What is a worldview, well worldview is a subjection on how the world looks to us. It’s a set if the base of ablutions that helps us makes sense of reality Its ablutions about reality. With worldview you’re only aware of what you see nobody is without a worldview, I think everyone has a worldview, worldview is your momentary views on life.

Worldview acts the same way it affects the way we see everything. Or how we view everything about life, about death, about politics, even religion it affects everything we see and makes decisions about everything. Everyone has different opinions and different perspectives on things.

The three worlds are Naturalism, Pantheism, and Theism. These worldviews have influenced the development of another worldview with various concepts, requirements, and conclusions.

With Naturalism and what I learn from this was that God doesn’t exist. It’s a source that can be known and what does and does not exist. Naturalism divides into two main perspectives which focus on epistemology and ontology. Things That begins has a cause, the universe began, the has a cause and the cause must be supernatural.

The purpose of life is basic organic chemistry. Energy cannot be built or destroyed the “cause” of the universe is the Big Bang some assume it’s the supernatural. Atheism is nothing more than the religion of naturalism in a failed attempt to rebel against God. Naturalism is the idea of belief that only natural, as opposed to supernatural or spiritual laws and forces, operate in the world.

You don’t grasp the meaning of supernatural it seems. Naturalism is useless to prove supernatural philosophy and logic do. Life existed beyond the realm of science and naturalism. If life

existed before science, then it cannot explain the meaning of life. Naturalism and values, wisdom from religious traditions, and the meaning of life. Genesis answers hard questions naturalism cannot: where do I come from Where do I exist? What is the meaning of life? Why does evil exist?

And secondly with Pantheism, its denies the existence of God. It revolves around the universe rather than for its creator. Pantheism is similar to polytheism, but it goes beyond to teach us that everything is God. What I mean when I say pantheism is affording social animals humans rights by their consciousness.

Equality isn’t a limited movement just because one supports the environment doesn’t mean they support pantheism. It’s true God is everywhere, but that doesn’t mean everything is God(pantheism). God is totally other; he made us we owe him our lives. Pantheism says divinity is embedded in oil spills, and discarded trash which I guess must mean it is also embedded in me.

If there was no time, God came into existence at the same time as time, and as the universe. Which means he couldn’t have created them that is pantheism well not actually, because pantheism comes from with the idea that the universe is a conscious thing this is an additional point; it’s true from a pantheist perspective.

Judaism and Islam are Abrahamic Religions, which also makes Christianity an Abrahamic religion, the same God with different interpretations, prophets, and doctrines, etc. That God is the creator God separate from the universe and not subject to its rule. Islam doesn’t have the same God Christianity, but their Gods do have a common ancestor.

What if the universe itself is God (pantheism). Doesn’t mean you’re atheist for believing in God or an atheist for believing in the matter this is not to say God is everywhere, like in Pantheism God is not anywhere in a bodily sense.

For Theism and what I learn with this worldview, is that it’s a belief that God does exist.

Theism is a belief that only one God exist theism has many attributes. There are many different forms of theism compare to deism. I believe in being free spirited. Atheism means ‘not theism’ it doesn’t mean accepting any specific superstition. Theism is not to say (insert your religion here) It’s used to mean the belief in a God which Gods doesn’t matter.

I believe an ultimate creator of the universe God which is the meaning of theism. Belief in the existence of God or Gods, especially belief in one as the creator of the universe, intervening in it and sustaining a personal relation to his creatures. Theism is not a religion; rather it’s a belief in Gods. Which is to be a belief in a single God, as in Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and the belief in deities or multiple Gods, such as Hinduism and many religions.

Theism is not the same as religions. Religions can be atheistic; theism can be unrelated to organized religion. Theists are people who embrace theism but not necessarily organized religion. Theism, having been debunked and producing no supporting evidence, is intellectually inferior to evidenced reality.

Deistic beliefs tend to differ from theism religion by the fact that any worship is entirely unnecessary. Polytheism is the most natural form if theism it takes a lot of indoctrinations to make fanatic monotheists.

There’s no salvation comes from the outside of church we should look back on how we act towards others people we should operate with dignity and decency to others always. All men born free and equal in dignity and rights are supply with reason and conscience and should act towards others in the spirit of oneness.

God created a man and women in his image he didn’t create animals, or rocks in his image God created us in value, the value of human life and how we should treat people. We all are children of God. A worldview can take place throughout a person’s life everyone worldview can be impacted, altered or changed by external and internal forces.

People can develop a worldview from different sources; you can develop a worldview from your parents, because of what they teach you and what you learn from your parents can be a big influence on you. What you see on TV can have an influence on you from what you see or hear. Also, your teachers can have an influence on you.

Most kids are thankful for their parent’s encouragement to think for themselves and develop their worldview and belief systems. Some parents are too busy to spend properly time telling their children about the greatness of our God, so we develop our worldview based on other information. It’s pathetic that people don’t see the value education morose I’ve had so many great teachers develop my intellect worldview.

A worldview must be informed by and fit into facts teachers can help develop arguments without politics. You can all learn a lot from your kids especially when their worldview is very different. You can learn a lot about yourselves from how you deal with challenges to our worldview.

Encourage others to formulate a worldview that is merely the denial of God. We certainly learn more about our internalized worldview from how we treat those outside our circle of friends, family than those within.

Worldview is the view of the world it’s a word that encompasses a great deal of meaning, emotions, and potential consequences.

Worldview is our philosophy of life it helps us make sense of the issues that we are forced to deal with every day. We also use worldview to respond to matters that confront us. It impacts our view of life and questions that we may have. It impacts how we response and see our issues and to issues. Worldview involves thinking, decision making and also our hearts.

Worldview is like the lens, which you see things and you’re not aware of the glass. You’re only aware of what you see, so it becomes the glasses spectral filter through the understanding in whole life universe, human life is through that lens. Nobody is without a worldview, is it a good or a bad one? By that worldview, you make your momentary views on life. So everyone has a worldview I think it’s a

good one everyone believes things, but not everyone has a real basis for those beliefs. For a Christian God’s word is the foundation of their worldview.

Worldview, a person’s philosophy on life. It’s Framework a person brings to decision-making which a person uses to interpret life and the world around them. Separation of church and state” is regularly utilized by some to mean that any religion worldview should be taken out from the public. No genuinely biblical or Christian worldview can just rule out or do away with mystery. God is God.

Some people ideology is so strong they’ll believe anything that confirms their minuscule, furious worldview. Let the Bible shape your worldview it is the source of truth and will correct another distorted teaching you have heard or read. The actual tragedy of humanity is ignorance it’s easier to have a narrow-minded rather than an open-minded one. What you mean is not what you see, it is what you intended to communicate from your worldview.

My worldview is to adhere strictly to standards, process, and procedures. I prefer establishing those over innovation. The point of revolutionary literature is to revolutionize the worldview of the reader my worldview is this, I follow what I see to be true, and reject what is false. I reject what is false and cling to what is true. Not sure if that’s is an actual worldview. My worldview doesn’t require any unwavering faith in one centralized power.


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