The Gospel Message

In our culture, it’s a good thing to hold up the mirror to Christian culture and see just how none- believers perceive us.

People reject the equality of gospel when they seek to be justified by their decent performance. Most people dismiss the gospel because moral issues. So that they’ll have free moral agency the option to choose as long as they hear the gospel they can accept or reject.

Sometimes the reason people reject Jesus, and the gospel is that they are scared by how their lives are being drastically changed. It could be authentic Christians gives the unbelievers a reason to cry hypocrite and reject the gospel. You know the real reason most people reject the gospel of Jesus Christ? It doesn’t please them. The same reason most people get upset with you is the same reason people reject the gospel. They don’t like being told they are wrong, and most people reject the gospel because they don’t understand it.

Most reject a sensual doctrine that makes everything accessible and appears to be true because of it’s emotional appeal. Those who are the most intellectually resistant to the gospel may need an emotional encounter to bypass their mental barriers. Gospel is not manipulating of the emotion. The emotion that is manipulated into a profession is the emotion that will reject the gospel. Calming music and staged emotional triggers are useful to elicit the response from those who reject the gospel message.

For some people, the main reason they aren’t saved is not that they reject the gospel, but that they never hear it. One reason people dismiss the gospel, they don’t get it. Whatever your mind rejects your life will reject the gospel must make sense to the mind, soul and heart. You must present it in an intellectual way.

Before God, every Christian obligated has to make every possible effort to communicate the gospel to those who cross his or her path. Christians should teach our kids how to communicate clearly to the gospel. We must complete the goal of converting them to the Christian faith. Communicate something about the gospel and in a different tone than that of the prevailing culture. Make sure when you teach the gospel or pray for those around you, that you give the right message.

You clearly have to prepare their hearts to receive it. With the truth, attractiveness, and by of the Christian gospel of our culture. A Christian should communicate the gospel regardless of the other person’s attitude. Christians must preach the gospel, which means they must communicate what God thinks. You must say God loves you, period this creates a culture where Christian ethics are possible. Preach the gospel to yourself. So it can help you develop a desire to grow in maturity as a Christian and communicate the gospel.

Christians are mocked and looked at as a joke. A  lot of people think they’re good and doesn’t think they are sinners. Church teach that we are sinners, need to accept Jesus. But not so much about how to walk and receive his spirit. While we were sinners, Jesus came to cleanse us from all sins. People don’t have to explain their past to anybody; he has forgiven them. It’s true people do reject the Christian gospel due to bitterness and selfishness. People do think they are better than, and above yes people and us do dismiss the doctrine due to things happening in their lives. How can someone who pray to God and ask for his help not have resentment towards him when they ask for help and want to get away from their problems believe in if they feel like they keep getting rejected?

Jesus Christ died for our sins and that we are all born sinners, and we must admit to our sins and ask for forgiveness. People may reject the Christian gospel because they don’t want to give up on their sins and want to live their lives on their own terms. Some people rather live that way because that’s how they choose to live and or it maybe how they were raised and how/what their parents or guardian had taught them. People do turn away when it comes to their sexuality because they feel like they may be judged. And everything you said about the emotional reason on the Christian gospel I agree with you on that. I don’t agree that some people may look up history and facts that can be proven before they believe in anything because some people have different religions, or most people don’t have a religion or don’t want to believe in God and rather not search for proof so that they can believe in him.

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