Forks by A.E. Davis


Book Review:
I knew I read this book; it had to be in a different version because I know I reviewed this book. Hm, weird but I need to get part two because I want to know what happen next. It’s crazy how this story is similar to Bella and Edward also I know she’s going to chose Viktor like Bella had done with Edward when she didn’t choose Jacob, I wanted her with Vincent in my opinion, but Viktor had to be in the way of everything. Can’t wait to read part two whenever it comes out on Amazon where I can buy it. I was hoping the main girl in this book would date Vincent. But it’s crazy how she likes both. But I bet she’s going to date Viktor. Just like Bella chosen Edward over Jacob. I think Vincent is a werewolf and Viktor is the vampire. But how is that even possible if they both are siblings what is Vincent a werewolf vampire lmao.
Book Description:
Forks – A unique and re-imagined take on a favorite. Same setting, different characters, and different story.

“I like how she connected the movie to the book and still you are like: what is this place.” 5 stars

“It’s like visiting with old friends, but you have the unexpected pleasure of new and mysterious visitors.” 5 stars

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