Secular Literature (Wattpad-Ladiikeiii)



many important reasons for Christians to study secular literature.

Secular Literature

Should Christians expose themselves to secular literature? I would say yes because literature represents human emotions. It plays a major role in reflecting upon human life in times of pain, pleasure, suffering, loss, explosion, resilience, jubilation, celebration and achievement, etc. Literature helps you to understand and exposed to the plight of the world around you and the needs of your commentaries. Literature study is a legitimate Christian pursuit. It restores from mindless amusement. It teaches you critical thinking skills and forces you to interact with materials for you to sustain mental activity. God intends for his people to think as when he spoke “come let us reason together” you can’t become a Christian submitting yourself to God claims on your life if you can’t control what you think, you are required to think. Christians are held accountable and responsible for all actions whether they were constantly recognized or not.

If one don’t read, you wouldn’t learn anything. People in today’s society would rather watch television than learn about literature and gain knowledge from it. Children are exposed to the same life experiences as an adult, such as electronics, the media how does this happen? By television. Children are more focus on music, the media, television and watching what adults are doing. Most children are losing their childhood because they are trying to do what others do. And want to grow up fast because of what they see in the media or on television. Most kids aren’t focused on education; this happens because people lost focus on what truly matters. We no longer have a society with children. We’re in a society where children dress like adults. When you see an eleven-year-old dress her age and a ten-year-old dress older than her age, you’re going to say that’s not right. Something has to change. Literature is important in today’s society because it helps you to think and gain knowledge of what you’ve learned. Literature offers insights into human behavior.

Secular Literature

I agree Christians should read Secular Literature. Literature continually evolves as a new movements emerge to speak to the concerns of different groups of people and historical periods. Yes, it does help when it comes to an understanding of diverse cultures and helps you to connect with others. I also agree with you on television. And how children shouldn’t watch Family Guy. Family guy is an inappropriate television show along with South Park and others. Yes, in today’s society we need to teach our children the important things in life.

A lot of children do wake up and watch television until bedtime. I think children should go outdoors and explore the outside. Instead of being inside the house on electronics or watching TV all day. I agree people do abuse the power of the television by keeping their children preoccupied with it all day. There are so many things that a child can do such as read a book, draw, paint, color, etc. rather than having them cooped up inside the house watching television or on electronics. In my opinion, if you give a child electronics at an early age, they wouldn’t want to do kid things because they prefer the electronics over the outside world. There are a lot of children who prefer not to read a book because of electronics, in today’s society a lot of things on television are messing up kids’ heads and having them choosing the wrong path in the world.

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