Chasing Dragonfliesby Tee Smith (Author)☠️📘📖📑📱


Chasing Dragonflies

by Tee Smith (Author)


Book Review:

Awesome book it had caught my attention from beginning to end. It was actually a good book, I’m also glad Maggie had got her happy ending at the end of the book. I love a happy ending in books.

Book Description:

Six years in captivity.

Six years locked away from the world.

Finally, after all, these years Maddie finds her freedom. But is one ever truly free of their past?

It feels like she has woken from a deep slumber and the whole world has changed. She barely recognizes her own reflection, everyone has moved on.

Nothing is the same.

The man she loved, who she thought was lost forever, is still alive.

Is this her second chance at life?

Maddie wants to go out in the world, everyone wants to hold her back.

Does she have the courage to move forward and find peace in her life, despite what others want from her? Only she can decide.

Published September 22nd, 2016

ISBN: 139780994613639
Edition Language: English


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