Memorable Moments

HarsH ReaLiTy

The door shuts.

“So Airman you are here for tests? Can you go ahead and take off your pants for me?”

I slowly began unbuttoning my pants and reconsidered for the hundredth time what I was about to do. But I had to know.

“Ok Airman Cushman are you ready?”

“Yes.” “No.” “No waaaaaaaaiiiiit!!! Ahhhhhh!!!”

“…I haven’t started yet Airman. That was my hand.”

“Oh good God,” I said while breathing heavily. “Ok, ok we are good. Go for it now!”

“Ok you will feel some pressure now…”

“Holy shit! Oh sweet Jesus!”

“Now I need to twirl it some…”

“Fuck me! Ahhhhh it is so deep! Are you taking a poop sample?!? Holy hell!!!”

“Almost done…”

“Ffff Ffff Ffff Fucking monkeys!”

“And we are done!”

I fall to my knees thankful it is over and wondering if sex was worth all of that.


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