RECKLESS – The Complete Series (The RECKLESS #1-5) by Alice Ward (Author)

Currently reading “Reckless: The Complete Series” by Alice Ward. So far this series is good, more so book 1 is I am close to book 2, I’ll see how part 2 goes and so forth! 



Book Review

Reckless didn’t realize that was the name of the band

>Spoilers down below…•••••••• the way this book got me listen, it might not even be any spoilers, because I sure didn’t mention much of a spoiler, but only one situation that happened in book 4••¥¥ so beware before you read this or if you want to read it who cares. Don’t care because I earn it lol***** but thanks for reading anyway!

The author did an excellent job with this book. The story is good, I give her that but the girl in this book Andrea omg, she was so annoying this is why I rated this book a flipping three because my head hurt because this is how Andrea is listening.

As I’m reading this right, I’m like ***** get out of your head with your annoying self. So at the end of book four, here I am like ohhhh **** this getting juicy right, I didn’t want to stop reading though. As I was reading book 4, lol I said to myself I’m just going to finish book 4 and read book five tomorrow, but that’s not what I did.

Okay, continue to book 5 and read up to chapter 5 that’s where I stopped my head started hurting why? You asked!

Of course, I find out Jace wasn’t a cheater though I agree at first until chapter 5 that maybe should’ve run away because myself wasn’t sure if he had a kid and wife. Come to find out her annoying *** ran without figuring out the **** truth. Why? Because here she was again in her flipping head again.

This how this chick is listening.

She stays in her head like “ maybe I shouldn’t do this perhaps this stick should be removed, maybe not it will be there when I wake up. Wait, what if someone fall over it get hurt lmao, that’s how she is ugh!

I’m here like ***** just shut your *** Up even though you FICTION! I said I’m a rate this book a three lol because she’s (the main character girl Andrea, is annoying).

Because Andrea she is like in every part of the book especially twice with the same relationship * family situation she likes “why am I thinking of this my family needs me. I shouldn’t do this no OMG will I be okay? I cAnt think about my relationship issues at a time like this. I’m here like ***** bitch didn’t yo *** just said this in book four ****! Lmao!

Swear she got on my **** nerves. I couldn’t wait to finish this LONG book ugh lol!

P.S. I wish there were a story with Becca I liked her. And wanted to know more about her and Zane story!

Other news Andrea doesn’t get annoying up until book 3, that’s when she began to be a crybaby and whinny overthinking into everything second guessing things worried too much and fucked her own Life up!

But Jace has a lot of patience with Andrea; I do like that about him because though she ran away from him on so many occasions, he was still there. Because he loved and cared about her, and that’s who he wanted. In the end, I like that they came together in the end. That’s true love. Though, Andrea still annoying lol!

Oh yeah, I was still wondering when he was going to poke her everywhere when he mentions that in the book earlier. Not even sure they did or not! But lmao, at book 4 I didn’t even read the values in the wedding I was glad I was done.

I still want my book with Becca and Zane and even Amy!



I like what this says. Even though Andrea getting on my last flipping nerves with her annoying self. She’s so Annoying I cannot wait for this book to end 😩😒😂😂💀




Book Description:

The RECKLESS Series is a five part steamy new adult series by Alice Ward.
All 5 parts are now collected into this one bundle – READ THE COMPLETE SERIES WITH NO CLIFFHANGERS TODAY!

Even the best laid plans can be derailed.
Andrea Mercer had her entire life mapped out—everything from her career as a top journalist to her future CEO husband, white picket fence, and two-point five children. All she had to do was make it to graduation—three more months—and that perfect life would begin.

But Andrea isn’t immune to the life-altering forces that can derail even the best-laid plans… In Andrea’s case, that force is Jace Richardson, the tattooed sexy rocker god on campus. Cocky, suave, and chauvinistic, Jace is everything that she can’t stand in a man. But it’s either cover the story on Jace’s band, Reckless, or lose the one thing that matters to her the most: her position at the campus paper. Only, as she begins to work on the column, Andrea learns that there’s more to the campus god than meets the eye.

Will Andrea be able to hold onto her dreams for the future as the sexy vocal guitarist flips her entire life upside down? Or will Jace light a fire in her she never knew existed?

Now the complete series is only one click away… Get it Today!

Kindle Edition, 599 pages
Published January 1st, 2015
Other Editions

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