Reckless (Amato Brothers #2) by Winter Renshaw (Author)

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Book Review:

Reckless at its finest but reckless for her and she for him 

Part 2 was even good as book 1.


I am glad I actually have gotten around to reading this author book, and I love when an author pulls you in from the beginning to end. Once you read their books, it makes you not want to put it down and say up or continue reading it without any interruptions.

I enjoyed Dante and Maren story even though he was younger than her I thought they were cute together. Plus he’s not even that young in my opinion age is nothing but a number if they are 18 and you should be good, but if you are in your thirties, you shouldn’t date a 21-year-old lmao.

It’s funny how karma works see how both Lauren, Dante ex-fiancé and Maren ex-husband left them for each other and In the end, they didn’t last but Dante and Maren actually have a good relationship, and her children loved Dante, and they married and had a daughter. Where both of there ex-split up and didn’t end up married. Ha!


Book Description:

It was just a party. A silly little celebration with champagne and my best friends. As I blew out the candles on my divorce cake, I said goodbye to my failed marriage and embraced my future with open arms.

But I didn’t know the future was going to come in the form of a mysterious stranger sitting at the end of the bar stealing glances all night.

And I didn’t know at the time, but my future even had a name . . . Dante Amato.

Over the weeks that followed, he pursued me with reckless abandon. He broke down my walls and ignored all the reasons we were completely wrong for each other. He made me feel something I hadn’t felt in years . . . something so real it terrified me.

But the moment I let him in . . . just when I began to let myself fall for this dashing stranger . . . he dropped a bombshell that changed everything.


1. This is a *full-length,* standalone romance. You do *not* need to read HEARTLESS first.

2. For a limited time, I’ve included a FREE copy of FILTHY (RIXTON FALLS #3) because it’s somewhat of a prequel to my next book, which will be an AMATO BROTHERS x RIXTON FALLS crossover (short preview included)! 🙂

3. Because of the bonus story and preview, RECKLESS may end just before 50% on your Kindle, however, rest assured it is a *full-length* novel.

Kindle Edition, 484 pages
Published September 4th, 2016
Edition Language: English
Characters: Maren GreeneDante Amato
setting: Seattle, Washington (United States) 

  • Reckless (Amato Brothers, #2)
  • Reckless (Amato Brothers, #2)
  • 111x148


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