Last Calls and Lucky Charms: A Love Triangle (UNABRIDGED) by Edward Sandison (Narrated) by Dickie Thomas


I wanted to finish this book but the narrator omg. Put me to sleep. ย The book seems interesting but if the narrator makes the book boring ๐Ÿ’ค you cannot finish the book.


Book Review:

“Okay book, just the narrator was eggggghhhhh.”

Ugh, I couldn’t finish this book I was completely bored. The narrator the way he talks had me zoning out. I wanted to finish listening to this story but couldn’t (sad face) I really did want to finish. I don’t if I’ll come back to this book or not. But the story seems interesting. I guess if h
the guy used a different narrator than I could’ve finished it. I couldn’t make it to chapter 10 sorry.


Last Calls and Lucky Charms: A Love Triangle

  • Whispersync for Voice-ready

Book Description:

Three very different people didnโ€™t wake up one Tuesday morning in April expecting their lives to change forever. Matt Benson was a handsome EMT with a good job and a lonely life. Justine Duchane was a broken hearted woman who had given up on the world and spent her days spouting a political column for the local paper. Hal Urban was failed writer who had hidden so far in the bottle and sports reporting he had forgotten who he was. Then it all changed. They met.
What is the nature of love? Can you fall in love with two men completely and deeply in too totally different ways? Are Justine and Matt destined for true love? The friendship she develops with Hal makes her a politician and him a playwright again. The two of them are better people, in fact. The joy of that summer with Matt is more than any woman could ask for. Would, could and should she choose one of them?


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