Book Review: 

Omg this book, is weird, stupid, omg. What in the world. I felt weird listening to this on audible. The things she made Marc do was very weird. I felt uncomfortable. I didn’t like this book at all. And I didn’t like the narrator voice at all. Blah in other news I’m so over this book. Because she had Marc pretend he was a DOG. Like are you kidding me kept calling him a dog and a pet. Like um does that mean he’s a dog as in a player? I think not smh. What type of employees going to make their interns do these things. Not once have I ever read a book like this about an intern and believe me I’ve read books about interns and their bosses smh. Ugh.. I’m like the Chinese women off of “don’t be a menace to South Central while drinking your juice on the hood” when she told locdog “hurry up and buy”… I’m like hurry up and finish.


Dominating Her Intern (Dominating Her Man #1)by Alana Melos (Author)

Book Description:

When Marc gets an internship at a prestigious company for female billionaire Ms. Frost, he thought he had everything. One mistake later, and he found he had nothing that couldn’t be taken away, including his dignity. He is shamed, used, spanked, and incredibly turned on as she dominates her intern.

This erotic short contains oral, bdsm, femdom, domination, submission, and humiliation and is 5000+ words.

Kindle Edition, 18 pages
Published March 30th 2015
Edition Language: English

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