FREE: The Window Man (UNABRIDGED) by Louise Millar (Narrated) by Clare Corbett

This book is only 25 minutes. May as we’ll listen to it.



Killer Women by Louise Miller

Book Review:

Oh wow, her boyfriend (or was it her husband) left her for her sister and they had a baby. If that’s not wrong I don’t know what is. But I really don’t understand the meaning of this book or what’s it about. It was too short to understand the plot of the story. But the ending, though, that was so weird Like who she wanted to date? the women man, her doctor, or the window man. I assume it’s the women husband or the window man. Because of she the one who broken the window. Wasn’t any burglar smh.


Book Description:

The first story in the collection. Blade sharp and pared to the bone, these original stories by best-selling, award-winning female crime writers will lure you to the dark side.


The Window Man

by Louise Millar (Goodreads Author), Clare Corbett (Narrator)