👌💯💁 Keep It Real. Real #Facts 

I believe in GOD and ME. No matter who you call him we all serve only ONE higher power. I’m not Muslim, Christian, Atheist or any denomination I’m just plain ole ME. I don’t follow any man I’m too busy trying to be a leader in my own reality. I eat pork, beef, chicken, fish whatever make a turd. We all gonna die. There’s many other things to worry about besides food. I love EVERYBODY White, Black, Chinese, Spanish unless they give me a reason not to. There’s only two races on this planet and that’s the oppressors and the free spirited. Although I don’t have a problem speaking my mind on what I believe is the truth to any race, denomination or establishment. The truth is the truth and it can’t be watered down. It can only be ignored by the ignorant and misinformed. I believe in GOD ALMIGHTY and ME. Because many times it was him and me who were there to pick me up when I fell. Stay humble people. We all in the same boat. It’s just that some of you don’t seem to think that your shit smells like perfume.


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