Using Reflection to Reflect on Learning Theories



          This course, EDUC 6115 Learning Theories and Instruction, has deepened my knowledge of learning theories and how theory can be applied to instruction for the benefit of students.  As an instructional designer I know that I must understand (at a minimum) and be capable of executing a designer’s responsibilities by reflecting on the Ormrod (n.d.) statement that “it is focusing on what is going on inside the head and also how teachers, instructional designers, anyone who wants to help people learn how they can design instruction to make those cognitive processes work well for the learner” (p. 1).  These steps are very similar to the software development steps of requirements, analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation (testing) that I deal with on a daily basis as an information engineer.  With an understanding of learning theories, learning styles, learning strategies, and motivation I can better analyze an organization and/or…

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