Bad Boys Need Love Too: Max (Bad Boys Need Love Too #3) by Christa Tomlinson (Author)

Reading “Max” Bad Boys Need Love Too, Book 3 for this series. I’m here like Max better get him some of that Doctor and stop ✋ 🛑 trying to hide 😩


Book Review:

The third book to the “Bad Boys Need Love Too” Series part 3 was as good as part 1 and 2.

I have gotten this book with the part 1 of this series as I mentioned before, I had won part 1 through Goodreads, and receive all 3 books in the series.

I’m going to spill some spoilers in this review. Because I kind of got a lot to say. Sort of anyway lol.

I liked this book, and I understood how it was well I don’t understand, but I do lol. But it’s was understandable while reading this book that it was hard for Max to come out. I just didn’t understand how he was so afraid of telling both his best friends Gage and Nate that he was actually GAY. When both of them are gay themselves. I was glad that he finally at the end told them, and his grandmother about him being gay and they accepted him for who he actually was.

I like how Patrick brought the gay out of Max when he was trying to hide his sexuality from everybody that knew him.


Book Description:

Why Do Bad Boys Make You Feel So Good?

Everyone has had their experiences with him. The Bad Boy. The strong, quiet type with a voice as smooth and cool as whiskey poured over chocolate ice cream.

For Dr. Patrick Bishop that bad boy was Max Stovall. They met, when at forty-two years old, Patrick decides to get his first tattoo. Max didn’t say much at their first meeting, but he didn’t have to. Patrick was immediately attracted to him. He sensed the attraction was mutual, even though Max played it cool and pretended otherwise.

Getting close to Max won’t be easy. He’s in the closet and determined to stay there. Will Patrick walk away, or will he be able to show Max that life is better once you’ve embraced the one you love?

Bad Boys Need Love Too: Max is a steamy gay romance full of drama, love, and explicit sex scenes. Max and Patrick’s novella is book three in a complete three book series.


😂😂 it’s was just hard to be married to arch other, seeing we both like sleeping with men.

Paperback, 120 pages
Published November 18th, 2014 by Torlina Publishing
Original Title: Bad Boys Need Love Too: Max
Edition Language: English
setting: Houston, Texas (United States) 

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