D is for Desire Me (Classes in Kink Book 2) by Kaycee Cooper

My current read. I kind of like the first one better. But whatevs I’m 68% done with this book. Can’t wait for the next book.

Book Review:

**Spoilers splash 💦 here and there*

So I’m going to say this, book 2 was so different from book 1. I don’t know, it was so much law this and science this that my brain hurt. But I like science but I don’t know it’s the way she written the book I guess where it was all that was talked about. So different from JR book.

But with that being said… I still enjoyed the book. Glad that Karma took action in asking Josh out because I don’t think Josh would’ve done it if it wasn’t for the push. But once they started talking Josh that shy boy anymore. I liked how Karma brought things out in him.

He was a nice fit for him. He help him find himself especially his career path. Whereas Karma figured out his career path too in the end. I was glad of that too. Because if you don’t go for what you want you’ll have so many regrets.

Plus; I as I was reading this book. I so can’t wait for the book with Josiah to come out because I am so curious about him. and I also think Ruby going to bring a lot out him because Josiah seem shy and quite.

I also knew that Tyrell was going to get with Evie, Karma best friend and Sabb (Josh brother) want Sara (Karma sister) because of how he acted around her every time.

Plus there’s something going on with Simon I can’t wait for his book to come out I swear he getting one. Especially since Molly family member Devlin works for him. That kid is triggering him so bad lol…

Plus; I’m going to be on the look out for Josiah and Ruby book. I can’t wait for their book to come out like I mentioned before…

Book Description:

An astrophysics major on a mission… a creative writer with a kink… Is their romance written in the stars?  

Josh is the King of Twenty Questions, but it’s going to take a whole lot more than that to figure out Karma. Why is the blond so fascinated by his underwear? Who knew that kissing could be orgasmic? How can he tempt the tattooed man into taking his v-card? His mind—and body—burn with curiosity.

Karma believes in infinite possibilities, but how can he possibly resist Josh? The cannabis-loving creative writer just wants to romance the brainy young astrophysicist, to be a gentleman and ‘court’ him slowly… but his fiery little genius has other ideas.

When silk and lace panties mix with honorable intentions, expect an explosive reaction. Their chemistry may be astronomical, but can Josh and Karma last in the real world? Is their summer romance a dream come true, or are they on a countdown to heartbreak?

D is for Desire Me (Classes in Kink Book 2) is an MM stand-alone gay romance featuring sexy men’s lingerie, an inexperienced seducer, a tribe of naughty co-conspirators, and a guaranteed HEA with no cheating or cliffhangers… but plenty of giggle-snorts, eye-rolls, and first time kink exploration.

Curvy Girls Can’t Date Bullies (The Curvy Girls Club #6) by Kelsie Stelting

My current read. I’m almost finished with this book. Like 67% done ✔️

Book Review:

**spoilers splash 💦 throughout this book💦**

The thing when I read books with big women/girls… I say that thicker women doesn’t realize that slimmer women have the same insecurities about their size too. Same way their clothes or their looks aren’t up to par with people or themselves. Skinny women think the same thing. Heifer they can go in a store and try on clothes and look at their figure and say this doesn’t look right on them. When someone with bigger waistline/hips and bigger boobs theirs pop. Whereas skinny girls is straight down like a pole. 9/10 they have a figure.

So when reading this book I come to realize it’s not about shape or size because everyone go through something with their size, skin tone, their looks etc…

I would love to just see a book where the smaller girl , a tall girl or shy/nerd girl feel the same way as the bigger women/girls in these books.

So with that being said I’m going to point out what I liked in this book. Maybe pinpoint where either Ryder got on my nerves to Cori…

I can say only time that Ryder did got on my nerves was when he was being mean to the girls. But I love when Cori had Faith back. But it was also wrong for Ryder to say what he said it the locker room with his wack friends who judge someone on their side alone. Which I thought was ridiculous like how can you bully someone based on their looks. I was glad when Cori called Ryder and his friends out for their crap. But deep down I knew that Ryder liked Cori by how she didn’t never back down to him. Which I liked….

I definitely enjoyed this book; it was good. I can’t wait to read the next book.

I knew that the Curvy Girls Can’t Dance book was about Adriel because she’s the only one out of Cori friends that dances. But I can’t wait for her story to come out. I’m excited to read about Cori and her friends. & will Faith brother be the one to end up with Des…

Book Description:

He bullied my sister. Now it’s his turn to pay.

Ryker is the top of the Emerson Academy food chain, and he uses his power to remind everyone of just how powerless they are.

Until now.

When I see him picking on the most innocent girl in school for her weight, I snap. Ignoring him is no longer enough. No, my friends and I are going to make him pay.

He’s going to go down as the hottest mess Emerson Academy has ever seen, and I’m going to be the one lighting the flame.

O Come, All Ye Kellys (Love & Luck #6.5) by Isla Olsen

Just finished this book. Finally gotten around to reading it! But forgot to post it also.

Book Review:

**Spoilers maybe***

Now I feel disappointed by how this Christmas book of the Kelly”s ended. I thought for sure it was longer.

Lol; :/ not realizing I was that close to finishing this book dang.

But that’s awesome that Owen and Blake adopted a little boy name Ryder. Because that foster mother wasn’t a good one. But all in all I wasn’t disappointed in this book.

I will say this… i sooooooo want Finn book to come out already. The wait is killing me because I’ve read like the other books that this author released. :/ & there’s no Finn book so sad…

But seriously who in the world is Cass? Like I am trying my darness to figure out was she mentioned anywhere in Aidan book or something…

Book Description:

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and the Kelly boys are all full up with Holiday spirit. Well, mostly…

Connor’s freaking out because Chase is terrified of Santa; Declan’s trying to stop Heath from doing something drastic in the weeks before their baby is due; Owen and Blake are considering a big life change of their own; Brendan and Wade are suffering from a severe case of child interruption every time they try to jingle some bells; Aidan is learning not all publicity is good publicity in the lead up to the launch of his new show; and Shay’s not sure if he’ll ever get that glitter out of his hair…

What do you get when you combine six Kelly brothers, their six true loves, five adorable kiddies, the rest of the crazy Kelly family, even more meddlesome in-laws, and all the glitter Jamie could ask for?

Just a regular old Kelly Christmas…

Warning: This book is not appropriate for anyone who doesn’t like laughing, anyone who doesn’t like the holidays, or anyone who doesn’t like seeing gorgeous men in healthy, happy relationships that include lots of fun and steamy sexytimes. 

An actual reader note: While it’s not strictly necessary to have read every single previous book in the Love & Luck series, readers will get the maximum enjoyment from O Come, All Ye Kellys if they are familiar with all the characters and their stories. 

Clean Slate (The Goode Life #1) by Isla Olsen

Currently reading 📖…!

Book Review:

**Spoilers splash here and there***

Okay; so no lie I hope I don’t have to wait to long for Web and Jesse book. Because I think something happened at that Bachelor party. Plus I keep thinking that something going to happen between Lawson and George. I don’t know I am just getting this feeling because Lawson blushes and stuff around George. But George is straight!

So with that being said.. I did enjoyed this book. I wasn’t disappointed at all. But I can say both Slater and Zack was assuming things with each other instead of actually talking it out between each other. Plus, if it wasn’t for Lawson at the end. Zack would’ve left without talking to Slater. Plus Slater would’ve hurt him own self with his job with his brother. Because he didn’t want to lose Zack.

But everything work out in the end because Zack never left he went back to Slater and Chances place to talk it out with Slater and over heard him talking to chance out following Him (Zack) back to Chicago!!!!!

Book Description:


Twelve years ago, I thought I had everything figured out: I’d go off to college, get my marketing degree, come back to my charming little hometown of Finchley in California’s Gold Country, help my high school sweetheart build his carpentry business, and live happily ever after…

Ha! That’s teenage naivety for you.

Instead, on the eve of my college departure, Slater Goode (henceforth known as The Devil) ripped my heart out of my chest and stomped all over it. Figuratively. 

But I don’t care about that anymore. At. All. I have a great life in Chicago… I mean, things aren’t exactly rosy right now, what with my boyfriend slash boss cheating on me, and then losing my job over that little vandalism incident… But that’s just a blip. Things will get better. They have to. I’ll be damned if I’ll be returning home to Finchley with my tail between my legs. 

But then I get some news: The Devil’s grandfather, whom I love as if he were my own, has passed away in a tragic mishap of the coital nature, and missing his funeral is not an option.

Despite my desperate prayers, when I return home I’m appalled to find The Devil has not been the victim of some disfiguring flesh-eating disease. Nope, if anything he’s even hotter. And he’s sweet, and funny, and everything I remember falling for back in high school. But he’s still The Devil who shattered my heart and there’s no way I’ll give him the chance to do it again. 

Exes with benefits, though? Now that could be an idea…

Come visit Finchley, CA, where the sun’s always shining, the locals are always gossiping, and you won’t walk two steps without bumping into a member of the Goode family. If you’re lucky, you might find gold; or, even better…true love. 

Dare You to Catfish the Hockey Player (Rock Valley High #6) by Lacy Andersen

Currently reading 📖 👀 I love when I read books and the girl is actually a tall female 🤗

Book Review:

***spoilers splash here and there***

No lie I was so ready to read this book. More than the book with Lexi. Because I wanted to know what will happen when Gabriel finds out he was being catfish.

But the thing is; he didn’t say anything he still wanted something with Beth. Which I liked because he found the camera chip (I forgot the name) lol. And didn’t say anything to Beth about he found it.

In my mind I assume that Gabriel did find it. I was right too. The funny thing was Michael, Gab horrible twin brother tried to ruin things between both Gabriel and Beth. But in the end Gab don’t even care. Because he already knew who Beth username name was. Didn’t say nothing!

I think he she wouldn’t have ran out of it the classroom she would’ve learned that Gabriel wasn’t mad at her. Especially with him sending her a message explaining that he already knew who her gamer tag was….

In the end I was just glad that Beth did won that tournament and stick to Michael because he was horrible to her since middle school over losing a game. Smh! & Gabriel finally telling his brother off about how he treating woman was a good one. I just wish I could’ve read what Gab actually said and did to or said to his twin brother…

Book Description:

A little dare never hurt anybody…

I’ve never been one of those girly girls. I prefer sneakers to heels and covering up my curls with a beanie hat. But there’s one thing I do own and it’s my gaming skills. In the history of Rock Valley High, no girl has ever won the online gaming tournament.

But I’m going to make history this year.

Only two guys stand in my way: the Corrigan brothers.

Gabriel Corrigan and his twin, Michael, aren’t just huge hockey stars. They’re gamers, too. If they had it their way, a girl like me would never touch a controller again.

But sometimes, a girl’s gotta game.

What they don’t know is that I’ve been fooling Gabriel with my fake online profile for months and now we’re partners for the tournament. He won’t know he’s been catfished until the final round – when it’s every man (and woman) for themselves.

Sweet justice.

But the more time I spend offline with Gabriel, the more I realize I might have been wrong.

The way he looks at me. The way he talks when his brother isn’t around. None of it makes sense, especially how being near him makes me feel all kinds of delicious things.

Now my heart is starting to wonder if the gaming tournament might not be the only prize worth winning…

This is Beth’s story – the final sweet young adult romance in the Rock Valley High series of stand-alone novels. 

Dare You to Chase the Soccer Player (Rock Valley High #5) by Lacy Andersen

I forgot to post this book. I just got done reading it!!

Book Review:

****Spoilers splash here and there***

I’ve come to learn with a lot of insecurities that females have within themselves are hard to get rid of… unless you push yourself through and learn to love yourself or meet someone who shows you can love yourself without makeup! Zane prove that to Lexi.. by showing her that he liked her without all of the makeup that she put on to hide her true beauty.

But Janelle tried to ruin that for her and even Zane by sending their picture that Zane took of at the library to the blogs. Not only that printing out Lexi picture without her makeup on. But you look at it Janelle was just jealous of Lexi, because she knew that Zane liked Lexi. Whereas there wasn’t anything there between them. She was sucking face with Freddy behind the bushes. But she tried to be-little Lexi for no particular reason.

I was glad that in the end that she showed Janelle that she didn’t hurt her. Plus showed Zane dad too because in the end they ended up getting to be together because the PR and others liked what was going on with the video that Lexi made…

Besides that I cannot wait to read Beth’s story that is the one that I was most curious about for-sure!

Book Description:

A little dare never hurt anybody…

It seems like all a girl needs these days is a little mascara and concealer blended over her acne scars to make her mark on the world – especially if she wants to become a famous makeup artist. I’m only a junior in high school, but I’ve got major goals. That includes sneaking onto the movie set filming at my school and snapping up a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work for the hottest makeup artist in Hollywood.

Bonus points if I run into Zane again—the insanely cute soccer player who kissed me in the rain the other day and then ran off.

So mysterious.

But sometimes a girl can bite off more than she can chew. Turns out, Zane isn’t just any boy. He’s…so much more.

Throw in an overbearing dad, a nasty mean girl, and the fact that falling for Zane could cost us both our dreams, it would be so much easier to walk away from each other.

But Zane is about as addictive as my favorite eyeshadow pallet.

And walking away has never been my style.

Looks like this girl could use a love life makeover. 

Hot Mafia Blues (Last Chances Academy #2) by Parker Avrile

My current read

Book Review:

**spoilers splash here and there **

let’s see I wanted to read this book so bad because I wanted to know what what will happen when Stryker finds out what Kings real name was .. but to be honest nothing really happened.

Because he didn’t care; which I liked. But I will say Stryker dad still was a horrible man. It didn’t matter what his son did. He be-little him regardless of what he did. He Blake him and kept assuming things. When Stryker actually didn’t get into trouble.

Only thing happened was the first time with the beer truck which led him to college. Other than that he and King was kidnapped by King’s people. Which led to King getting out of the mafia family with his Foster dad.

Regardless of that his dad didn’t care; even with the FBI taken Stryker into custody for something he didn’t do. Even blame King for what happened with Stryker. That dad was a horrible man.

I was waiting until Stryker show his father what a great person he was. Plus I can’t wait to read Grays story and will be on the look out for his book… with the football player guy… Cooper? I’m guessing!

Book Description:

From hot bully to hot boyfriend to hot mess… 

How do you walk back the lies when your whole life is a lie? 
You tell even more lies. 
My new boyfriend thinks he’s the outlaw. 
A bad boy son of a billionaire. 
Then he digs deeper. 
And finds out who the outlaw really is. 

King’s such a sweetheart. 
Maybe even a little bit innocent. 
There’s something wrong with the story of how his parents died. 
I’m going to solve the mystery and set things right. 
I’ll be his forever hero. 
He’s going to be so surprised. 
Except I’m the one who gets the surprise. 
Turns out there’s no such person as Kingsley Blake. 
So who the hell is the man in my bed? 

“Hot Mafia Blues” is a full-length 95,000-word new adult gay romance with mafia and academy themes. There is no cheating, no deep angst, and a guaranteed Happily Ever After. Stryker & Kingsley’s complicated romance started in, “Hot Roommate Blues,” a full-length 76,000-word gay bully romance that explores the early days of their relationship. While the books are written to be enjoyable as standalones, you’ll get the most out of them if you read in this order: 
*Hot Roommate Blues 
*Hot Mafia Blues 

The Last Chances Academy series is set in an elite all-male private college where gay romance between bad boys flourishes. Expect raw language, high-steam situations between high-energy men, and some on-page bullying and/or domination. All characters are over 18.

Dare You to Resist the Bull Rider (Rock Valley High #4) by Lacy Andersen

My current read

Book Review:

**Spoilers splash 💦 here and there**

I actually enjoyed this book though it took me awhile to finish it.

What I can say at first Hunter kind of annoyed me because Charlotte showed him how she felt about him. Not once but twice, when she kissed him in the storage closet. But he choose to run behind Sarah because he owe her a dance. And secondly when she told him that she liked him more than a friend. He hurt her.

I could tell that he liked her because of how he reacted to her when she asked Graham out and went on that date. Which he brought along Sarah too. Which I think to make Charlotte jealous. Just because he was jealous of their date.

I was glad when he came around and explain to her about why he did what he did. When he pushed her away. Lied about his feelings. He understood that it was good to admit his feelings and learn that they both weren’t their parents he wasn’t that horrible man Steven. Who tried to hurt his mom again…

I can’t wait to read Lexi story I just hope that it’s good. Because I think she’s about to fall for a reality star…

Book Description:

A little dare never hurt anybody…

My sophomore year at Rock Valley High was a total downer. Joining the wrong crowd and nearly getting drowned aren’t exactly things I want to write about on my college admission essays.

But my best friend, Hunter, is moving back home from spending a year on his grandpa’s ranch. With his help, I’m going to win the Junior Rodeo Queen contest and reclaim this summer as the best one ever.

Except…Hunter is different.

In a tight-fitting-jeans, cowboy hat, muscles, and sexy grin kind of way that leaves my knees wobbly.

And did I mention he picked up a talent for bull riding during the year he’s been gone?

So hot.

Falling for my best friend is against the rules we made years ago. Hunter knows it. I know it. But my heart seems to have forgotten, because every time he looks at me with those gorgeous hazel eyes, I want to sink into him.

Maybe we can’t go back to the way things were…

…but just maybe, we might find something even better—despite the rules.

This is Charlotte’s story – a sweet young adult romance in the Rock Valley High series of stand-alone novels.

My Neighbor’s Husband (Forbidden Fun #6) by Cassandra Dee

Just finish this book. & on to the current book I was reading before this book.

Book Review:

***spoilers here and there**

I figure that Amelia was a fool and a lier. She tried to get Dane. But she didn’t realize that he was going to find out about the FAKE baby.

In my mind I was like that baby ain’t his. How she waited that long to contact him for if she was pregnant with his baby.

Darn if it wasn’t a lie.. just because the old guy she wanted to leave. No that she left Dane for only used her until she divorce her husband. You look at it she the one who got played and looked stupid.

Whereas Dane moved on to something better. Someone who didn’t mind having a child with him. Plus he should’ve known something was up with Amelia.. especially when she mentioned before to him she didn’t want kids.. smh! But at least both Dane and Margot got themselves a happy ending.!

Book Description:

This is the sixth book in the Forbidden Fun series.

Margot has a hot temper, sassy ways, and a curvy body to die for.

When she catches Mr. and Mrs. Jones next door doing the dirty deed, she’s titillated. Mr. Jones has the chiselled physique of a god, but of course, he’s off-limits because he’s married. The best Margot can hope for is a saucy wink from her gorgeous neighbor every now and then.

Dane Jones has been a faithful husband for over a decade, but after his wife tells him that she doesn’t want babies, he’s done. 

He’s a single man now, and as free as a bird. His cute, curvy neighbor is exactly what he’s looking for when it comes to wild loving and even hotter nights. But when his ex-wife comes back claiming she’s pregnant, he’s torn between two worlds: his past with his ex and a future with the curvy girl who’s claimed his heart.

Hey Readers – I’m known for over the top stories, and this one delivers! We’re back with an alpha male who’s utterly POSSESSIVE, and a curvy girl with fire and sass. Watch as Margot and Dane tear up the sheets in this emotional and dramatic story. As always, there is no cheating and no cliffhangers. Always an HEA. You’ll love it, I promise! Xoxo, Cassie

Pulling Strings (Young Spades #1) by Riley Long

Just finish this book. My next read will be a YA book. That I hope I enjoy.

Book Review:

***spoilers here and there***

I can understand about mental illness. It’s no joke, Ari couldn’t help that he felt the way that he felt. But he done things that he regretted but couldn’t help. It was good that he gotten help when he did. Plus to me Shane understood more than Ari parents did when it came to mental illness.

But I also understood why his father was scared and concerned about him being gay when it came to his father witnessing his cousin/best friend getting killed right in front of him. So of course he’s going to concerned.

But what I don’t get how and why the guys families say “ they wanted grandchildren” now they can’t just because their son is GAY. I am like um they can adopted or get a surrogate 🤷🏽‍♀️ it’s the same for when women can’t have children or whatever they either adopt or just get themselves a surrogate. but most adopted because of how much you pay for surrogate.

But anyways; they fought like crazy especially when Shane fell that exam. Which I understood. Because they way I saw it was Ari did expected so much of him and Shane was neglecting his responsibilities. But that break that they both had did help them both.

But made a trigger to depression for Ari which sucked in the end. But at least they worked it out.

Book Description:

Aristotle “Ari” Dineen, Jr. thinks he doesn’t deserve love. Ari has bipolar disorder and parents who don’t understand his challenges. Falling in love isn’t on the playlist for a guy like him, someone running from his past and so uncertain about his future. 

Shane Beckett doesn’t have time for things like love. He’s busy – giving music lessons, finishing his senior year, and oh yeah, he’s the lead singer of up and coming indie rock band, Young Spades. 

A cup of beer, a music history class, and a pack of cigarettes changes everything. 

As Ari and Shane are about to find out, despite having a lack of time or the confidence to believe they can make it work, love has a way of pulling them in and rocking their worlds.