CSI Season 14 Finale

The TV and Me

There’s 2 reasons I really really enjoyed the season finale of CSI. First off, I didn’t even realise it was the finale. To some that might seem slightly strange but for the life of me I can’r remember a season finale in the past few years that didn’t involve some sort of cliffhanger or high paced episode that’s over before you know it. Don’t get me wrong I do like a good paced show and a cliffhanger here and there is fine but it just seems that lately everyone seems to think that the final episode of a season will make people come back for the next season. If you like the show, you’ll come back.


The show follows a story of a cold case of the murder of a young boy a good few decades ago. The story line is a good one and it’s close…

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Tricks to Choose the Greatest Medical Assistant Schools

The Medical Assistant Occupation

Medical helping is likely one of the most popular positions in the medical field. It has given many students a chance to pursue their dream careers. Today, medical assistant schools come in handy on-line and offline. Subsequently, college students have a big selection from which to choose probably the most ideal institutions for his or her training. Nevertheless, it’s essential for college kids to make sensible and informed decisions when selecting a school. A good faculty gives an ideal studying setting and allows you to take advantage of out of your time in school. There are a selection of things to keep in mind with a view to get the very best school.


Medical assistant schools are available in handy. Even so, not all schools are accredited. Accreditation is a key issue that a student should always have in mind when searching for the best school. There are different…

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Another Year Bites the Dust

From Ashes to Beauty

Two weeks ago, I was sitting in a room with a bunch of girls on my hall, reflecting on the school year that has recently passed. As they were sharing, I started thinking: “Man, I have learned SO much this year. I have seen God do incredible things, and I’ve grown in miraculous ways. How could I possibly choose one event to encapsulate the past nine months at Liberty?”

The answer came to me immediately, as if the Holy Spirit himself whispered it to me (that’s probably cuz he did…).

One word, one theme, to summarize my second year in college. Redemption.

My pal Merriam-Webster defines redemption in three parts:

  • the act of making something better or more acceptable
  • the act of exchanging something for money, an award, etc.
  • the act of saving people from sin and evil

It’s humbling to investigate my life and realize how Jesus has done…

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The Quest For The American Dream

Derby City Rambler


What is the American Dream? Well I suppose that depends on the individual. And why is it the “American Dream” and not just the “Dream”? Well for me, my “American Dream” is to live, as free as I do, here in the United States of America and never give up on chasing my dreams, for which I have a vision. It may not be a clear vision, it is clouded by dense fog. But I have the desire and a flashlight, with that, I have all I need to focus on my vision, and as long as I can do that… I can and will find my dream.

The dream for me is to live without worry while doing what it is I love to do. For me, it is writing. I consider myself a novice writer by all means but it has not been long since my vision has…

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The Finale – Behind Closed Doors Series

Author H. H. Fowler


Huge appreciation to you, my loyal supporter.

For your purchases, your kind words, your reviews, and everything in between. Without you, I would not have been as successful and as enthused to keep the stories coming. Thank you so much!

UNEXPECTED GUEST, Book 3 in the Behind Closed Door Series, is now available on Amazon

Book Description

final3Dana and the rest of the Beauforts remain a constant target for a secret society that will stop at nothing to ensure every member of that family is six feet beneath the soil.


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Instead of encouraging one another to chase dreams or do better people are out here praying on each others falls. Any accomplishment is good accomishment if you accomplish something be proud of yourself even if no one else is proud God is.