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In a State Where Marijuana, Medicinal or Otherwise, is Not Legal.

Can you seize the marijuana plants at that time? If yes, what is your legal justification for doing so? If no, what legally prohibits you from doing so?

Yes, I do believe that it is legal to seize marijuana plants. The cops can do a search and seizure without a search warrant. Because the police can either see it or smell it when you’re in the car or at your home. From my clear understanding when the police walk up to your car or walks into your home and search around he can come upon plants growing in your home or around the house. Based on what listed in the book, “plain view doctrine typically refers to anything in the view of the police officer.”(Hendrix, pg. 159). When the law enforcement makes it clear that he sees the marijuana, he can request for a warrant based on a probable cause, “Facts or apparent facts that are reliable(Hendrix, pg. 159). The cops got an anonymous call about illegal activity. So they have a legal right to search the car or property. Today’s mandatory minimum penalties for marijuana conspiracy can exceed 25 years to life, with no hope of parole, for people who cultivate, exchange or otherwise this is a natural herb. Point to the need for a savior(Christ). Revealed that the state cannot save man.

If you enter the residence and seize additional evidence inside and that search and seizure is later deemed illegal, would the additional evidence be admissible in court?

Since the resident is inside the home, I say with a search warrant policeman is justified to enter the home. Law enforcement is required to control any movements of individuals at the scene of a search warrant. If the resident tries to swallow the evidence or get rid of it by throwing it down the toilet or out the window. The law enforcement would have to wait for an official search warrant to be issued. Before legal entry into the residence would be legal.(Hendrix, pg. 148) .If any evidence is found inside the home, it is required in the court because they both view and protective sweep doctrine. Based on the text, anything a police officer sees in plain view when the officer has a right to be where he or she is, not the product of a search and there force admissible as evidence.(Hendrix, pg. 159) .They should increase random raids without a search warrant required to defeat drugs. Not shoot them. Probable cause. That’s the same level of certainty needed to get a search or arrest someone. Doing the right thing and upholding justice.

Natural Law

How do natural law conceptions of sin and legalistic definitions of crime differ?

A legalistic definition takes place at it’s starting point the common law or sin which points refers to disregard for religious or morals laws. In modern conceptions of natural law, crime is characterized as the violation of individual rights. The man has a nature of sin. Common law, morals, natural law, come from God, not man. The only real laws are natural laws, sin so basic but so deep that we try not to think about how deeply the world sins or breaks laws. Ten rules of life, the natural laws, seven ways to win to sin fears of the holy spirit. No law of any nation is legal if it violates the natural laws of God. An unjust law is never legal. Mischief if framed in a law against God’s natural laws of morality.
Natural rights or “unalienable rights” derive from natural law. What are unalienable rights?
We hold these truths to self-evident, that all men are created equal, that are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Liberty is an individual right. Liberty is an unalienable right which is endowed to us by our creator, I mean I’m not sure which unalienable right it is life, liberty or pursuit of happiness it could be all three. Men are socialized to believe that they have an unalienable right to women’s bodies and sex. The right to life for an unborn child is unalienable and should never be infringed upon by politicians.
Natural rights derive from natural laws. Because it’s rights includes, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And other natural rights are protected by the Bills of Rights, including freedom of speech, religion and press. True law derives from the natural rights to our life not from the arbitrary. The natural right to privacy derives from physical exclusion. It should not be mistaken for the privilege to punish indiscretion. Our constitution derives authority from natural rights.

Case! CJUS

A plea bargain may be acceptable to an innocent defendant if the appearance of guilt is strong. How do we reconcile the benefits of plea bargaining with the importance of justice? 

We have mandatory life fixed sentences only reduce flexibility. No plea bargaining never works in practice. But fixed sentences more predictable, which is important four appearance of justice. In the adversary system of Justice, everyone charged with a crime has the right to rely on the presumption of innocence.(Hendrix, pg. 237). This why I believe if you are innocent you never take a plea bargain. Facing Jury is the best way to go. A plea bargain is crap. Makes the guilty less innocent and makes the innocent guilty. Like, if you kill or rape someone and get caught own up to it. Take plea bargain instead of lying and pleading innocent. Even though you are charged with a crime, you are nonetheless innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. The truth of the matter is most societies also have experiences with crooked judged and greedy, unethical lawyers. There are corrupt police officers and prosecutors who will drop criminal charges if paid a sufficient sum. Making it okay to let the person exploit my neighbor as well. If I don’t fight evil, in the name of God. When it comes to those that are violating inalienable rights, then I’m basically saying that it’s okay. Citizens of the United States has become upset over the plea bargaining because it seems to make a mockery of the Justice system. Thousands of criminals are given reduce sentences or probation by pleading guilty to a lesser indictment. All ninety percent of convictions in the United States are obtained through plea bargains. I’ve known for quite some time that many inmates were actually innocent, and took plea bargains to avoid lengthy prison sentences, but these stats are beyond ridiculous. While many people may not afford to pay a private attorney to take a case to trial not afford to take a criminal case to trial, plea negotiations are an important part of the justice system; some say the most important considering a vast majority of criminal cases are resolved through plea deals rather than the trail.

In its search for justice, how should the judicial system balance the rights of the accused with the rights of the victim?

The judicial system should take their responsibility to protect victims very seriously, as stated they need to balance the rights of their victims delicately. And in the end, they must protect all people by exercising due diligence and good faith. The first step to justice would be to balance victims right to truth and the right of the accused to a fair trial. The fifth amendment states, in part, “Nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb. (Hendrix, pg. 238). I hope this case brings about change to the legal system to find a balance between the rights of the accused and the rights of the compliant. No law is just which not balance rights accused and of the victim. Old ones do. The amended one does, It says that laws don’t remove evil; laws only restrain evil. And the less more governor when we have, the more freedom we process. The biblical worldview is the less; it gives people the most freedom. A system which favors the rights of the accused over the rights of the victim is not balanced. The system must protect the victim irrespective of circumstances of the case. The rights to a fair trail are guaranteed to the person accused, not the cops the victim or the witnesses not even to the government bringing changes. We are fundamentally people at the beginning of the day, with certain inalienable rights. Some are easy to remember, like freedom of speech and the rights to bear arms, other rights are implied by reading between the lines of the constitution, such as the right to privacy and bodily autonomy, and the right to vote. It only means of the Due Process clause that these rights may be lawful. Commanders need to “start believing”. Believe that there is a problem, and believing victims when they come forward. These doesn’t go contrary to “innocent until proven guilty”, but balances the rights of the accused with the critical act of believing the victims throughout the process.

Reconciling Forgiveness, Mercy, and Justice

You know the difference between right and wrong. You dabble in sin and hope there will not be accountability. But it awaits you. It says, God, is all about forgiveness now, because of what Jesus Christ has done. For as much as God is a Lord of Mercy, love and grace, He is still holy and almighty, and cannot condone sin. When you choose to live blatantly a life where you indulge in sin over and over, though you know it’s wrong, you are saying that you do not agree with or do not agree with, God’s standards. The danger in this is that by doing so, you’re setting yourself against God. In Christ there is no condemnation, grace and forgiveness are in it. Forgiveness gives you absolute freedom in Christ. Your belief in Christ must start from receiving forgiveness for all your sins. Analyses of the social characteristic of death row inmates suggest that the capital punishment continues to be employed in a selective and discriminatory manner. (Hendrix, pg. 279). There is forgiveness in Christ for any sin, even those so heinous as this death row inmate.


Beliefs about appropriate punishment have differed over time and place. The American public has supported many different approaches to sentencing, depending on the social climate of an era and other factors. Most other Western democracies have abolished the capital punishment, but the United States continues to use it. As stated in the Biblical Principles of Government & Criminal Justice Article, it says, Government has the obligations, to kill those who kill those who murder others. Life without parole would be the appropriate sentence as far as I’m concerned. Trial judges now have a freer hand to determine a sentence they feel necessary. The only sentence that is appropriate is life in prison. Historically, the argument for or against capital punishment has revolved around eight central themes: economics, retribution, public opinion. Community protection, deterrence, irreversibility, discrimination, and cruel and unusual punishment. (Hendrix, pg. 277)

God does forgive us if we own up to our sins. But if we confess our sins, he will forgive our sins because we can trust God to do what is right(1 John 1:9). Repent and then return to God so that your sins may be washed away, that times of restoring may come from the Lord forgive and forget. But if we confess our sins to God, he is faithful to forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. It’s good to support the government, because it provides services for the people. I’m sure no Christian, past or present would have condoned the punishment or been condemned for such a crime. No punishment can make what a person has done okay. I don’t agree with capital punishment- life in prison is more fitting, much cheaper, and way less morally ambiguous.

There are a lot of Christians in prison. I think locations doesn’t determine justice, persecuted Christian in that number. Prison’s are based on behavior, not belief. Some people that go to prison didn’t believe in God until they’re sent to jail. The population of prisons being made up of people who misbehave rather than what they believe. It is said that the killing can be made for self-defense it’s not the same as murder. Murder is doing it out of cold blood for selfless reasons. Not protect but to hurt.  If obedience to God’s word is considered a crime for which one should be jailed, then Christians are to continue in obedience to God, even if prison is the result. (Acts 5:29). The capital punishment, I’m willing to bet, they didn’t get “peace”, “closure” or “justice” they expected to. It doesn’t bring them back. We should not look into to the capital punishment as punishment for ANYTHING. The discrimination argument contends that the capital punishment is a lottery system, with the odds stacked heavily against those who are less capable of defending themselves.(Hendrix, pg. 279). The capital punishment is cruel/usual punishment, every person killed is a risk for ending an innocent life. The death penalty is defective because it is predicated on the idea that death is a punishment which is not.  

Courtroom Workgroup #2


The prosecutors have the most power in the courtroom workgroup because it’s their decision to determine whether or not to charge the defendant or which charges are appropriate. A prosecutor decides whether to go forward with a case even if the victim doesn’t want to or they can drop or change the charges against someone that the police has arrested for a particular crime. The power also wants the defense attorney to work with prosecutors on a plea agreement. They wouldn’t want to have their clients to plead guilty of something then have to defend against other charges. Prosecutors even have the influence on the final sentencing all though that’s up to the judge. Prosecutors had the amount of discretionary power when they sided for abusing that power if prosecutors unfairly or pursuing harsh charges and sentencing for people of current ages or against or ancestry.

Defense Attorney:

Defense attorney exercises discretion when they file pretrial motions. Requesting a change venue or asking that evidence is suppressed. They also use discretion when deciding the best defense for their client. Like trying to show that a confession was conquered or that the defendant’s action wasn’t as severe as the prosecution claims. A defense attorney can also propose a plea agreement with the prosecutors saying that their client will plead this way on this charge under the following conditions. Or if the processors offering a plea agreement the defense attorney decides whether to recommend that her client takes it. Defense attorney is obligated to make decisions is an approval of the client. The client has the final say in whether to plea or go to trail and over the strategy use of his or her defense. The Constitution guarantees to have an attorney assist in his or her defense it doesn’t say that the accused then have to agree to anything just because the attorney recommends it.


Judges use discretion throughout the trail of the court they make a good deal of discretionary decisions throughout the preliminary hearing as well as to determine whether the evidence service to allow even a case to move forward. Any time a defendant plead guilty to a charge the judge must determine that the plea wasn’t conquered, and that’s what we call freely voluntarily knowingly made. Granting or denying pretrial motions setting the conditions for the defendant’s release. Setting or denying bail or deciding if the information to the Jury gives aloud to hear during a jury trial when the defendant is found or plead guilty the judges are the ones who determine the sentence. Judges can’t just hand out whatever the verdicts and decisions that they want. They have to buy the things like fair sentencing guidelines and constitutional resistance. And can only reject plea if they have per legal grounds.

Both cases had some similarities, and it didn’t the similarities, or both cases were they had public opinions from the prosecutors, had to see the judge and had to get evidence for both crime. The second case had to get statements from the witnesses. The similarities for both were a danger to the community because of the danger and wrongdoing. Case one with the guy driving over the speed limit the decision that was made was to give him a ticket because he was driving reckless not realizing he could’ve hit someone who could come out of nowhere. He knew that with him taking those prescriptions pills that he shouldn’t have been driving. For case two both women knew better to get into an altercation over a parking space. One the lady in the Ford should’ve let the situation go she was the one that stolen the woman in the Explorer parking space. And her arguing and swinging her bag led her to get hurt and needing medical treatment.

The factors that influence a prosecutor’s discretionary are: deciding whether to file charges by evaluating the evidence before them. The decision to file charges are affected by factors beyond the particular facts of the incident described in the police report. Many decisions come down to the prosecutors sense of what the justice require in the case at hand. A person who makes a one-time foolish mistake, a prosecutor decides whether that it wouldn’t make a serve purpose of spending time and money on prosecuting, especially when the changes that the person will reoffend are small. Prosecutors do a discretion in decision making that influences criminal cases outcomes, and do so with little or no public scrutiny. They examine case screening decisions, charging decisions plea offers, sentence recommendations, and dismissals in two moderately large prosecutor’s office. The prosecutor’s discretionary to charge a suspect with a crime would efficiently and avoid political influence in prosecutors offices.  Serving the ideal of Justice is fair to all parties involved in criminal cases. Specifically, victims, the defendant, and society as a whole. Justice for the victim and society is achieved when the right person is properly punished. Prosecutors try to see through that trials and plea bargains.

Each member of the courtroom workgroup had to decide on how they would want both cases to go and how they want to do it. Or whether they want to do it or not. With these decisions that were, made from each member I don’t think anything they did surprise me because they made the right choices in both cases.

Plea Bargain

I feel that the plea bargain is a good thing for those who are guilty of a crime they are charged with committing. I would not expect an innocent person to do a plea bargain or plead guilty. I think a successful plea bargain would have been possible because one he didn’t have a seatbelt on, with a phone in his lap, He shouldn’t have been texting and driving because one he could’ve cause an accident and hurt himself or someone. Secondly, he didn’t have any proof of license or insurance. Mr. Baxter was high on pills while driving when he got out of the care he’s eyeing couldn’t focus now could he walk straight. I think the best thing he could do is get a plea bargain. I think his license should get suspended if he had a license or need to go to some classes and also receive a DUI. He needs at least 2-3 months in jail to make sure he’s taught a lesson because he could’ve done some damage. He claimed to have been strung out on prescription pills when he committed the crime, which the police officers saw. I think that Baxter should get some treatment. I believe he should face trial on the charges since he had no proof of license or insurance, texting while driving, not wearing a seatbelt and was reckless driving.


The legal aspects of this are the defendant much accepts a plea bargain that is acceptable for the defendant, it can turn his life around become a law-abiding person. The courtroom workgroups are known for their strong negotiation skills. They fight hard during plea bargaining to get a defendant a positive solution. It’s a positive step. Time will tell size and scope. Plea bargaining with the state laws could make it negligible, potentially. The advantage of plea bargaining is getting lighter sentences than if the case went to trial. It saves time, as well as money.  Pleading to a reduced charge, less jail or prison time, getting it over with without a care about how your life turns out. Offering to plead guilty and set over a sentencing to testify against others. The possibility of no time in jail depending on how serious the charges are. If you have some culpability and demand to go to trial, you should expect the prosecutor to ask for a maximum sentence.  

Courtroom Workgroup

Defense Attorney Role:

The defense attorney access account balance throw the power of the state in other words the procestor office and defense resources. Advocate of the accused. Defense attorney makes sure that their client side of the story is presented in the best possible light handful consider. They also defend their clients legal rights making sure that the accused due process is generally treated justicelly. The defense attorney defend their clients in many ways whenever a defendant has a choice to make about their case. Defense attorney talks about the possibility and consequences of the alternative. Every stage of the case the defense attorney protects the defendant illegal rights.

Prosecutor’s Role:

The prosecutors represents the people within a given jurisdiction. Even though a crime may have a particular victim or group of victims. The lead prosecutor offended refer to as the chef of law enforcement officer. With this the jurisdiction rights point as the district attorney. Prosecutors aren’t cops but they work with the police to decide on how to address force with the law. They also guide the police investigation of cases and make sure they follow due process and respect suspects rights. Prosecutors are also attorneys. They decides what evidence to submit to the jury, which witness to a subpoena or when to make a deal with the witnesses and more.


Judge’s Role:

Judges are the finders of law. The judges look at all the laws that are apply to the case. There are any great areas. It’s up to the judge to decide how to apply the law in each case. They are of course bound by certain restrictions and presidents when they interpret the law. Judges always serve as a referee accusing that everyone involved in the case plays by the rules. They are in charged of the things like sentencing and setting bail. And a defendant wants a non-jury trial the judge takes on the role of jury becoming what’s called the finder of the facts. Making the decisions on whether the facts were proof and deciding the case.
Prosecutors, defense, attorney and judges tend to have good working relationships. It winds up beginning a model of efficiency. Knowing how to work together means things get done faster and better. Which is better for the victims, defendants, and society as whole. Each person has a different function everyone has a process cases fairly justly and quickly. Assistant prosecutors will be working with common groups of judges, public defenders, and private attorneys. Sharing information with them, making deals, working out compromises are all part of the job.

The Bible Worldview

The Bible Worldview 



The book of Romans provides us an understanding and the living out the Christian faith. It will tell us what to believe, what truth to hang on to, and how to walk as a believer in this world. Remember, no one had Bibles at this time, believers relied on teachings provided by the apostles to help them grow in their faith and learn about Jesus Christ. Paul wrote this letter to help the believers understand that salvation is by God’s Grace Alone, through Faith in Jesus Christ.


The Natural World

All of the natural worlds has formed by an all spiritual God. The depiction of the natural world is an expression of God’s everlasting blessing. When philosophy leaves out God and looks for answers to life only within the natural world, it cannot discover reality. God created the natural world and everything in existence. God revealed a lot about himself in the Bible. Because we are human, there is a lot we can not understand about God because He lives outside of the natural world. We need to see the creations as God intended we need to look at the natural world in the way we were meant to look at it. See it with Psalm 104 eyes. A fundamental principle expresses everything in the natural world is divinely connected to that of the spirit. We are in a prophetic season declared through creation.


Human Identity

No liberty nor justice while worshipping humans or their “creations”, freedom and peace are God’s. Of all God’s creations humans are the only one’s who killed species(Patch Adams). 2 Corinthians 5:1-5 “Of all the fears that plague the heart of man, none is greater than the fear of death.” It is our greatest fear, the sum of all other concerns. We are afraid to die. We are afraid of what happens when we die death is the fundamental human problem life is short and so uncertain. “What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes” (James 4:14B) Most of us try to define ourselves when we accomplish by our achievements, our victories; our wins help defines us, and instead of acknowledging God as the source of many good things in our lives. We want to get the credit for our achievements. We want to be known as the winner; the leader people pride can get the best of them. As humans we do have many limitations, we need to rely on God. If people lose sight of their identity and try to convince themselves that there the winner, they will miss the actual achievement in their life, God, is who made the universe calls you his son.  


Human Relationships  

Handling human relationships is the most important life task to accomplish. Handling them well requires understanding, wisdom and maturity. In John. 16, Jesus, He told his disciples, I have many things to say to you but you can’t bear them now. No humans are allowed to choose what families they are born into it is chosen for us before we arrive on Planet Earth. We are all selected by a Higher power to have an earthly experience in a decaying, body of sinful flesh, which eventually dies an earthly death. Fortunately, in our short, life’s journey as we get older and develop relationships with others most of us live with things that make it possible to use God-given morals to make decisions that will determine our future. And to choose what family members, friends acquaintances, etc.  we want, or wish to have in our lives. It is imperative not to trample on other people’s freedoms into our own. Even if we feel to need to think that way. And wanting to do it for someone else instead of our own. It’s important that people have the right to their choices, opinion, and beliefs, as God gave us all a free will. The characteristic of human nature is we don’t like being forced into decisions that we are not capable making ourselves. We always resist compulsion even when we face other serious decisions. It is important that we choose things for ourselves. God gave us over the agency, and he will always respect our freedom of making a choice.  



All cultures have prevailing philosophies of thought which guide their choices and actions. Food is a reflection of culture, lifestyle, history, and religion. Human individuality and self-expression are devoted to the relationship between human’s inner world with human’s behaviour in society. The society still restricts expression and thought of a person. An individual should remain who they are, and that person should perceive them in the way they are. Our culture’s persistent tendency to prefer a child’s dreams about heaven rather to the truth of God’s Word betrays a lack of confidence in the sufficiency of Scripture. It suggests laziness and a desire to have questions answered that the Bible doesn’t address. God has given us all we need in the Word. Moreover, God has told that “at whatever point you judge another, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things” (Romans 2:1). God does not know our throwaway culture. God does not discard anyone. People Cultivate of God’s loving culture and our family has been blessed to be part of it.  

How this assignment has touched my worldview?

This assignment I can say it did touched my worldview my religion hasn’t changed, but I do think the book of Romans is seriously so mind-blowing it is so challenging, and it shows how much I need Him more every day. The book of Romans is such a good reminder of who we are in Christ. I know that every book of the Bible is important, but the book of Romans is awesome to shape and clarify our theology on worldview. The book of Romans has so much to offer “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.”  



The book of Romans its biblical worldviews has a view on human, identity, natural world, human relationships, and culture. According to the organization Focus on the Family, a biblical worldview is based on infallible Word of God. When you believe in the Bible is true, then you allow it to be the foundation of everything you say and do (Tackett, 2015). Paul teaches us in the book of Romans that God is just and the justifier of all who are in Christ Jesus.


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Bible Dictionary

Old Testament Bible Dictionary


The book of Judges reveals events that happened between 1004 when David established his throne in Jerusalem and after Saul was anointed king 1051 BC. It was written in wisdom and poetry and contains three literary genres, poetry, riddles, and narrative history. The book was divided into two 21 chapters, which Chapter 1-16 gives an account of the war of deliverance beginning with Israelites defeat of the Canaanites and ending with the defeat of the Philistines. Chapter 17-21, talks about the death of Samson. The main themes of Judges are the problems with people today is one of the main themes of judges. The main personalities of the book are Othniel, Ehud, Shamgar, Deborah, Gideon, Tola, Jair, Abimelech, Jephthah, Ibzan, Elon, Abdon, Samson, Delilah. The main events happen after the death of Joshua(1:1). After Joshua died, the Israelites ask the Lord, who should go up first to fight the Canaanites. Judah was the first of the tribe selected. The tribe of Simeon helped the tribe of Judah drives enemies off the land. Ephraim and Manasseh attempted to clear their land as well but didn’t clear out all the former inhabitants. The other tribes were unable to clear all the Canaanites off their allotted inheritance. The Judges took place in ancient Canaan, the Promised Land given by God to the Jews. Under Joshua, the land was conquered by the Jews with the help of God after Joshua’s death, the lack of central government led to infighting among the tribes and periodic oppression by the wicked people who lived there. The purpose of the book is to teach the Israel that God is faithful and to punish sin. Therefore, each individual must remain loyal and devoted to him. The book shows the purpose of the land the results of unfaithfulness similar to what we have seen in the past.


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Malachi was known to be the writer of the book of Malachi, the last book of the Old Testament. Malachi is a prophet who lived in the fifth century BC. By this time the Jews had become disillusioned and apathetic. Malachi is the most maligned prophet in the Bible because of his outspoken mention on tithing. But Moses wrote more laws on it than anyone. The prophet Malachi uses the answer/question methods to probe deeply into an Israel’s problems of hypocrisy, infidelity, divorce, perfidious worship, and arrogance. The words are from the Lord through the prophet Malachi didn’t phase the Jesus. Until John the Baptist came, God had remained silent and stop communicating to His people through a prophet source. The prophesied that Malachi was designed to break through the barrier of Israel’s disbelief, disappoint and discouragement. Malachi was the ultimate writing Prophet that serves God under the laws of Moses. Malachi lived 400 years before the birth of Christ, at the time of the return of the Jews from the Babylonian captivity. Malachi was the last prophets in Old Testament his prophecies was for telling the coming of Christ; the reprobation of the Jews and they’re scarifies; the calling of the Gentiles, who offered up to God in every place that is acceptable to sacrifice. Malachi is the prophet that wrote his prophecy before Ezra came to Jerusalem, which he came earlier than either Zechariah and Haggai. Malachi was devoted to God and his righteousness; he rebukes the same sins as did Nehemiah. Malachi wrote between two periods of Nehemiah’s stay and governing in Jerusalem.


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Samaria is the ancient capital of the northern kingdom of Israel which is the Assyrians 722 BC after 200 years of idolatry and rebellion against God. After many people resettled in other lands the Assyrians located in Gentiles(non-Jews) from other areas in the region, which is a result of mix Jews and Gentiles who were known as Samaritans. Samaria or the Shomron is a name for the mountainous, Central Region of the ancient Levant, based on the borders of the biblical Norther. The Kingdom of Israel and especially the Israelite tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh. The name Samaria derives from the ancient city of Samaria, the capital of the Kingdom. In modern times, the territory is referred to as the West Bank. Sebastia served as the capital of Israel until its destruction by the Assyrian army in 722 BCE. During the Hellenistic era, it became home to a Macedonian community called Sebastia. During the period of the Second Temple, Herod altered the name of the city, as is related by Josephus Flavius. Part of the wall of the Israelite city was discovered near the southern end of the Basilica, where three strata of stones laid over the rock formation were preserved. This construction is characteristic of the period of Israelite rule – several of the stones’ margins were chiseled, but their center remained prominent. In some cases, the stones were set horizontally, while others were laid vertically. Excavations carried out at the site revealed a fortress that had apparently been built at the top of the hill during Ahab’s reign, or possibly during that of Omri, his father. The fort was designed to withstand a siege and was surrounded by an inner wall as well as a double external wall, called a retaining wall. There are almost no traces left of Ahab’s palace, however, within the confines of the palace, on the ground of the courtyard of Ahab’s palace. Were found unusual ivory engravings set out in Phoenician style (Sebastia-ivory), that, in part, relate to that period and were apparently used to decorate the throne – the ivory house built by Ahab (Kings I – 22:39). Storerooms containing “Sebastian pottery” were found inside the palace, apparently dating from the period of the reign of Jeroboam the Second, shared with Hebrew writing in black ink (Ostrakon). The accepted theory is that these shards were documents recordings oil and wine shipments that had been brought from all parts of the kingdom to the storerooms in the king’s palace as payment of taxes. Graffiti insults Mars the Roman pillars of the once grand basilica… a spray-painted Muslim proclamation of faith marks the lintel of the Eastern Orthodox Church of St. John the Baptist. A man named Simon, who practiced magic in the city, amazed the people of Samaria, saying that he was somebody great. They all paid attention to Simon, saying “This man is the power of God that is called Great.” And that he paid attention to him because for a long time he amazed them with his magic. They believed Philip as he preached to them his good news about the name of Jesus Christ and the kingdom of God, both men and women were baptized. Simon also believed after he was baptized he continued with Philip. Seeing the signs of miracles performed, he was amazed.


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The book of Romans reveals events that happen between 57 when Paul wrote the letters to the Romans and 59 AD. It was originally written in Latin because Romans spoke Latin, Paul had to translate for other believers in Rome. It was also written in Hebrew and Greek, and contains some literary genre, which was personal letters of introduction; Romans is one of Pauline’s letters; the whole book is a letter to Paul to the Church of Rome. In some parts are more formal, like sermon and exhortation. The Book of Romans was divided into 16 Chapters. Roman is a book to savor, slowly and carefully. Paul is developing an argument, and his logic unfolds thought by thought from the very first chapter. You may recognize many well-known verses in Romans; one these in their context as a part of Paul’s overall presentation. Romans divides into a clear outline. Chapters 1-3 introduce the book and give the need for the proper news of the gospel. The end of Chapter 1-3 introduce the book and give the necessity of the Bible,” compresses the core messages in a brief paragraph. Chapters 4 and 5 expand on that messages. Romans 6-8 discuss the working out of the gospel in a Christian’s believers life. Paul then pauses for three chapters (9-11) to link his argument to the Old Testament history of the Jews. From there, he proceeds to give practical advice on specific problems (12-16). The main themes of Romans are the basic gospel of God’s plan of salvation and happiness for all humankind, Jews, and Gentile alike even though the same theme has suggested justification by faith. In loving kindness, God provided a way to redeem us through Jesus Christ, who sacrifice his life for our sins-debt through his sacrificial death. The main personalities of the book are Paul (The Apostle) and  Phoebe, who delivered this letter. The main events depicted through Paul, which Paul was Corinth, on his way to Israel to provide a collection for the poor in Jerusalem. He also planned to visit the Church of Rome on his way to Spain. The book Romans reveal answers to question and supplies of information on many topics such as salvation, the sovereignty of God, Spiritual, Spiritual growth, Judgement, and the righteousness of God. Scholars describe it as the Gospel and righteousness of God, which received only by faith in the atoning death of Jesus Christ. The purpose of book Romans was to proclaim the glory of Jesus Christ by teaching edify, doctrine and courage the believers who would receive his letter. Paul introduces himself and his theology to them; to stress the unity of Gentiles and Jews in Christianity.


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Titus was Roman Emperor from 79 to 81. Titus, was the eldest son of Emperor Vespasian, was born in AD 39. He and Claudius’ son of Britannicus, were close friends and were educated together. From AD to 63 he served in Britain and Germany as a military tribune. Afterward, he returned to Rome and married Arrecina Tertulla, who was the daughter of a former commander of the Praetorian guard. Arrecina died, a year later and Titus married Marcia Furnilla. But he later divorced Maria in AD 65 soon after the birth of his daughter Flavia Julia, who married her cousin Flavius Sabinus, but after his death in 84, she became a mistress to her uncle Domitian. The same year, Titus was appointed quaestor and became commander of one of his father’s three legions in Judaea in AD 67. Titus was charged with the Jews war and the large-scale campaign in 70 which capture and destruction of Jerusalem in September.  He also received tribunician power and was of his father Vespasian colleague in the censorship of 73 and several consulships. In 70, Titus suppressed doubtless concerns with successions,  but when Vespasian died on June 23, he peacefully and promptly his success was lavish expenditure, some were purely personal largesse. And some were like assistance to Campania after Vesuvius in 79 and the rebuilding of Rome after the fire in 80.  Titus sudden death at the age of forty-one and was hastened by Dominitan, who was his successor as emperor.


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Jaffa, also known Japho or Joppa, is the Southern. Oldest part of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, an ancient port city in Israel. Jaffa is located about 30 miles, 48 kilometers south of Caesarea. Jaffa has Jews majority mostly from the Mid-Eastern and North African countries with an Arab Christian and Muslim population. Jappa appears for the first time in the list of cities that Thutmose III captured in 15 century BC. Jaffa is one of oldest functioning harbors in the world.  Peter came to Joppa from Lydda to raise Tabitha from dea. While in Jappa, Peter(The Apostle) stayed at the house of Simon, the Tanner. The Natural Harbor of Jaffa, located near a defendable hill, it was in the Middle Bronze age, about 4,000 years ago. The Canaanite Seaport City is valuable access to the Mediterranean Sea. Jaffa is also mentioned in the Story of Jonah, the Son of Amittai. Joppa is on a portion of cliffs jutting out over the sea in the region given to the tribe of Dan as their inheritance. It is one of the oldest cities in the world. The Hebrew meaning for Joppa is “beautiful”, and the city is indeed beautiful. An old Mediterranean port sits at the top of the cliff, complete with Arabian spices and a mosque. Some of the ruins and walls date back to the time of Ramses II, Pharaoh of Egypt. Archeologists are currently digging in an older section of the rubble, in search of clues to the city’s past. Most archeological finds are dated by the pottery shards found outside the debris of homes. Pottery remains are numerous because once a clay pot or vessel broke, it became useless, and was just tossed onto a trash pile. Metal is rarely found because it was relatively costly and could be re-melted and reused. The cedars of Lebanon used to build Solomon’s Temple were brought to Jerusalem from this port (1Ki 5:6). In many of the Old Testament parables, men of stature and power in society were symbolically portrayed as Cedars of Lebanon (Jgs 9:15). This seaport was coveted by many conquering nations that passed through the region. Joppa is no longer the bustling seaport of Biblical times, but it supplies a significant amount of fresh fish to Israel’s markets and restaurants. Below the fort walls are tiered homes and shops that slope down the cliffs and end at the harbor wharf. It was along the sandy shores of this ancient harbor that Jonah embarked on his journey across the Mediterranean sea to Tarshish. He was running away from a divinely appointed task only to find himself in the belly of a whale (Jn 1:3). Jonah was not receptive to God’s plan to offer redemption not only to the Jewish people but all humanity. Jonah’s grave-like experience in the belly of the great fish foreshadowed the burial and resurrection of Jesus, who was entombed three days and three nights (Mt 12:40).


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