Secrets of a Side, Bitch 3 by Jessica N. Watkins (Author), Cary Hite (Reading), Nicole Small (Reading)

πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ how I feel right now after I finish book 2. πŸ“•………… This Simone heifer is annoying and I’m tight about what she has put Chance through, Gah he was so naive in the beginning.Β 



Book Review:

Spoilers…. Here…Β 

& ….. There….!!!

I am #DEAD!!!! I am here like yassssss “Omari” whoop that trick, whoop that trick.” yasss Simone deserves that *** whooping that Omari gave her, heck not only Omari heck the *** beating that Jimmy gave her was worth it too. I felt like everyone shouldn’t be so hard on Chance because Simone is the caused of everything.

I am weak asab why am I laughing at wth is happening to Simone lmao. The little girls said “RUN LADY, WATCH OUT! I am wondering who done knock Simone out once again; I am thinking Jimmy *** lol. But it’s funny how Ebony thinking Omari, forgave Simone aha; I knew that he forgave her.

Even though Simone is a BITCH, she didn’t deserve to get raped. But truth be told, KARMAS a BITCH!!!! Made me Cringe when she was poked in both areas. That’s worse than what Omari did to her, but look what she did to her friend Tammy, Aiysha, and Ayisha/Omari baby (Dahlia)

But anyways, I hope nothing happens to Chance, I prefer him alive and in jail, plus when and if he gets out “him” better LOVE, Gia back. Also, I agree with Gia when she mentions that Chance was innocent as Aiyesha and Dahlia which is true because all 3 were innocent people, that Simone did wrong by either killing or setting up. I already knew Chance felt bad unlike Simone; her *** still don’t care. But Omari, man I cannot wait until he finds himself, love, because he has been through so much. Plus Simone isn’t dead. Plus Simone isn’t dead, and I cannot wait until I read book 4.



Book Description:

Beauty isn’t everything. Beneath Simone’s long fake hair, phony smile, and saline booty is a web of trickery, lies, and murder. After being attacked by Jimmy, Simone’s web of lies begins to violently unravel. One by one, her skeletons are falling out of the closet and revealing her true colors. While Simone fights to keep the man and life that she stole, Chance is fighting desperately to keep his life with Gia. Amidst the hot and steamy passion, which builds between Gia and Chance like a scorching inferno, is the fear of Chance being locked away for the rest of his life. After a visit from the new detective assigned to Aeysha’s murder case, Eboni is intent on making Omari see the truth about Simone and her wicked ways.

InΒ Secrets of a Side Bitch 3, everyone is forced to come clean and admit their true involvement in Aeysha Walker’s murder. And finally, Simone is forced to make a decision – either face the aftermath of her destruction or run away from the man that she fought so hard to get.



Audio CD
Published January 10th 2017 by Audible Studios on Brilliance AudioΒ (first published February 27th, 2014)
ISBN: 153665583XΒ (ISBN13:Β 9781536655834)

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