Protected by the Pack by Lace and Leather Books

Protected by the Pack by Lace and Leather Books


Book Review:

This book, may have been mega spice girls short. But I thought it was interesting. Do I think it should’ve been longer yes.



Book Description:

Moira a shy and innocent BBW is still scared by the popular guy who dumped her for a cheerleader and she just wants to be left alone.

But when two mysterious guys she remembers from the bookstore she works at start following her around campus she might be forced to give love a second chance…and maybe a third!

There are two of them. They’re best friends. Both of these gorgeous panty droppers are 1 part protector, 1 part shifter and twice the irresistible hotness that Moira can handle.

When Moira finds herself in harm’s way these shifter men show their mate that there is more to them than just their stunning features and ultra sexy physiques.

They are more than willing to risk everything to protect and provide for the beautiful curvy woman that is destined to carry their baby!

But will they prove it Moira before it’s too late?

Protected by the Pack is a standalone short story with a HEA no cliff hanger and it includes several bonus stories.

This story is intended for mature audiences due to explicit content.



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