The Negotiator (Harbor City #1) by Avery Flynn

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Book Review:

Spoilers splash here and there

I’m not going to lie; this book was kind of boring for some reason. It was dry and interesting at the same time. I just wanted it to be over. But in the end it was still interesting but eggy at the same time.

I’m glad that’s over 😂 I’m done reading it. Because to be honest. I wanted to read book two more since it’s about one of the Hartigans. 🤷🏽‍♀️ but I wanted to read the whole series including book one and three. So glad that’s over and I can read book two and then three.

So with that being said, I felt like Clover was a good fit for Sawyer because she had him doing things he normally wouldn’t do. Even if he didn’t know how to flirt. But he did it anyways. Even his mom realize that he was in love with Clover.

I believe neither wanted to admit it until after they came from Clover parents house. Clover just assume that Sawyer didn’t love her. He did things that didn’t show her that he love her until she was gone and he had to do something big to get her back.

Both of them seem like they had a hard time a communicating with each other. Because a lot of stuff could’ve been avoided if they talked about their feelings about each other.

I was just glad when they figured things out in the end that’s all!!!

Book Description:

Wanted: Personal Buffer

Often snarly, workaholic executive seeks “buffer” from annoying outside distractions AKA people. Free spirits with personal boundary issues, excessive quirks, or general squeamishness need not apply. Salary negotiable. Confidentiality required.

Workaholic billionaire Sawyer Carlyle may have joked he needed a “buffer” from their marriage-obsessed mom, but he didn’t need a waiting room filled with “candidates” to further distract him. (Thanks, bro.) But when a sexy job applicant shooes his mom and the socialite in tow out of his office, Sawyer sees the genius of the plan. And the woman. In fact, Miss Clover Lee might just get the fastest promotion in history, from buffer to fake fiancé…

This “free-spirit” might look like hot sunshine and lickable rainbows, but she negotiates like a pitbull. Before Sawyer knows what hit him, he’s agreed to give up Friday nights for reality tv, his Saturdays for flea markets (why buy junk still baffles him), his Tuesdays and Thursdays for “date nights” (aka panty-losing opportunities if he plays his cards right). And now she wants lavender bath salts and tulips delivered every Monday? 

Yup, she’s just screwing with him. Good thing she’s got this non-negotiatable six-weeks-and-she’s-gone rule or Sawyer may have just met his match…

Dog Food 2 by Raynesha Pittman (Author), Kim Johnson (Narrator)

I haven’t listened 🎧 👂 to a book on audible in a LONGGGGG time. I have books I need to finish and this is one of them.

Book Review:

Spoilers splash here and there

I was confused at first because, each chapter is either Omar or DeMarcus. I’ve read book one. But it’s been awhile; I forgot what actually happened. I feel like Omar a hater; he off so many people that DeMarcus sort of cared about.

To me Omar wants what DeMarcus has. He has so much hatred inside of him for his cousin. Plus Omar more likely going to end up like his mom on drugs using his on work.

It’s crazy learning that they were brothers in the end. Especially when they look exactly alike. DeMarcus really had some haters surrounding in. You could tell. Smh! His own brother and his aunt and others. Just because of what his father did with his mom.

I was glad when Omar got killed I was HAPPY that boy was horrible. Because he killed a lot of people who he shouldn’t have killed all because he wanted to get close to DeMarcus.

It’s sucks that Ciara and others died though! Ciara got what she deserved short of but not really. Because of what she done to DeMarcus and he lost his deal when she lied about the rape.

He came a long way!!! Plus it was funny how Omar wasn’t in a casket like the others. And I was glad that he got his son in the end. It was cute; especially with his son not having to be in the system.

Plus it took me sooooo long to finish this book lol. Gah I’m a be honest the narrator I couldn’t get into her reading for this book. For some reason; but I got through it and I’m glad.

I see now that he ended up with Joyce in the end. Has another child on the way. It’s so cute; especially when he ended up with twins. But I assume they were getting married. But in the end he did ask her to marry him. 😌

Btw what I to know is who that lady was at the end. (The one he saw at the cemetery and who had called him)…

Book Description:

Running and hiding is looked upon as a way out for the weak. It is something Omar never thought he would do. As a child, he didn’t even partake in the game of Hide and Seek for that very reason. Unfortunately, after being sentenced to death by his cousin, Demarcus, Omar was left with no choice.
Moving to Detroit wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be. It didn’t take long for him to reign supreme. However, the change of location didn’t change the conniving and cold-hearted monster that he was inside. It didn’t take the locals long to see the monster that was he. When his lies caught up to him and backed him in the corner, he opted to take the easy way out and leave. With Omar deciding to move back to Memphis after being off the radar for three years, he was now willing to play the game. He wanted it to end in his cousin’s murder, while reclaiming the throne he was kicked down from. But how many people would he be willing to kill to get back what he felt was rightfully his?
Demarcus’s life has turned for the good. He has a relationship with his new found father, runs a large Dog Food distribution ring, and has a few legit businesses that are flourishing on the side. The sheltered mama’s boy has turned into a man. Suddenly, the bodies start piling up and he goes from being the most loved man in the city of Memphis, to being the number one murder suspect in every case that crosses the homicide unit desk.
As the bodies pile up, his past is back to haunt him with a vengeance. But what happens when the true murderer is someone he already knows to be dead?

Blow Me Away by Billie Bloom

My current read by @billiebloomxoxo ✔️ I’m almost finish … I’m 61% done…

Book Review:

Spoilers splash here and there

Hmm is this book of the guys from the team that they guys from “Bromance Chronicles series” played against with Blake and Cormac book? If soo I hope there’s more books because now I’m curious Whitaker sound really familiar because I remember reading about the hockey coach who was gay in the book “Pucked Up Love”… I believe his name was Whitaker.

If this is I am lot excited plus after getting to the end of this book and realizing that it’s actually going to be a actual series i believe. After this book. Definitely got my excited at a high. Because I definitely enjoyed every book by Billie Bloom so far.

With this book I liked Nick and Noah. But can’t remember if they were mentioned anywhere hmm 🤔 or at least Nick. But I think he was in Pucked Up Love. But who knows… I can’t remember. Lol but anyways.

I definitely enjoyed this book. I felt like deep down Nick was bisexual anyways it just had to take the right person to bring it out of him. I was glad that his mom was understanding of his sexuality. I figure since his sister was bisexual too. No need to hate one child when you don’t hate the other.

Plus I think the Jordan guy was annoying and the Andrew professor dude was more likely cheating on him probably. Jordan was mad jealous of Noah and Nick relationship. I could tell every time he pop up. Plus Noah sister Kate didn’t have to tell Jordan that their relationship was fake… she had to be a gossip probably was jealous of their relationship. Prob wanted Nick herself or one of her brother more likely. That’s what I think.

I was glad when Nick told him don’t listen to what anyone has to say about their relationship since they both know that what they have with each other is real. Plus it was cute that Noah asked Nick to marry him in the end. Noah grandma was correct about them getting married too. Noah didn’t really take her serious but Nick did…

Book Description:

Things are about to get spicy…

Showing up solo to a wedding where his ex is the best man? That’s a hard pass, even for the brazen and confident Noah Harper. Thankfully, his bestie has a brilliant plan: Take her straight as an arrow brother Nick as his fake boyfriend instead.

Nick is happy to pretend—a free trip to Hawaii is hard to pass up—but apparently it will cost him exactly one existential crisis when sharing a hotel room with the charming and funny Noah turns unexpectedly…complicated.

Their flirting is starting to feel pretty real and when the suddenly curious hockey jock Nick wants to experiment? Hold on to your lei, honey, because things are about to get spicy!

What to Expect: Fake boyfriends, guy talk, secret experiments, hot as heck first times, a bi-awakening and of course a heaping dose of swoon!

Movie Stars Don’t Fall for Nerdy Girls (Invisible Girls Club #4) by Emma Dalton

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Book Review:

***Spoilers splash here and there

I was waiting for Charlie book glad I got to read it. Not much I can say to be honest. Only thing I can say that I hate when she kept calling him her pupil lol. Like I don’t know it was annoying lol. Plus she kept pushing him away when she didn’t want to have those feelings towards him.

I was glad when she stop being stubborn and actually gave Asher a chance. Because he really liked her but she didn’t want a relationship because of her parents . Which I understand.

Because her parents made her afraid due to their arguing and call each other names. I was glad when they listen to her and seek therapy. That helped their marriage. Also; Charlie friends helped her see that just because her parents was arguing etc that doesn’t mean her relationship with Asher would be the same way.

Book Description:

Every nerdy girl deserves to be loved.

I’m the Nerdy Girl and I don’t believe in romance. Everyone at school is obsessed with the new student—teen movie star Asher Park. Me? I’m the lucky one who almost gets run over by his limo.

And he doesn’t even apologize. To make matters worse, my vice principal asks me to tutor him. That smug, arrogant smile of his tells me he doesn’t think I’m up for the task. You know what? Game on.

But as we study together, I realize we have more in common than I thought. He’s not an arrogant, self-centered celebrity. He’s fun, down to Earth, and he teaches me that there’s more to life than school and homework. I’m falling hard for this guy and want to give romance a shot. But a movie star like him would never choose a nerdy girl like me.

Or would he?

Movie Stars Don’t Fall For Nerdy Girls is the fourth book in the Invisible Girls Club, a sweet YA contemporary romance series. If you like invisible girls who snag the boys of their dreams, this book is for you!

Totally Schooled by Nicole Dykes

My current read until I go back to the other book that I was reading. I’m almost finished this book. I’m 66% done

Book Review:

Now that’s what I wanted to know. I’m glad I did read half of the authors note at the end. Because I REALLY wanted to know if Gavin was going to get a book. I was like I hope he gets a book. Was planing to add that exact mentioned in this review. Even though I still did, because I’m curious if the guy he fall for is the guy he brought to the family gathering.

Also, I wanted to know how old was Rafe. I wanted to know if Nolan was older than him because his age wasn’t mentioned like Nolan age was. I kept thinking that Rafe was a few years younger than Nolan.

I guess I’ll never know. 🤷🏽‍♀️.. but anyways I felt like Rafe had a hard life growing up. I felt like his best friend Heather even though she died, she should’ve been a better friend to him. And actually understand where Rafe was coming from. But I think she was to blinded by her love for him and what her parents and his parents thought of them both. Wanted to please them the only way how.

I was glad that Rafe had his Aunt Jo because if it wasn’t for him it’s no telling how he would’ve turn out. Especially with this daughter and having to take care of her. Plus In the end Hailey ended up still having grandparents because Rafe met Nolan and Nolan parents took both Rafe and his daughter in. She got to call them her grandparents. Which was a good thing for them both. That’s what love truly is..

Nolan family show that to Rafe, especially with how his family treated him. I was glad when Rafe finally gave Nolan a chance to actually date him. I knew that it will only take for Nolan to talk to someone else for Rafe to get the stick out of his a$$ and get his sh^+ together. And admit his feelings for Nolan I was glad for that in the end. Because Everything work out for them.

Plus they ended up adopting Jacob, I was glad for that too. Because I did wonder would they end up adopting Jacob or not. And in the end they did. And also ended up marrying one another which was good for them both. Because they love and care for each other a lot and they both got their happy ending!

Book Description:

I’m a teacher who has only one thing missing from his life: a healthy relationship.
I have a plan in place. This should be easy.
No more toxic men. No more casual hookups.
I want something real. A love that’s equal, not lopsided.
I’m a fixer at heart, but I’m done with the hopeless and the selfish.

I’m a dad. Pure and simple.
The only thing I want is for my daughter to be happy and healthy.
I keep my head down. I work like crazy, and I found her a great school in a new place.
I don’t have time for anything else but her.
She has my heart, leaving little for anyone else.

When this kindergarten teacher and single father come together, something has to give. Lines are crossed. Secrets are shared. Hearts shatter.
Who knows?
Maybe they can teach each other something.

Pucked Up Love(Bromance Chronicles #3)by Billie Bloom

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Book Review:

Spoilers splash here and there

Not disappointed at all. But I do wonder though, Will there be a book with Cormac, Court little brother. I surely hope so. Because he’s going to be going to MU. Hopefully, if so I do wonder who he’ll end up with. Maybe VanDyke?

Plus there’s Gavin too, I did wanted a book with him and see if he’ll find someone. Fingers crossed 🤞🏾

So anyways, I figured that Blake wasn’t a bad guy even though he was wrong in the book with Gucci. But to learn the reason why he did what he did when it came to Gucci was understandable. It wouldn’t have worked with Gucci anyways.

Because he didn’t understand the reasons why Blake hid his sexuality and didn’t want to come out at that time. Whereas Court, understood and understand the reason and still was there for Blake when he was ready. More so with the prom situation. Because let’s be real Blake dad is a horrible man . It didn’t matter what Blake wanted or said his dad wanted him to do what he wanted him to do.

His dad did deserved a beat down in my opinion. Especially when trying to get rid of yet another one of Blake’s boyfriends. I was glad when Blake didn’t let that happened. Not only that his mom told him dad how it was. I was glad because at least his dad came around in the end.

Even though he did tried to control the job situation with his son. Though Blake didn’t take his offer. I was glad for because in the end Blake got to be happy with Court. With the job he wanted and being with Court in their own place on the farm.

Book Description:


Consider this alphahole humbled… now that I’ve been outed. Thanks, karma.

Being forced time and again to hang around Court, the super hottie who I happened to see sporting chaps at his family farm this summer… Hello, new obsession.

But do I even deserve someone as good as Court?


I’ve been fanning out over a certain hockey player for three years, but he’s been off limits… Yeah, this is definitely a disaster waiting to happen. But the way fireworks explode inside me when we kiss…

Even if I can get a pass on the bro code, is Blake really the jerk my friends say he is? Or is he my soul mate?

Curvy Girls Can’t Date Princes (The Curvy Girls Club #9) by Kelsie Stelting

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Book Review:

Spoilers splash here and there

It’s funny how In these books the girls don’t have much of Selection of nice pretty clothes. Whereas in reality, there be some nice clothes in the plus size. They be better than the junior/women size.

I wish I can read a book where a slim girl have the exact same problems as plus size women. Because you think about it we all are the size.

Both get talk down and talk about, about our sizes. Our looks, our skin colors, etc. there’s no difference. Only have to learn to love yourself in our own body.

I think that Faith dealt with so much hurt from her adopted family. Then on top of that from bullies in school that it’s hard for her to love herself. With the help of Leo, I think she’s getting there.

Plus it’s something up with Tatiana I think she got so much hurt inside of her that she takes so much anger out of Faith and her friends to make herself feel better. Just use their size, to hurt them knowing they all have insecurities as much as she does.

Just look at – read what her mom said “Go try on that orange dress. Let’s see if it makes your thighs look slimmer.” Like who says that to someone who’s already on the slimmer size. It’s the same way as with someone who’s thick.

Why say to someone who’s slim “who need to gain weight, you are way to small” and or to someone who’s thick or fat “you need to lose some weight, you eat to much”. When reality you cannot help something. Unless you exercise, or do everything you can to gain weight and nothing works and vise versa.

I can’t wait until Faith learn to love herself. And Tatiana stop being a cunt.

Thank god Tatiana learn to stop being mean. I love that because in reality she wasn’t a mean person. It’s interesting to see if or learn if she and Barley uhh hold on “Barclay” will end up together. I think she’ll fit right into Leo’s family.

Also what in the world kind of name is Leopold. I can’t pronounce it lol. I just kept saying loop-pole 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️. Oh well. I like “Leo” better. But anyways. I felt like Faith cried to much it kind of got on my nerves. Whereas I felt bad for her when it came to her parents. Especially her mom. That lady was mean in my opinion. Especially with how she talked about Faith and treated her. I was glad when she and her husband finally came around. After Faith wouldn’t talk to them. Which I didn’t blame her for.

Also; Leo mom was a horrible person too. I think when someone become popular or famous/royalty it goes to their head. I think it did with Leo mom. Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ that lady know she was wrong finally realize that when both her sons went to America to get Faith.

I’m for the happy ending! But I’m really not into books with a lot of chapters :/ 😞. Because I get tired of reading them. I get distracted from reading them. Even when they are good books to read. This one was actually good. But I thought seventy-four was ALOT. but glad I read it to, read Faith’s happy ending! I already know Des book going to get LOOOOONG to lol 😂 but it’s okay. I’m going to read that too. Lol!

Book Description:

Our foreign exchange student is a prince.

A real-life prince. Like of a country. And he’s not one of those ugly ones with big teeth that girls only like because he’s royal. No, he’s hot. On fire. I’m drooling just thinking about him.

But that’s the problem, because the only reason my parents took him in is because they don’t think there’s any way a guy like him could crush on a girl like me.

I’m going to prove them wrong. I don’t know how. But I’m going to figure out a way to make Leopold Williams fall for me before I cross the graduation stage.

Out With A Bang (Bromance Chronicles Book 3) by Billie Bloom

Finished this last night. Can’t wait to read the next book. Back to YA I go!!! My current read. That I’m almost finished. I’m 96% done, just forgot to post it.

Book Review:

Love the new covers for this series. Over the old ones.

But anyways before I get started I can’t wait to read Court and Blake’s story because I’m soo curious.

Especially how Blake felt about Gucci and with Gucci moving on to Johnny. Which I was glad of being I felt bad for Gucci because he was getting hurt by Blake and had to hide their relationship. Whereas with Johnny he didn’t have to do any of that.

He wanted to be with Gucci regardless. Frat brothers find out be-da**ed. even his parents. Even though in the end he told them. Well his mom already guessed it so it wasn’t a surprise.

Not sure why his dad felt a type of way. But was glad it wasn’t a problem. But Blake was a problem. I couldn’t understand how he thought Johnny betrayed him when Johnny wasn’t even considering him. Or known at the time of him and Gucci hooking up that they had a thing.

Plus he found out about them after the dates and hook ups they had with each other. When he saw Blake in Guccis room.

I was glad at the end that Blake finally got over it. That Gucci wasn’t coming back to him. Though it sucked that he got outted.

But I my memory serves me correctly. Blake actually outted himself to Johnny not once but twice. When they became friends. And when he got into it with Johnny at the game and after the game they lost. When he found out that Gucci was Johnny boyfriend.

So he outted himself, really! Because he was mad at Johnny and told on himself in the locker room. But it took the kid he might’ve had a thing with to some how get the picture of this giving head to Gucci for a ransom. Which in the end got dealt with.

Can’t wait to read his story though cause I’m curious as I mentioned above. Plus I did wanted to know was Court getting a book.

Book Description:


My straight guy fetish has gotten me into trouble for years, but does that mean I’ll stop? Never sis!

When I see the way Johnny reacts to my touch, I can’t help but go for it.


I may be our hockey team’s enforcer, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a mushy romantic off the ice.

When I agree to help my frat brother with his assignment, I never expected that I’d crave his body. I mean, I’m straight, right? So why does my heart beat faster when he’s near?

(Previously Published as The Tiebreaker)

Nice Guys Finish First (Bromance Chronicles Book 2) by Billie Bloom

My current read. That I’m almost finished. I’m 96% done, just forgot to post it.

Book Review:

***Spoilers splash here and there***

This was a nice little story. When I was reading Parker story and he was best friends with Johnny and Chase. I had in my mind that they were bi-curious or gay themselves. Especially when Parker told them that they needed to try it.

It’s also good that Chase went and figured himself out and wanted to know what his sexuality was. Because not knowing can sucked especially when you don’t know what you want. But also have a idea.

Plus he help Luca find love, with him. Because Luca didn’t want a relationship at all only s*x. It took Chase to come into … no it took Luca to ask for Chase laptop in order for them to. Find love in each other. I’m glad they had a happy ending in the end.

Plus I can’t wait to read Johnny and Gucci story. Plus I want to know what Gucci real name is… because I wonder if that’s his actual name.

Book Description:


My roommate found my spank bank and I’ve seen the way he’s been looking at me ever since.

I might be inexperienced and unsure, but I know watching Luca bring a guy back to his room makes my chest ache. I have enough going on figuring out my future, but why can’t I stop thinking about him? One unexpected touch leads to more and when our chemistry ignites, I’m powerless against his hot body, those dirty words he growls against my throat…

Being with him is more complicated than I anticipated. Like, why doesn’t he want to kiss me?

If only taking what I want came as naturally to me as it does to him.


Learning that Chase is into guys was a pleasant surprise and it didn’t hurt that he was naked and dripping wet when I found out. I might have become a little obsessed, but it’s cool…I know how to avoid taking things too far.

At least, that’s what I thought…

Chase might be just what I needed in life, but can I really let someone in?

(Previously Published as The Heartbreaker)