovers?

***Spoilers here and there****

I could’ve been finished this book. But I kind of push it back and read something else. I was going to do that again. But made myself not do that because I wanted to finish this book.

I can say that books one and two with her friends Trina and Audrey was kind of better than her (Mandy) book. I don’t know I felt different and kind of like ehhh…

But I did think she needed to think more of herself. No, she needed to think about herself more rather than looking out for other people. I was glad when her sister realize that Sasha and her friends weren’t good for her. I mean, it stuck in her head after Jayden was there for her. But it went away fast because she saw Jayden and Mandy together, smh! Which lead to her (Charlotte) almost killing herself and Mandy smh.

I was glad she realizes she made a lot of mistakes that she needed to fix and that their parents finally found out what was going on at home. Not only that, but I was also glad that Mandy’s mom, sister, and best friends help her win Jayden back because he wasn’t having it when he was at the batting cages. But in the end, he realizes that Amanda was asking for forgiveness.

Besides all that, I knew that book five was about to be about Charlotte, Mandy’s little sister. I bet books five and six more likely be about Audrey and Trina. Heck, I didn’t even know they had sisters. Plus, if I recall, didn’t one of them maybe Audrey mention how she glad or something like that she wasn’t in Mandy shoes about having to deal with a sister like Charlotte. I don’t know. Whatever, I can’t wait to read book four with Charlotte and Hunter. See if they; no see how they’ll make friendship bloom to a relationship. If anything will get in between their friendship…

Kindle Edition, 168 pages
Published June 2nd 2020
  • Dare You to Fall for the Catcher (Rock Valley High)

51825919. sy475

Book Description:

A little dare never hurt anybody…

Running is my life. It’s one of the few things I’m good at and I dominate on the track. But my take-no-prisoners reputation doesn’t scare everyone. There’s still one boy who’s not afraid to get under my skin…

Jayden Paul.

Catcher of the varsity baseball team. Hottie of the year.

And the thorn in my side ever since we kissed in sixth grade (on a silly dare!).

When my track career gets sidelined by an injury and Coach forces me to help manage the baseball team, I’m determined to stay far away from the one boy who can make me lose my cool. But this catcher won’t catch a clue. He’s there at every turn – with his teasing grin and the hungry way he looks at me.

The last thing I need is to be distracted. Not with my mom’s heart condition and my little sister hanging with the wrong crowd. My family and my track scholarship are my top priorities.

But Jayden might not be the bad guy I thought he was.

And kissing my enemy might just be the one other thing I’m good at.

This is Mandy’s story – a sweet young adult romance in the Rock Valley High series of stand-alone novels.

Off Limits: The Principal’s Son by Kat Bellemore


Book Review:

When something you want becomes off-limit

***Spoilers. Maybe probably let’s see***

I don’t have much to say about this book. But I will say I didn’t read this in order lol. I don’t care. I’ll start with Sandra’s friends Gracie and Amanda; then I’ll go back to book one because I’m not that curious about that one as I am with Sandra friends lol.

But with that being said..,l can say that I felt bad for Sandra. Especially when it came to Blair’s mom judging her by how she was dressed—not knowing the meaning behind “Day of the Dead. She judges her to quickly and not knowing that Sandra supported her brother Clark who died at age four by getting hit by a truck.

Blair’s mom did every and anything to ruin her son’s happiest. I wish that his father would’ve said something, at least to his mom, because his mom seemed to want to control every aspect of Blair’s life. From his friends to his relationships plus more. It got annoying because she wouldn’t let him be.

It took that picture coming out. Which his mom accused Sandra of “yet again.” Of something, she didn’t do, for Blair to look it up and realize the meaning behind it. Show his mom that Sandra is an amazing person. I was glad his mom finally realize that she was wrong in so many ways. She made up for the mistakes she made towards ruining things for Sandra and Blair.

P.S. I knew that Julianna probably had something to do with that picture getting how. Just so, Blair’s mom didn’t find out. Smh, she wanted Blair so bad that she wanted to do anything to ruin his relationship with Sandra. It works for a little bit, but he still got the girl, and she didn’t get Blair.

But at least Julianna can get herself someone at the resort (aka Dude Ranch/Zion Ranch). I can’t wait to read her and Scott’s story, and I’m definitely will be Keeping an eye out for Julianna’s story in Off Limits: The Celebrity. 

Kindle Edition
Published February 23rd, 2020 by KB Press
  • Off Limits: The Principal's Son

50393270. sy475

Book Description:

There is only one thing standing between Blair and the girl of his dreams. His mom.

It used to be easy for Blair Howell to get a date. He had a new girlfriend every couple of weeks.

Until his mom became principal at his high school.

 Now girls don’t give him a second glance. Not with his mother hovering over him like a pinstripe-clad overlord.

Then Blair met Sandra. But with her spiked bracelets and Day of the Dead t-shirts, his mom would run Sandra off before she ever made it through the front door.

There was only one solution.

Make sure his mom never found out.

My High School Billionaire Boyfriend: A Sweet YA Romance (Boyfriend Series: River Valley High Book 3) by Kylie Key

There’s so many books that I want to read. The list is long but I am getting there with some of them at least. This is one of them out of the bunch. So far it’s good. 

Book Review:

Billionaire boyfriend vs. regular girl

Spoilers? Hmm, it’ll be a few but probably not a lot.. let’s see…

I was curious about what will happen in this book and what it’ll be about. I see that Maddie and Ella are friends but the first book. Rylee, I don’t think they are friends with her. I didn’t come across her when I read the book about Maddie and Peyton or this one with Ella and Jack.

I did agree with Maddie thought that Ella jumped to conclusions about why Jack ignored her at his golf game. He had his reasons I understood why he had them. Especially when it came to his mom, she was just ugh.. she needed help; seriously.

But I also understood why Ella pushes him away too because you’ll assume that the guy you are seeing doesn’t want you to meet his family. Especially when you are not from his side of town. He has money, and you don’t.

But in the end, I was glad that they worked things about and figured out the misunderstanding that they had about why she didn’t meet his family. Plus, his dad letting him get a golf scholarship and going to a state college. What I learned when you are rich fiction or rich, your family has control over what you do with your life. Half the time, those individuals go up bitter or have their children grow up the way that they did.

I was glad that his parents were making a change, especially after what happened with Jack’s grandfather. Plus, Jack working things out with Ella and showing her that he did love and care about her. He didn’t care about what school she went to, the house she lived in, what clothes she wears or how her car looked. He just wanted to be with her. He finally got to show her off at the fundraiser and gala. Plus, Blair finally came around too because she was kind of mean in the beginning until she learned that Jack was serious about Ella.

Besides that, I can’t wait to read the other books about Harper and Tanchia, especially since it’s one falling for a rebel to the other falling for the quarterback. But I am definitely leaning more towards “rebel” since I’m curious. 

53627042. sy475

Book Description:

Can a rich boy and a poor girl find love
Or are their worlds too far apart…


My parents own a billion dollar company

Yeah, we have a big house, new cars, everything money can buy

Money, it’s what everyone wants in life

It makes us happy…

Or does it?


Dad and I had a dream…but it died the day he did

Losing my Dad still haunts me everyday

Three years, yet I miss him so much

Now life is about surviving, not dreaming

Falling for Jack Whittaker can only be a mistake

He’s the rich boy who lives in a mansion on the hill

I’m the poor girl from the other side of town

And our worlds are too far apart…

For our love to ever have a chance

My High School Billionaire Boyfriend is a sweet, standalone romance,

but it has characters who are interconnected with My High School Fake Boyfriend

The Change Up by Meghan Quinn

I couldn’t wait for this book. To come out, I was really curious about Maddox. But I’m still waiting on a book with Lindsey (both, Emory & Dottie best friend, she needs love too even though she already has kids) 🤷🏽‍♀️

Book Review:

Awesome read didn’t take long to read.😊

Spoilers… splash all through this review.”

Ohhh Lincoln going to be the next book I can feel it. But I do hope it will be him next, but I wonder if the girl is Lindsey if so that’ll make my freaking day. If not, I’ll still be happy. But I want Lindsey to have a book, even if it’s with Walker or Linc.

I also wonder if Marcus’s wife is going to leave and date someone else from the Rebels or maybe date someone from the Bobbies team (especially the Bobbies team) Gah that’ll be hilarious. Like Lincoln date Lindsey to Walker (I think that’s his name dates Marcus Wife) hilarious…

But with that being said. I knew in my mind that something was going to happened to break them up. Hence, I am used to this series. But, I am glad that they both figured things out and worked it out. Because both Maddox and Kinsley knew that regardless of what happened, they still loved each other. I was glad when Maddox got his ish together and figured out a way to not be like his father because that is what pushed Kinny away, especially with what happened on his birthday.

Even in my mind, I had a feeling that his brother Manny was going to pop up at the bar for his birthday. You could tell she was a horrible person. I felt like he wanted to rub it in Maddox’s face that he got the girl that was all for Maddie. I don’t care to remember Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ like his brother such a horrible person, and for his ex Jamie or whatever her name is. She wanted Kinny to back off, but in reality, she was a bad person for Maddie, and she wasn’t right for him. She could’ve cheated with anyone else. But she had to pick his older brother like a girl doesn’t have any respect. Then they went to send him an invitation to their wedding. I would’ve shoved that invite so far up their behind they wouldn’t know if they were coming or going!

Besides that, I mean, I felt that Maddox should’ve told Kinny about herself in some ways. Because for one, she did come to his apartment and changed and control everything about his apartment and his life. I know he loved her and everything. But I felt like something have to give. Because regardless of how much you love somebody, you shouldn’t change for someone else you want it for yourself. I did felt like she was doing that changing him. I did agree with her showing him That fighting was a good look for him though he should’ve gotten angry with her when he didn’t want to talk about his brother.

Because you could tell, she has her mother’s ways in her with the controlling and stuff. I was hoping she was going to work on some of that. But I think she tones it down a little. But I did like the extended edition the author wrote. Where they ended up married with a son and daughter (possibly on the way)…

But I’m still waiting on that Lindsey book though… 🤣 🙏🏽 (prayer hands) 👏🏽

Also, I would love to find out who the girl that Lincoln knew back in college at Brentwood. But I cannot for the life of me remember him. It is messing with my head like ugghhh. I know Gunner and the other guy for the life of me I can’t remember his name. Besides Holt!!!!


Kindle Edition, 416 pages
Published June 11th, 2020 by Hot-Lanta Publishing, LLC
Original Title:: The Change-Up
Edition Language: English
  • The Change Up

52992985. sy475

Book Description:

BREAKING NEWS: The Bad Boy of Baseball, Maddox Paige, is totally and utterly whipped.

Okay, that might not be the headlines in the newspaper this morning, but it’s the reality of my current situation.

It all started a month ago when I received a call from my best friend, Kinsley. She got a new job in Chicago and needed a place to stay. I’ve known the girl since I was five, what harm would it be to have her stay at my place for a while?

Ha! Total disaster.

Now instead of going out every night with my teammates, I’m couch surfing and sketching endless photos of my best friend . . . but that’s the least of my concerns.

The disaster, you ask? I’m rapidly falling head over cleats in love with my best friend, my roommate, and my number one fan.

And she has no idea . . . 

Wicked Bedmate (Cocky Hero Club) by Jenika Snow

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Book Review:

Ok book

Spoilers. Just a few. I didn’t have much to say.

I like this book. I can say they (Linda and Jason) fell for each other fall as heck. Like fast and in love fast too. What I didn’t like was it was like three chapters they were kissing and talking in. It could’ve been one chapter for all that, like most authors, do it’ll be at least two chapters in half the most. The third chapter that’s when they got it on. I was already over reading this book as it was… they were kissing far too long that the only thing I didn’t like about this book.

Other than that, I liked the book. I was glad that both Jason and Linda found love in each other., though Linda sounds like an older lady’s name. But that’s just my opinion.

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Book Description:

Getting fired and humiliated in front of everyone at my newly acquired secretarial job at Morgan Financial Holdings wasn’t how I’d seen my day going.

And then chaos – or maybe luck – ensued.

I was set up on a blind date, shocked that my former boss was giving me a month’s severance, and had the perfect interview lined up.

Maybe things were looking up for me after all.

And although finding a man should have been on the bottom of my to-do list, I couldn’t get Jason – the uber-sexy blind date – out of my head. Sexy and confident – or maybe arrogant – he had me yearning for more with just a smoldering look and a smirk of his lips.

But when a night of drinking led to getting in bed with him and having the wildest, most intense night of my life, I didn’t know if I should ask to see him again or do the good old walk of shame.

And it was when I walked into my interview the next day and came face-to-face with my prospective employer that the reality of my situation sank in.

Because there, sitting across from me with that devilish smile on his face, that knowing

expression of what we’d done the night before, was the one and only Jason, my supposed one night stand.

Looked like my humiliation wasn’t over just yet.

Kindle Edition
Published May 17th 2020 (first published 2020)
  • Wicked Bedmate (A Cocky Hero Club Novel)
  • Wicked Bedmate (A Cocky Hero Club Novel)
  • Wicked Bedmate (A Cocky Hero Club Novel)
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