Maya And The Tough Guy (Big Girl Panties #2) by Carter Ashby


Omg, this book is REALLY GOOD. Like I am almost finished reading 📖 it in one-day 




Book Review:

Few… Spoilers…..

This book was really good. I didn’t like how people treated him like he was the bad guy when he was nothing like Damon at all or her father. I like how her father apologized for his mistakes, but her ex-husband didn’t. It’s crazy how she didn’t call Jacey she had his number she should’ve ignored Damon when was a teenager. I did crack up when her son was evil towards Jacey he was scared of the poor boy until he started to become friendly towards Jacey. Plus Maya treated him Jacey wrong in my own opinion I understand that she was in an abusive relationship but the way he treated him was wrong but cry when he got smart with her. Knowing he had feelings for her like girl what do you suspect. Then when he was all over the women and flirting she got jealous of it, I said finally she gave into her feelings for him, it took him to talk and flirt with other women for her to see she did love him and that he didn’t use her children to sex her. I was with him when he got mad at her when he stated that. I’m like the woman didn’t you realize this man isn’t like Damon or your father and that he was in love with you since grade school. I mean high school. But you were too blind to see him.


Oh, I did think that her ex-husband was going to get out jail and start something, but he didn’t. Also, I knew something was up with her eight years old son and the reason why he acted out glad he confined in Jace and told him the reason.


Maya And The Tough Guy (Big Girl Panties #2)  by Carter Ashby

Book Description: 

Maya Bradley is on her own now. With the help of her dear friends, Zoey and Addy, she’s determined to give her children the lives they deserve, away from their abusive father. But the journey is destined to be difficult, and she meets her first roadblock when she asks sexy, tattooed bar owner, Jayce Gilmore, for a job serving drinks.

Jayce has two reasons for not wanting to hire Maya. One: she deserves a more respectable job. And two: he’s been madly in love with her since he was a young boy. But when he finally realizes how desperate she is for work, he has no choice but to bring her on.

With Maya struggling to earn a living, get an education, and raise two children, Jayce finally finds himself in a position to help her. And though she isn’t interested in a relationship, Maya is showing definite signs of physical attraction. Jayce is sure he can keep his love hidden and fulfill her every fantasy. Unfortunately, he has severely underestimated the needs of his heart. As the moment of truth fast approaches, Maya must decide whether to break a tough guy’s heart, or open her fragile soul to the risks that come with loving again.

😂 😂 omg, why this making me laugh though.. That little boy is EVIL 😂😂😂💀💀💀😩 POOR MAN SCARE OF HIM LOL.
Kindle Edition, 327 pages
Published January 20th, 2015 (first published January 14th, 2015)
Edition Language: English

Heart ♥ warming Inspirational Romance (Love inspired Books )


Heart ♥ warming Inspirational Romance (Love inspired Books 📚) – Larger Print!!!


1. The Deputy’s Holiday Family by Mindy Obenhaus
2. The Christmas 🎄 Baby 🚼 by Lisa Carter
3. Texas Christmas 🎄 Twins 🚼 🚼 🍼 by Deb Kastner
4. Her Amish Christmas 🎄 Sweetheart by Rebecca Kertz
5. The Rancher’s Christmas 🎄 Bride 👰 by Brenda Minton
6. Amish Triplets 🚼 🍼🚼🚼 for Christmas by Carrie Lighte

Books from Book-A-Million


Went to books a million again and found the other books I was looking for 😄😄😄😄 Yay I’m happy 😊 I was finna buy all of Kasie West books but I put one of the books back lol I mean for all these and the price I should’ve got the other three books 😂👀😳💁 Home Run ⚾


Grand Slam ⚾ @heidimclaughlinauthor
Coming Up For Air @mirandakenneally
By Your Side @kasiewest
The Fill-In Boyfriend
The Distance Between Us
The Kill Order @dashnerjames

Y’all know Ima go back lol and get Craving and The Fever Code and the other book by Kasie West 💁👌 

Red Helmet by Homer Hickman


Red Helmet ⛑ by Homer Hickman




Song Hawkins is a beautiful, tough, but lonely New York City businesswoman who thinks she’s met the man of her dreams in Cable Jordan, the superintendent of a West Virginia coal mine. But soon after they impulsively marry, Song realizes they’re in big trouble. She can’t imagine life outside of New York, and Cable has no intention of leaving his beloved town of Highcoal.

Song’s visit to the little mining community only makes things worse. It looks like the marriage is over. But in a shocking turn of events, Song realizes it’s up to her to put on the red helmet of the new coal miner and descend into the deep darkness. There she faces her greatest challenge with choices and courage that will forever impact the life of Cable and the entire town.

The Harlequin (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Book 15) by Laurell K. Hamilton 

The Harlequin (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Book 15)

by Laurell K. Hamilton 

Anita Blake is about to face the challenge of her life. Into her world—a world already overflowing with power—have come creatures so feared that powerful, centuries-old vampires refuse to mention their names. It is forbidden to speak of The Harlequin unless you’ve been contacted. And to be contacted by The Harlequin can mean three things. It can mean that they’re watching, or that they’re tormenting, or that they’re going to kill you. The Harlequin belong to Marmée Noire, the Mother of Darkness, a figure so old, it’s not known whether she’s a vampire, a lycanthrope or something else.
Long-time rivals for Anita’s affections, Jean-Claude, Master Vampire of the City, and Richard Zeeman, Ulfric of the local werewolf pack, will need to become allies. Wereleopards Nathaniel and Micah will have to step up their support. And then there’s Edward. In this situation, Anita knows that she needs to call the one man who has always been there for her, but he responds in a way that she didn’t anticipate.

Star Island by Carl Hiaasen


Star 🌟  Island 🏝 by Carl Hiaasen




Meet twenty-two-year-old Cherry Pye (née Cheryl Bunterman), a pop star since she was fourteen—and about to attempt a comeback from her latest drug-and-alcohol disaster. 
Now meet Cherry again: in the person of her “undercover stunt double,” Ann DeLusia. Ann portrays Cherry whenever the singer is too “indisposed”—meaning wasted—to go out in public. And it is Ann-mistaken-for-Cherry who is kidnapped from a South Beach hotel by obsessed paparazzo Bang Abbott.
Now the challenge for Cherry’s handlers (über–stage mother; horndog record producer; nipped, tucked, and Botoxed twin publicists; weed whacker-wielding bodyguard) is to rescue Ann while keeping her existence a secret from Cherry’s public—and from Cherry herself.
The situation is more complicated than they know. Ann has had a bewitching encounter with Skink—the unhinged former governor of Florida living wild in a mangrove swamp—and now he’s heading for Miami to find her . . .
Will Bang Abbott achieve his fantasy of a lucrative private photo session with Cherry Pye? Will Cherry sober up in time to lip-synch her way through her concert tour? Will Skink track down Ann DeLusia before Cherry’s motley posse does?
All will be revealed in this hilarious spin on life in the celebrity fast lane. 

A Christmas Wedding  By, Andrew M. Greeley


A Christmas 🎄 Wedding  💒
By, Andrew M. Greeley



“Happy families are all alike,” said Tolstoy, and the O’Malley’s are one of the happiest, if slightly crazy, families in current fiction. A Christmas Wedding continues the saga of Chucky, the youngest son who wants to live the quiet life of an accountant and raise a nice Catholic family. Fate, of course, has other plans for Chucky, in the person of the beautiful Rosemarie, his off-again-on-again nemesis from the time he saved her life when he was a young man.
Thrown out of Notre Dame on trumped-up charges, Chucky ends up going to the University of Chicago. The only problem: his lifelong enemy Rosemarie is a fellow student. They decide to be “just friends,” and while they battle with each other, “just friends” turns into something neither of them expected.

Tempting Dusty (The Temptation Saga #1) by Helen Hardt


Dang, ‘”Ragamuffin” 🤦🏽‍♀️💀😂😩🤷‍♀️💆🏽

Tempting Dusty (The Temptation Saga #1) by Helen Hardt


Book Review:

Spoilers…..Tempting Dusty….

The name of this book was definitely tempting and fit the storyline. At first, I thought this book wouldn’t be good, but it actually was a good book, and I enjoyed reading I cannot wait until I get a chance to read part 2 and the other 5 books in this series.

I also, knew that Dusty was going to get pregnant by Zach, Zach kept putting it on her lol. He’s like infertile or not you going to get this D and have my baby, I am happy for them though because even though she was an infertile woman. And a cancer survivor I was glad she had gotten pregnant knowing she couldn’t have a baby, but he prayed on it, and I am happy that they had a baby. Like I mention like three times and such.

In the end I also, glad that Zach and Chad, brother Dallas left his wife, Chelsea, she didn’t want that man at all, she just wanted his money even though she sort of had money of her own money. Wait no was that Angelia with that money not sure but glad that Dallas grew some balls and divorced her. Cannot wait to read Dallas story in “Teasing Annie.”


Book Description:

El Diablo strikes no fear in the heart of Dusty O’Donovan. The accomplished rider knows life holds much greater fears than a feisty stud bull. Diablo’s owner, Zach McCray, is offering half a million dollars to anyone who can stay on him for a full eight seconds. That purse would go a long way helping rebuild Dusty and her brother’s nearly bankrupt ranch.

Let a woman ride his bull? Not likely. Still, the headstrong Dusty intrigues Zach. Her father worked on the McCray ranch years ago, and Zach remembers her as a little girl when he was a cocky teen. Times change, and now she’s a beautiful and desirable young woman. A few passionate kisses leave Zach wanting more, but will Dusty’s secrets tear them apart?


Kindle Edition, 414 pages
Published February 17th 2016 by Waterhouse Press
Original Title: Tempting Dusty
ASIN: B01BW76710
Edition Language: English