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The Book of Isaiah reveals events that happened between 701 when he was called the prophecy to the Kingdom of Judah when Judah was going through times of revival and rebellion and 681 BC. It was written in Hebrew Poetry, and contains two main literary genres, both narrative, and poetry, The book was divided into 66 chapters, which are the same number length as the book of the Bible. It was split into parts of 39 chapters and 27 chapters. The Old Testament has 39 books. Which is a summary of the first 39 chapters of the Old Testament. It was identified that Isaiah is the author of the book. The main themes of Isaiah are God’s name and judgment. Isaiah 40, the sovereignty of God. God is the only creator, only King, and only Savior. The holiness of God brings judgment and Hop. Seeing God causes decision on Isaiah’s goodness and work(v5). But that same holiness from the throne room of God also cleanses Isaiah’s sin and gives him the hope of being used by God for great purposes(v7-10). Salvation is coming from God by Francis Rundles. In chapter 40 of the book of Isaiah, I learned that major theme is redemption. The main personalities of the book are Isaiah, his sons, Shearjashub, and Maher-shalal-jash-baz. The main events are depicted through “A prophecy about coming to Messiah”. The historical section of the book presents Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, which is considered by many to be “the fifth Gospel.”  for its predictions of the birth, life and death of Jesus Christ some seven hundred years later. It was called to his position through a stunning vision of God in heaven (Chapter 6), Isaiah declared the bad news of punishment for sin, but he also described a coming to Messiah. His prophecies of redemption were balanced out the promises of God’s discipline against Judah and Jerusalem, which was overrun by Babylonian armies about some centuries later. The purpose of the book is to offer the purpose of life to the glorify God. Talking about humanity in the book of Isaiah, God says about us “whom I created for my Glory” Isaiah 43:7. This statement fulfills the prophecy of Isaiah that says, your life is already blessed. The purpose of the book Isaiah was to call God’s nation. Back to faithfulness and declare the coming of Messiah “Immanuel.”


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In the book of Ezekiel, it gives some details of Ezekiel’s life. He is mentioned only twice by the name Ezk 1:3, where he writes that he was the priest, the son of Buzi; and Ezek 24:24. Ezekiel grew up in Jerusalem, where he served as the priest and was one of the second group captivate and taken to Babylon. While he was in Babylon, he became the prophet of God began with condemnation and judgement of the nation Judah. He was one the Israelite exiles, who settled in Tel-Abib, on the banks of the Chebar. “In the land of the Chaldeans.” He was the mostly taken Ezk 1:2; 2 Kings 24:14-16 about 597 BC. Ezekiel would have been born during the time of the religious of King Josiah. When Ezekiel was living in Babylon at the age of 25, Ezekiel, was among 3,000 upper-class Jews who were exiled to Babylon. On the bank of Chebar River, in the a bib. It is told that the Ezekiel bread is a bread made out of ingredients name in the Old Testament book of Ezekiel when God says the prophet, Ezekiel, to make bread and then to lie on his side for almost a year. Ezekiel and his wife live in their home where exiled Jews visitors came to seek his prophetic insights. (Ezk 1:1; 3:15). It is stated that Ezekiel lost his wife in the ninth year of his exile, by an unexpected stroke (Ezk. 8:1; 24:18). The time of her death is unknown. But a blessing he was faithful to sacrifice for GOD illustrating how you need to cherish GOD above all else. The people loved and admired GOD’s Temple not for GOD, but as a symbol of pride, false hope, and religion. They focused more on themselves with their lewdness and idolatry. Like Ezekiel was commanded to model as a prophecy when his wife was taken, when GOD’s Temple is taken from them they will waste away in paralyzed shock-headed to the burning fire! Ezekiel was 50 years of age when he began his vision of New Temple. He was served as the prophet for at least 22 years until, his last encounter with God was in April 570 BC (Ezk 29:17). His time of death has not been recorded. It is told that he has no offspring’s, only that he had lost his wife when she was young of age. And today his tombstone is to be located in ancient Babylon, at the place called Alkia.


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Babylonian- Babylonia was an ancient Akkadian-speaking Semitic nation state and cultural region based in central-southern Mesopotamia. It was as an independent state c, 1894 BC, with the city of Babylon as its capital. Lucifer was the King of Babylon, like America today, Babylon was an empire in decline. “The bright morning star” the brightest and the best in the deluge post world. It was said that the King fell out of favor with the Elohim, he was corrupt, cruel, his entourage a clique of sadistic freaks. His empire got canceled. The concept of Lucifer being an angel is completely false; Satan means “One(s)who stands in opposition” It also matters exactly what or who is being opposed. Babylonians were trying to change the thinking of these Jews by giving them a Babylonian education, their loyalty by changing their names, their lifestyle by changing their diet. Without compromising, Daniel found a way to live by God’s standards in a culture that did not honor God. As God’s people, we must adjust to our culture as long as we do not compromise God’s law. Nebuchadnezzar burnt Jerusalem, tore down its walls and deported the people to Babylon. A remnant of Israelites remained in the land, but because they feared the Babylonians they wanted to leave Judah and flee to Egypt. Before they set out they went to Jeremiah and asked him to seek the Lord’s counsel; they said, “May the Lord be a true and faithful witness against us if we do not act by everything the Lord your God sends you to tell us.” The word Jeremiah brought back was that the people should stay in Judah; if they did God’s compassion would be poured out on them, and he would bless them and deliver them from the hands of the Babylonians. In 612 B.C., less than thirty years after Ashurbanipal celebrated his triumphs, the palaces of Nineveh collapsed in flames and with them collapsed the Assyrian State. The Chaldean kings of Babylonia, responsible with their allies the Medes for this sudden violent and radical destruction, remained sole masters in Mesopotamia. Their rule witnessed a colossal amount of building work in southern Iraq., and Babylon—now the largest, most beautiful city, in the Near East—became the Centre of a movement of the architectural, literary and scientific renaissance. It looked as though another Nineveh had been born, and indeed, the companions of Nebuchadnezzar II in the west suggest that a Babylonian empire was on the verge of replacing the Assyrian empire. But the brilliant ‘Neo-Babylonian period’ was short-lived. The last great Mesopotamian monarch was succeeded by weak, irresponsible princes incapable of resisting the new, formidable enemy that had arisen in the East. In 539, B.C. Babylon fell without resistance into the hands of the Persian conqueror Cyrus.


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 New Testament Bible Dictionary 


The main events in the book of Luke record events that happened between 59-61 AD. It is written in Narrative History, Genealogy, Sermons, Parables and Prophetic Oracles, and contains two main literary genres, models, and sources. The Gospel of Luke has 24 chapters. Luke did not divide his gospel into 24 chapters, Jesus did. Numbers appeared next to everything he did and said. It’s like how Jesus spoke in red letters. The main themes of Luke are the humanity of Jesus Christ. The main personalities of the book are Jesus, Zechariah, Elizabeth, John the Baptist, Mary, The disciples, Herod the Great, Pilate, and Mary Magdalene. The major events in the book are depicted that, Luke wasn’t a Jew; we knew him from Colossians 4:11-14. Luke wasn’t one of the Jews, but he was with Paul. All of the other writers of the New Testament were Jews. He was the only one Gentile to pen any books of Scripture. He was born in Antioch in Syria; he was a Physician or medical doctor by profession. He travelled with Paul on some journeys, which in several places in Acts, Luke uses the words, “we” or “us”. He wasn’t one of the original disciples of Christ, but he studied the accounts of Christ’s life that were available to him. It is stated that Luke has spoken to the mother Mary of Jesus Christ. The ancient prologue says that Luke had lived in the Greek city of Thebes, where he died at the age of 84. The purpose of the book of Luke, it is the third book of the four Gospel in the New Testament. Luke purpose for writing this Gospel was to convince readers of the truth of the things they had heard about Jesus. He shares Jesus’ teaching and healing ministry in chapters 6th-9th. Luke was the author of the Gospel of Luke and the book of Acts. The purpose of him writing the two books were so that Theophilus would know the true account of the life of Jesus.


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Jude(Jesus’ Brother)

Wednesday evening June 24, AD 5, was when Jude was born he was the 7th child. He was the General Epistle of Jude he was the author of the book of Jude. The New Testament Book of Jude The writer claims to be named Jude and also the brother of James. It is accepted that he is, in fact, the half-brother of Jesus Christ who was one of the leaders in the early church. Both of Jude and James were Jesus’s half Brothers. Mary was their mother. Joseph was the father of James and Jude, and although Mary was Jesus’s mom, God is Jesus True Father. The letter of Jude focuses on apostasy when people turn away from God’s true meaning and turn to false teaching. Jude reminds the people of God’s judgment and who left their faith in the past. This letter is a warning against false teachers. Moreover, it was the Gnostic teachers. They opposed of two core tenets of Christianity, the call to Christian ethics and the incarnation of Jesus Christ. Jude wrote these false teaching, to teach the truth about doctrine and the right conduct. The imperative commands of Jude in response to false teachers were to fight, contend and battle. It Was when the false teachers emerge is when the truth of God is attacked, that is when the time came to fight for faith. However, only believers who are “in shape” can answer the call of God in these matters. The danger is real. Jude reminds the believers that he wrote to defending the faith, He reminds them of God’s past dealings with unbelieving Israel, disobedient angels, and wicked Sodom and Gomorrah. This epistle is one of the most intense fiery books of the New Testament written to defend the purity of the faith and to expose false teachers who were teaching dangerous doctrines. The writer warned that all should expect false teachers to come into the church as this is a prominent prophecy concerning the “last days”. The epistle contains the famous line that rings loud and clear to all generations: “which contends to be the faith for which to unto the saints”. The truth is the foundation of the Christian life. He commands to pray in the power of the Holy Spirit. A short book – but incredibly powerful.  


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Shiloh was an ancient city of Samaria mentioned in the Torah and is 3500 years old. Shiloh was an ancient center of worship. It was an ancient city south of ancient Tirzah and referred to in the Hebrew Bible. Tel Shiloh — In time immemorial, Tel Shiloh was the capital of Israel and the center of religious worship for the Jewish people. It held that special status for close to 400 years. Ancient Shiloh! Where the tabernacle stood for 360 years. Shiloh is a city 28 miles north of Jerusalem–part of the disputed territory known as Judea and Samaria or West Bank by anti-Israel media. We are aware that the Bible considers it part of Israel given to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their descendants. Moses’ tabernacle stood here for 300 years when Israel crossed the Jordan to enter the promised land. Not far from here in Beth El, Jacob had his dream of the ladder stretching to heaven with the angels ascending and descending. The battle is all about Redemption and who will be worshiped. Praise God for His grace and mercy! There was a discovery at the ancient site of Shiloh; the first evidence was at the religious center after the Philistines and Jews had destroyed it returned to the city, home of the Tabernacle. Shiloh was known to be the first Tabernacle in Israel. And the Archaeologist found the evidence after Shiloh was destroyed, and Jews returned, they sacrificed even during the First Temple period. The Beautiful Star of David mosaic located at Tel Shiloh “An ancient church has been discovered in the ancient biblical city of Shiloh. Archaeologists have dated the discovery to the fourth century AD. The church is believed to be on the site where the ancient Israelites housed the Ark of the Covenant, a report by Israel Hayom says. Archaeological workers found the ruins by accident as they were digging a drainage ditch for rainwater. They came across mosaics. Shiloh is located in the hill of Samaria; it is close to Shechem. In the Book of Joshua, it shows Shiloh as the first original home for the Ark after the conquest of Canan. It was known to be a major workshop during the Christian period.


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