Plea Bargain

I feel that the plea bargain is a good thing for those who are guilty of a crime they are charged with committing. I would not expect an innocent person to do a plea bargain or plead guilty. I think a successful plea bargain would have been possible because one he didn’t have a seatbelt on, with a phone in his lap, He shouldn’t have been texting and driving because one he could’ve cause an accident and hurt himself or someone. Secondly, he didn’t have any proof of license or insurance. Mr. Baxter was high on pills while driving when he got out of the care he’s eyeing couldn’t focus now could he walk straight. I think the best thing he could do is get a plea bargain. I think his license should get suspended if he had a license or need to go to some classes and also receive a DUI. He needs at least 2-3 months in jail to make sure he’s taught a lesson because he could’ve done some damage. He claimed to have been strung out on prescription pills when he committed the crime, which the police officers saw. I think that Baxter should get some treatment. I believe he should face trial on the charges since he had no proof of license or insurance, texting while driving, not wearing a seatbelt and was reckless driving.


The legal aspects of this are the defendant much accepts a plea bargain that is acceptable for the defendant, it can turn his life around become a law-abiding person. The courtroom workgroups are known for their strong negotiation skills. They fight hard during plea bargaining to get a defendant a positive solution. It’s a positive step. Time will tell size and scope. Plea bargaining with the state laws could make it negligible, potentially. The advantage of plea bargaining is getting lighter sentences than if the case went to trial. It saves time, as well as money.  Pleading to a reduced charge, less jail or prison time, getting it over with without a care about how your life turns out. Offering to plead guilty and set over a sentencing to testify against others. The possibility of no time in jail depending on how serious the charges are. If you have some culpability and demand to go to trial, you should expect the prosecutor to ask for a maximum sentence.  

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