Battle Scars (Love is Messy Duet, #2), by Emily Goodwin

Plan reading this after I finish the ones I started 👌🏽👏🏽👾👾👾👾👾👾🍼👶🏼🤰🍼 < book 2.📖


Book Review:

Cole & Ana 😱🍓 finally had those babies I wanted them to have Lol 😝🖤

Loved it…

This story was good though it took me awhile to finish and I felt like it was never going to end lol! I guess I couldn’t really finish it off due to I’m in college and gotta work around my reading and homework/assignment and reading the books for my classes. Lol.


I love Cole and Ana story at first I didn’t know who the heck was Diana at first when I read the first book. But realize it was actually Ana but she didn’t go by her real name. Anyways I was glad in the end that Steven finally went to jail for his crimes with stalking Cole and Ana among murder etc. he deserves that jail time. I still didn’t understand why Cole didn’t tell Ana about what was going on though I do understand that he was trying to protect her too. I still thought he should’ve told Ana not only Ana but his brother too about Steven and what was going on. I love the ending where they end up married with kids (twins at that) so cute!!!!


😂😂 why did she mention “ #supernatural” though this😂💀 is hilarious, I like supernatural too!!! She said “Cole and His younger brother. the last name is Winchester. Maybe that’s why he’s so guarded. He and Luke secretly fight demonic crime at night.” 😂 this a good one too



Book Description:

**For a LIMITED time, Bad Things (Book 1) is included along with Battle ScarsBad Things is in front of Battle Scars so the books can be read in order. Please use the table of contents to navigate to Battle Scars**

They say time heals all wounds, but sometimes it does just the opposite. The pain festers, seeping deep into your heart. By the time you’ve realized what happened, it’s too late and you’re left with a scar that will never go away.

I’ve spent the last year hiding my scars, running from the man who gave them to me. What I thought was love turned out to be a nightmare that won’t end, even though I forced myself awake. Love isn’t real. Love only leads to heartache.

And then I met him, the epitome of tall, dark and handsome. Throw in some sexy confidence and a panty-melting grin, and you have the recipe for a broken heart. Only, my heart is becoming full again, being put back together piece by piece the more time we spend together.

I’ve been down this road before and know it’ll end in two ways: we’ll ride off in the sunset together and live happily ever after, or we’ll crash and burn so hard neither will survive the wreckage.

I want to be hopeful, but history is damned to repeat itself. And I have the scars to prove it


Kindle Edition, 464 pages
Published June 28th, 2017
Edition Language: English

…Tijan Books..

I order these and Got these books today📚! I got the ones in the first and second photo! Somehow I end up with the same book I already have ‘Jaden’ not sure what I’m a do with that one! But cannot wait to read it and excited I got Ryan’s Bed in paperback 😁😄😄😄



I didn’t know my books came with bookmarks.


I order these and Got these books today📚! I got the ones in the first and second photo! Somehow I end up with the same book I already have ‘Jaden’ not sure what I’m a do with that one! But cannot wait to read it and excited I got Ryan’s Bed in paperback 😁😄😄😄


Tell Me You Love Me (Fire Me Up #1) by Julie Prestsater (Author)

I’m looking for a good book to read couldn’t read the one I did want to read because I didn’t have part 1. So here I am ready to crack open. This book I won on Goodreads a while back maybe like in (2015) by Julie Prestsater called ‘Tell MeYou Love Me

This title reminds me of @ddlovato (Demi Lovato) song ‘Tell Me You Love’ so her song is my theme song while reading this book. 📖


Book Review:

I had won this book through the Goodreads giveaway awhile back. But never gotten around to reading it. And then I finally have gotten around to reading it.

Spoilers!!!!!! Maybe!!!!!!

And might I say I was not disappointed I definitely enjoyed this book. It pulled me in from the beginning to end. I enjoyed Lizzy and Ryan story, I was rooting for them. I’m hoping the next story comes out with Molly and Justin. Because this story was definitely about Liz and Ry but My mind kept saying.

I already know who is sneaking up into Molly house that no ones sees and no one even tries to find out. I was hoping Justin told Ryan because they are close. And he Justin wanted Ryan to tell him things.

Anyway, I’m glad that I read this book. It was good.



Tell me why I just now seeing this in this book. The book autograph by the author. My mind is elsewhere with these books.


Paperback, 300 pages
Published September 21st, 2014 (first published September 11th, 2014)
Edition Language: English
Series: Fire Me Up #1



Book Description:

Stay. Stay with me. Stay here. Stay close. Stay like this forever. Stay as happy as I am right here in your arms, always.

* * *

All I’ve ever wanted was to be loved, but if this is what true love is…I’m not so sure I want it anymore. It also makes me wonder if any of my memories of our once happy marriage are even real. Maybe I just conjured up the fairy tale in my head because I wanted…no…needed it so much. Who the hell knows?

“Molly just called to remind you about your book club meeting this afternoon.” He turns away. “I told her you’ve never missed a meeting and I doubt today would be any different.”

The door shuts behind him before I let a smile creep across my lips. Instantly, the hurt from this morning flees my mind and I feel nothing but giddiness. I have a book club meeting today, and let’s just say it’s not your everyday book club.

Sure, my husband may never truly love me again…but who needs love when you’re about to get an eyeful of hot firemen?

* * *

Tell Me You Love Me is the first in a four-book series called Fire Me Up—a sweet romantic comedy series about a group of sassy neighborhood women who have a serious love for steamy romance novels and sexy firemen. Lucky for them the local firehouse is just a few steps away and is in no shortage of hot firefighters to fill their wild imaginations.



Sweating his ass off my ass. If he wants to know what it’s like to sweat his😓💦 ass off, he should come and stick his hand down my ass crack.😩🤦🏽‍♀️😂😂💀💀😂😸😹👏🏽 But seriously her husband seems cruel as heck, I think she’s a big girl and he trying to make her lose weight!



😂😂😂💀 I see I’m not the only one who be saying “Still wet behind the ears” when someone is made younger than me though they are adult.



💯 I agree with that even number four guy was cute too


Just. Because. I am bored. I got four bookshelves and still ran out. But at least I got the ones I plan to read in the front. 📚🤷‍♀️📖🤫👀 plus the Tijan books and the one chapter book I am reading not the in the book section 🤔🥦🤷‍♀️