Finding Out (Hawks Motorcycle Club, #2.5) by Lila Rose (Author)

Part 2.5 of Hawks MC Series by Lil Rose called Finding Out. I just finished this book more like two days.


Book Review:

Spoilers>>>> maybe>>>> 

You know book 1 of every series is always good. But book 2.5 was actually good but you know 1 always better lol but I wasn’t at all disappointed but hmm as I am thinking Fox aka Killer actually Was the quite dude that was in book 1 and 2 lol that smile a lot glad he found Love in Ivy. I definitely enjoyed their story even though her family was demons and evil to her glad her father getting his divorce from her evil mom and Fox took up for.

I want me a biker dude<3 lol

Ugh! Lol

I also like how the Hawks MC Brothers take up for each other and their women’s ❤ that’s family I cannot wait to read part 3 next!


Book Description:

In a moment of weakness, Ivy Morrison tells a lie, a lie which will leave her scrambling for a solution and quick. The perfect solution comes well-packaged in the form of broody and sinfully sext Fox Kilpatrick, courtesy of Find Your Soul Mate online dating service. Desperate times is most definitely a call for desperate measures. With no other choice, Ivy convinces passionate yet possessive Fox to help her in her time of need.

Fox ‘Killer’ Kilpatrick is still caught up in his past, a past of anger and death, which his biker brothers desperately want him to recover from. Losing a bet, Killer finds himself on a blind date with Ivy, the woman who is set to turn his world upside down.

Following your heart is never easy, neither is following an unknown path, but finding out may just be worth the journey to the possibility. Only together, will Ivy and Killer discover if it was worth the risk after all.

Kindle Edition, 136 pages
Published December 16th, 2014

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