Conquering the Weather!!!

A High School senior's blog about what's next?

This past week we have experienced some freezing weather.  Unfortunately the rain never turned into snow but instead just froze into ice.  Since the weather has been so crazy some of my classes, practices and meetings have been canceled which has given me more time to stay home than usual.  While I have been home I have had time to think, think about next year, what I need to do and the weather.  What I have realized is if I do attend Liberty then I will be living in Lynchburg Virginia, where it is much colder than South Carolina and it snows often.  Now don’t get me wrong I love a good snow day but I am not used to it snowing more than once or twice a year.  Will I be okay with living in Virginia where it’s colder and snows more often?

Although this might seem like a…

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