More Books ๐Ÿ“šย 

Got some more books from Goodwill, I said to myself yeah I gotta go back there and see what other interesting books they have. ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜ and this what I found. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ I got all the twilight books except for New Moon. I already had breaking dawn. Even found one of the books to the Clique series. Tsk wish they had the whole series. ๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ซ I also, found the coldest winter I been hearing so much about this book. Plus got 1 of the books from the bluford series. Even though I read the whole series ๐Ÿ˜€

ย I AM THE TRAITOR by Allen Zadoff ๐Ÿ“—๐Ÿ“”

 I AM THE TRAITOR by Allen Zadoff – entertaining book 3 in YA series about a teen covert operator. I am the Traitor by Allen Zadoff (The Unknown Assassin, #3)

Unleash your mind and your imagination and enter into a world where no one trusts anyone, it is hard to tell the good guys from the bad and death could be one step behind you all of the way.

โ€‹The Red Car (#anovel) ย by Marcy Dermansky ๐Ÿ“™๐Ÿ“—๐Ÿ“”

โ€‹The Red Car (#anovel)  by Marcy Dermansky ๐Ÿ“™๐Ÿ“—๐Ÿ“” 


A wildly imaginative, rebellious, and tender tale of independence from the critically acclaimed author of Bad Marie.
With each new novel, Marcy Dermansky deploys her “brainy, emotionally sophisticated” (New York Times) prose to greater and greater heights, and The Red Car is no exception.

Leah is living in Queens with a possessive husband she doesnโ€™t love and a long list of unfulfilled ambitions, when sheโ€™s jolted from a thick ennui by a call from the past. Her beloved former boss and friend, Judy, has died in a car accident and left Leah her most prized possession and, as it turns out, the instrument of Judyโ€™s death: a red sports car.

Judy was the mentor Leah never expected. She encouraged Leahโ€™s dreams, analyzed her love life, and eased her into adulthood over long lunches away from the office. Facing the jarring disconnect between the life she expected and the one she is now actually living, Leah takes off for San Francisco to claim Judyโ€™s car. In sprawling days defined by sex, sorrow, and unexpected delight, Leah revisits past lives and loves in search of a self she abandoned long ago. Piercing through Leahโ€™s surreal haze is the enigmatic voice of Judy, as sharp as ever, providing wry commentary on Leahโ€™s every move.  

โšƒ My Statement โšƒ

โ€‹College is not made to be easy… Is the real world easy ? no it’s not… I hate to be surrounded by people who want things handed to them. College is for you to better educate yourself on several levels. Don’t complain and quit when things get hard. Bust your butt and push yourself. This come from someone who dyscalculia, I understand how things get hard, but my goals shine brighter than my obstacles. Don’t allow the “labels” people may be given you in your past to define what God is “calling” you to become! Defy the doubters…pursue your purpose…fight for your future!โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ #destinedforgreatness I had many people tell me I should quit school because they did not think I could handle it. I will show them how determined I am to obtain my Bachelorโ€™s degree not only my bachelors degree but my Masters degree also.