Kingpin Wifeys: Crown my Ass by K. Elliott (Author)

Kingpin Wifeys: Crown my Ass by K. Elliott (Author)



Book Review:

This book is Wild… The ending is always shocking like seriously.

Few Spoilers… In the KINGPIN…..

I hope Shamari doesn’t to back to Jada. She sees he has a good thing; now she wants him back. It’s funny how the person you’ve dated would leave you, and when they see you happy and with someone else, they realize they’ve messed up and decided they want you back. I call bull crap. And one, Starr bouts to get on my last nerve, how she’s not going to date Stunna, Ugh! Q ol’ wack self is messing around with Shanaynay again. If he REALLY wanted Starr back he wouldn’t mess with Shantelle; man body build self lol. Ugh… Like Starr run away from Q, get a StunNA. That man in LOVE YOU.

One, Shamari better not die. I’m a be mad now. Already took Black out the picture can’t take it if Shamari gets murdered. Shoot.

I don’t know why Tete did what she did to Stunna smh. I swear to you, I think he’s going to find out she had something to do with his package getting stolen and B.C. getting killed. She dirty just for doing that and keeping a straight face while talking to him so that she can get him on with her smh.

This book 3 is crazy wow, I think Q the one who killed Shantelle IDC what anyone says. I knew he had something to do with Trey murder. He’s fake as hell. Because one he ain’t loyal not only to Trey, and Starr but Fresh too. Smh. I hope someone off Daniel’s he’s starting to irk me so bad. He the one that killed Black. I bet Stunna can off him. And Shantelle got killed, well Jada can hump booties with her no more LMFAO. But I hope Jada don’t get killed by Tete, but knowing this series and how it play off she probably die. Nothing better not happen to Shamari and Stunna though I’m a be mad.

Kingpin Wifeys by K. Elliott

Book Description:

Recuperating from a gunshot wound and now facing his legal battle, Fresh decides to pass his torch to Shamari. But is Shamari ready for it, and does he even want it?
Jada puts her heart on the line and tells Shamari exactly how she feels. Will he accept it, or will his love for Ava keep Jada from finally getting her man?
The stress of being a madame is taking it’s toll on TeTe, so much so that she’s decided to enter another risky business with even higher stakes, especially when Agent Daniels rears his ugly head and makes life even harder for her.
Starr is torn between two lovers: Stunna and Q, but when she dares to confess, the choice is made for her. Shantelle finds herself involved with an unlikely lover that takes her by surprise. The non stop action continues in the latest installment of Kingpin Wifeys with an ending so shocking, you won’t know who to trust or who to try when it comes to the trap game.


Kindle Edition, 183 pages
Published November 30th 2016 by Urban Lifestyle Press
Edition Language: English
Other Editions: None found

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