First Down by Lace and Leather Books

First Down by Lace and Leather Books



Book Review:

So Brett was one of those guys who was in denial. You know they are either bisexual or just completely guy but scared to come out because they are afraid of what their family or friends may think.

The ending at the football when Daniel hurt himself. My eyes was HUGE lol. When Brett kiss him. And for him to think people will judge him when he looked around after he kiss Daniel. Was crazy because in the end I think his team mates and everyone else knew Brett had a thing for males and not just females. He reminds me of the guy in this one book who mess with girls because it was the right thing until he finally accepted who he was.




Book Description:

When two rivals on the same football team collide the sparks that fly are enough to push one of them over the edge.

Brett is a reckless womanizing party boy with a secret that is tearing him apart inside. Daniel is a quiet but confident out and proud gay boy who thrives on order and needs to have control of everything.

Unfortunately, Daniel’s growing attraction to his straight bad boy teammate is pushing him to the brink of losing control and everything else including his self-respect.

Brett’s recklessness and usual lack of regard for future consequences sparks an impulsive night between him and Daniel that threatens to bring Brett’s most closely held secret to light in front of the whole football team.

Will Brett conquer his fears and slay the demons that torment him for a life of happiness with Daniel? Is Daniel’s love for Brett strong enough to put their rivalry aside and coax Brett out of the closet?

First Down is a gay sports romance short with several free bonuses included all with a guaranteed HEA!

Due to explicit content this story is intended for mature audiences.

Kindle Edition, 741 pages
Published December 2nd 2016
Edition Language: English

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