Bankroll Squad 2: Kyla’s Revenge, Volume 2 (UNABRIDGED) by David Weaver (Narrated) by Derrick Hardin


    • by David Weaver
    • Narrated by Derrick Hardin


Listening to👂📱🎧 Bankroll Squad: Kyla’s Revenge by David Weaver. Finally got around to listening 👂to this book. Even though I got it in ebook lol.

Bankroll Squad 2: Kyla's Revenge, Volume 2 | [David Weaver]

Book Review:

I don’t think there are spoilers, but It looks to be spoilers!!!


Omg, I knew that girl Sunshine was going to be a problem. I hope they light a fire to her ***. Especially for leaving Malcolm, like really I wish Rain would’ve told Kyla that Sunshine psycho self-likes I mean loved her. And I agreed with Malcolm he (Catfish) should’ve gotten his girl off the streets now look what happened smh. I tell you, catfish will never be the same. I got part 3 so I will read it soon.

Kyla's Revenge by David Weaver

Book Description: 

The highly anticipated sequel to the best-selling urban novel, “Bankroll Squad.” The men ruled the streets in the first book, but now the women take center stage in this action-packed dramatical love story. David Weaver’s clever plot twists will continue to shock and amaze you all the way to the very last page. Picture “Set it Off” meets “New Jack City” meets “Bonnie and Clyde.”


Kindle Edition
Published June 26th 2011 by SBR Publication
ASIN: B0058RM9H2
Edition Language: English
Series: Bankroll Squad #2
  • Bankroll Squad 2: Kyla's Revenge
  • 111x148
  • 111x148
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