Reconciling Forgiveness, Mercy, and Justice

You know the difference between right and wrong. You dabble in sin and hope there will not be accountability. But it awaits you. It says, God, is all about forgiveness now, because of what Jesus Christ has done. For as much as God is a Lord of Mercy, love and grace, He is still holy and almighty, and cannot condone sin. When you choose to live blatantly a life where you indulge in sin over and over, though you know it’s wrong, you are saying that you do not agree with or do not agree with, God’s standards. The danger in this is that by doing so, you’re setting yourself against God. In Christ there is no condemnation, grace and forgiveness are in it. Forgiveness gives you absolute freedom in Christ. Your belief in Christ must start from receiving forgiveness for all your sins. Analyses of the social characteristic of death row inmates suggest that the capital punishment continues to be employed in a selective and discriminatory manner. (Hendrix, pg. 279). There is forgiveness in Christ for any sin, even those so heinous as this death row inmate.


Beliefs about appropriate punishment have differed over time and place. The American public has supported many different approaches to sentencing, depending on the social climate of an era and other factors. Most other Western democracies have abolished the capital punishment, but the United States continues to use it. As stated in the Biblical Principles of Government & Criminal Justice Article, it says, Government has the obligations, to kill those who kill those who murder others. Life without parole would be the appropriate sentence as far as I’m concerned. Trial judges now have a freer hand to determine a sentence they feel necessary. The only sentence that is appropriate is life in prison. Historically, the argument for or against capital punishment has revolved around eight central themes: economics, retribution, public opinion. Community protection, deterrence, irreversibility, discrimination, and cruel and unusual punishment. (Hendrix, pg. 277)

God does forgive us if we own up to our sins. But if we confess our sins, he will forgive our sins because we can trust God to do what is right(1 John 1:9). Repent and then return to God so that your sins may be washed away, that times of restoring may come from the Lord forgive and forget. But if we confess our sins to God, he is faithful to forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. It’s good to support the government, because it provides services for the people. I’m sure no Christian, past or present would have condoned the punishment or been condemned for such a crime. No punishment can make what a person has done okay. I don’t agree with capital punishment- life in prison is more fitting, much cheaper, and way less morally ambiguous.

There are a lot of Christians in prison. I think locations doesn’t determine justice, persecuted Christian in that number. Prison’s are based on behavior, not belief. Some people that go to prison didn’t believe in God until they’re sent to jail. The population of prisons being made up of people who misbehave rather than what they believe. It is said that the killing can be made for self-defense it’s not the same as murder. Murder is doing it out of cold blood for selfless reasons. Not protect but to hurt.  If obedience to God’s word is considered a crime for which one should be jailed, then Christians are to continue in obedience to God, even if prison is the result. (Acts 5:29). The capital punishment, I’m willing to bet, they didn’t get “peace”, “closure” or “justice” they expected to. It doesn’t bring them back. We should not look into to the capital punishment as punishment for ANYTHING. The discrimination argument contends that the capital punishment is a lottery system, with the odds stacked heavily against those who are less capable of defending themselves.(Hendrix, pg. 279). The capital punishment is cruel/usual punishment, every person killed is a risk for ending an innocent life. The death penalty is defective because it is predicated on the idea that death is a punishment which is not.  

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