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Hi guys!

Are you ready? Letโ€™s read!

As last time, thereโ€™s a special giveaway for this eventโ€ฆ a Kindle Fire or E-Reader so you can read ALL the books! ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Reading!


p.s.: Did you know that you can try KU for free?


ย  ย Saved by Coffee Devyn Morgan

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon DE

Amazon AU

Amazon CA

Eight years after Garrett got kicked out by his parents, a detective finds his RV home. Garrettโ€™s uncle Travis died, leaving him a resort-town house with a coffee shop. Garrett wraps up his massage business and heads to Berkley Springs, WV. From a homeless teen to a college-educated, self-made man, he did well for himself. Despite all that, itโ€™s hard to walk proud to where so many old memories lay in ambush.

Jay is grieving old Travis, who helped him get traction in life by giving him a jobโ€ฆ

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