Criminal Minds Job Description

How to Get a Job like on TV’s “Criminal Minds” … in Real Life

How to Get a Job like TV’s “Criminal Minds” in Real Life

If you are interested in a job like Criminal Minds, then you need to become an investigator. Investigators specializing in the inductive and deductive reasoning to create a criminal profile based on characteristics are sometimes referred to as criminal profilers.

The majority of profilers are actually law enforcement investigators that have several years of experience in violent crimes, have completed specialized training, and received degrees in psychology and forensic science.

Skill Requirements and Education

There are numerous professions in the field of forensic psychology, criminal profiling is just one of them. A profiler must undergo extensive training and meet particular educational requirements. He must also have experience in relation to violent crimes. To be a successful criminal profiler, you will need to have no less than a master’s degree.

Most profilers hold doctorates in behavioral sciences. These behavioral sciences include psychology, specializing in human and criminal behavior.

Federal Bureau of Investigation

The FBI does not have employees who are referred to as FBI profilers; the agents who perform criminal profiling also provide threat assessments, case management advice and interviewing strategies to law enforcement agencies all over the world.

The National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC)

The NCAVC is located in Quantico, Virginia. To become a special agent at the NCAVC, you must have at least three years of service as an FBI special agent. Because there are numerous candidates for these positions, generally the successful candidates have up to 10 years of experience investigating abductions as well as violent and sexual crimes. Preferred educational requirements for this type of position include an advanced degree in Forensic or Behavioral Science.

That said, it is possible to become employed at the NCAVC without becoming a special agent.

Other positions available include:

  • Violent Crime Resource Specialists
  • Intelligence Research Specialists
  • Crime Analysts

These careers are research positions requiring an in-depth knowledge of data collection, research methodology, and analysis.

Homicide Detective

A career that is similar to a profiler is a homicide detective. If you decide you would like to become a homicide detective, you should take online courses related to criminal justice and/or law enforcement.

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