Courtroom Workgroup

Defense Attorney Role:

The defense attorney access account balance throw the power of the state in other words the procestor office and defense resources. Advocate of the accused. Defense attorney makes sure that their client side of the story is presented in the best possible light handful consider. They also defend their clients legal rights making sure that the accused due process is generally treated justicelly. The defense attorney defend their clients in many ways whenever a defendant has a choice to make about their case. Defense attorney talks about the possibility and consequences of the alternative. Every stage of the case the defense attorney protects the defendant illegal rights.

Prosecutor’s Role:

The prosecutors represents the people within a given jurisdiction. Even though a crime may have a particular victim or group of victims. The lead prosecutor offended refer to as the chef of law enforcement officer. With this the jurisdiction rights point as the district attorney. Prosecutors aren’t cops but they work with the police to decide on how to address force with the law. They also guide the police investigation of cases and make sure they follow due process and respect suspects rights. Prosecutors are also attorneys. They decides what evidence to submit to the jury, which witness to a subpoena or when to make a deal with the witnesses and more.


Judge’s Role:

Judges are the finders of law. The judges look at all the laws that are apply to the case. There are any great areas. It’s up to the judge to decide how to apply the law in each case. They are of course bound by certain restrictions and presidents when they interpret the law. Judges always serve as a referee accusing that everyone involved in the case plays by the rules. They are in charged of the things like sentencing and setting bail. And a defendant wants a non-jury trial the judge takes on the role of jury becoming what’s called the finder of the facts. Making the decisions on whether the facts were proof and deciding the case.
Prosecutors, defense, attorney and judges tend to have good working relationships. It winds up beginning a model of efficiency. Knowing how to work together means things get done faster and better. Which is better for the victims, defendants, and society as whole. Each person has a different function everyone has a process cases fairly justly and quickly. Assistant prosecutors will be working with common groups of judges, public defenders, and private attorneys. Sharing information with them, making deals, working out compromises are all part of the job.

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