Bound in Darkness (Drachen Mates #2) by Milly Taiden

Bound in Darkness (Drachen Mates #2)

Book Review: 

I love this book, very interesting.
Lexi is a full and curvy what tops Lexi off is that she has sass and care for people. She has a project that is close to her heart. It’s a woman’s shelter and on her off time, she works at an animal shelter. Lexi has a style all her own.
Clacher a dragon shifter and owns a chain of tattoo shops, he stays busy so he doesn’t have to think of a mate he doesn’t yet have.
First time ever reading a book about a dragon, wow, you will not be disappointed once you crack open this book I would definitely recommend this book. Very interesting. I will definitely read the next book in this series.
Lexi reminds me of myself because my heart is to work in a youth center. Excellent book.




Lexi Eden’s life has always revolved around helping others in need. So when all her romantic relationships end in disaster, she blames it on trying to fix men who don’t want to be fixed. Enter Clacher. He’s big, bad and tattooed all over. And he’s got a tongue piercing that’s making her biggest wet dreams come true.

Clacher Drachen has hope he will find love one day, even though the last time he loved a woman she disappeared. Or maybe she left him on purpose. Lexi’s sexy, funny and a genuinely kind soul. In his heart, she’s the one for him. Just one taste of her and he’s addicted. He knows exactly what he wants: a family and a lifetime of dirty loving with the curvy empath.

News that Lexi is a Drachen mate comes as a surprise to all, but Clacher is sure she’s still his. Keeping her might not be so difficult if he could just find a way to protect her from the never-ending evil determined to destroy her.

Note to readers: This is a hot, action-packed, fun adventure of dragon love, babies, sassy women, dirty-talking alpha males and enough heat it will make you take a couple of cold showers. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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