12 Things Every Incoming Liberty Freshman Should Know

Awkward Couples of Liberty

1. Learn to love Walmart


Anyone who’s spent more than a month at Liberty University understands that Walmart is a lifeline for our school. Students will trek through the blazing heat and showering snow just to purchase a bag of chips or a new lamp for their dorm room. In Lynchburg, this discount superstore is the epitome of class and modern technology. Yes, you will witness fights, attempted burglaries and all other assorted types of shenanigans within it’s hallowed walls, but you’ll learn to love the place, flaws and all.

2. There’s nothing to do in Lynchburg after 11pm

giphy (1)

If you’re planning on attending Liberty University for a crazy night life, I’m afraid you’ve chosen the wrong school. Everything in Lynchburg, except for Cookout and Walmart, closes at around 11:00pm. Sure, you can wander the streets waiting for adventure to find you, but it will most likely come in the form of a rabid raccoon…

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