White Trash (Taking the Billionaire’s Daughter) by Viv Phoenix


The book is a bit disturbing, I am like what is going on here. More so the guy is the creepy stalker weird one. Like really Jheeze.


Book Description:

Beware: One part dirty instalove, one part captive-woman dark romance. White Trash includes detailed scary and sexual material some readers may find disturbing. 
White Trash is a short read—if you want a longer book, go get one. 🙂 
Down in the hollow, Callum devours women’s naughty books. Now he’s ready to take the billionaire’s daughter who needs him to be her alpha. Sy just doesn’t know what’s good for her. Yet.

Sy Thompson’s supposed to be too good for me.
She’s new in town, lives in a mansion up the hill with her frowning parents. I can’t stop watching her. The curvy beauty’s full, lickable body puts my neck out. She’s everything I’m not supposed to have: wealth, polished beauty, purity.
In one night under me, she’ll find out she loves getting dirty. One night, and she’ll know I’m more than enough for her.
She’s going to beg me, and I’m not going to stop until she’s mine.

Callum looked dangerous-hot, like he might be wanted for something, something real bad.
He scared me from the minute I caught him staring at me. His pale eyes show his dirty, dirty thoughts. Thick muscles writhe when he loads his big truck.
His tattoos make me want to explore his off-limits body.
He’s the kind of man my mother warns me about, a bad man. I know about bad boys. He’s worse.
A man like Callum Blake, he won’t take no for an answer.

If you’re disturbed by mature content, adult words, crime fiction, or dark romance, don’t read this book. If you’re easily offended or triggered, don’t even think about reading White Trash. I mean it. This book is way outside the comfort zone for some readers.
Readers like me who find thrills in the dark: This is for you.


Bruh this book is Sooo, weird omg. I am like white trash m
Hmm maybe I should read it, and I am now like what the flipping burgers going on. Yeah this book Def a beware

Book Review:

White Trash.. Should’ve BEEN creep lol 

This was the most creepiest weirdest book I ever read in my life. The guy was the one who was a creepy stalker like yes, I understood why it has to ‘beware’ like what in the world. I dislike the part where “you will be with a guy but not on your on will.” Like be submitted to him, I hope she could leave that house, but if so it’ll be with his permission. I don’t think I’ll read part 2.




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