Ride: Felicity and Niall UNABRIDGED by A.C. James Narrated by Erin Mallon

Ride: Awakening (Puca Mates #1) by A.C. James

Thought this book was going to be boring but it’s actually a good book lol. Can’t seem to stop listening to it. Lol lmao. I’m reading 📖 📱 📱three different books this is a shame. I got to a least finish 1 of these tonight.


Book Review:

This book was actually good. I thought it was going to be boring. But it wasn’t. Great story. I cracked up when she said Niall was a hot bloody horse LMFAO.

And my guy “friend” said he wish he was a horse so he can sex women like Naill. Talk about hilarious lmao.

But I definitely enjoyed this story. When I started, I didn’t want to stop listening to it. Worth the read maybe thinking about reading the other stories in the series.


Book Description:


*** This a not a full-length book. This novella is part one of a serial romance.***

Felicity Forrest has the perfect job as an investigative blogger for Everyday Supernatural. This curvy girl gets sent to the Aran Islands to find out whether a púca shape shifter is responsible for the strange accidents haunting a construction site.

Niall O’Leary is tall, broody, and totally alpha. His mission is to discover why the veil between the human world and the Realm has lifted. And as the Chieftain’s son he must find a mate or his twin will be promised to a stallion he despises. He has a duty to his family, his clan, and a need for offspring. Otherwise the púca could become nothing more than folklore.

Passion and frustration ignite when a curvy human female tempts his inner stallion like no other. There’s only one problem… She just got out of a relationship that left her broken hearted. Is she ready for a second chance at love?

Reader Note: This book is for those who are 18+. It contains explicit language, sexual situations, and one helluva cliffhanger. However, if you like curvy shifter romance, a stallion who can’t resist his curvy woman, and a dash of humor, then this is the story for you. Please read these installments in order. Enjoy!

Puca Mates Series/Serial Reading Order:

Ride: Awakening – Episode One
Ride: The Bet – Episode Two
Ride: Out Cold – Episode Three
Ride: The Veil – Episode Four

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