Home Run (#TheBoysOfSummer) #2 by Heidi McLaughlin

Just finish The Cartel 7, I may say CJ my favorite, feel like Mo going to lead him down the wrong path!! But I’m going to start on this book 📘

Home Run (#TheBoysOfSummer) #2 by Heidi McLaughlin



Book Review:

Home Run, #Book2 by Heidi McLaughlin. Was really good, I read this book quicker than I read the first story to this series, and both were good books. I definitely enjoyed reading Cooper and Ainsley story, I was glad when they both forgave each other in the end, and Cooper dad was such as **** to both Cooper and his wife/baby mother I was glad when Cope finally put his father in his place, that man was rude and was so controlling. I cannot wait until I read the next story in this book to read about Travis Kidd hilarious self. The author did an excellent job with this book I was laughing through the whole series. Hopefully, there’s a story about Stella or will be a story about her and Zeb. Also, I like how she has my mother name lol!


Book Description:

I’ve given up everything for the chance to play major league baseball. Everything. Now I’m so close I can practically hear the crowd chanting my name. There’s nothing that could take my dream away from me . . .
Unless I lose focus. And Ainsley Burke is the most beautiful, distracting woman I’ve ever met. When I’m with her, I can’t think of anything else.

But no matter how much I want Ainsley, there’s no room for love in my game plan. I can give her a quick tour of the bases, but that’s it. Then I have to let her go. If she wants to think I’m a love ’em and leave ’em player, fine.
All dreams require sacrifice. I just wish this one didn’t mean tearing out my own heart.


😂 😂 I can’t wait to read the next story about Travis Kidd. God this hilarious 😂 😂

Paperback, 336 pages
Published June 6th, 2017 by Forever (first published January 17th, 2017)
ISBN: 1455598275 (ISBN13: 9781455598274)

Gypsy Brothers: The Complete Series by Lili St Germain

I cannot wait to read this series revenge😄 is a must for Juliette. I’m going to read this after I finish this other series. #icantwait If you want to read this series make sure you read the Cartel Series by Lili St. Germain!!! 

The books are called:

1. The Cartel

2. Kingpin

3. Empire.


This the full series of the Gypsy Brothers series. All 7 books

1. Seven Sons

2. Six Brothers

3. Five Miles

4. Four Score

5. Three Years

6. Two Roads

7. One Love

I’m a have to get the other two books to this series

7.5 Alternate

8. Zero Hour