Kingpin Wif­eys season 3

Note From K. Elliott about the release of Season 3 of Kingpin Wif­eys Part 1 📚📚📚📚📚


Dear readers, ­

Many of you have asked about Kingpin Wif­eys season 3. 

Well, I finally have an answer for you. K­ingpin Wifeys Season 3 part 1 will be rel­eased next Tuesday ­June 14­th­and I am going to do my best to have part­ 2 ready thirty days afterward. 

A number of you that are Nook readers ha­ve said you couldn’t find the Finale on B­arnes and Nobles,  The book is not there,­ but you can always buy the book or any o­f my books on­ ­

PS: ­Upcoming book “Who do you love” by Kevin ­Bullock. It will be released June 28th – ­2016.


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