Alternate (Gypsy Brothers #7.5, Book 8) by Lili St. Germain (Author)

Alternate, book 8 📖 to the Gypsy Brothers Series. It’s a free book, sign up for it through the author website though! You shouldn’t read this book without reading the Cartel Series and the Gypsy Brothers Complete Series. I plan to read this book either in the back over Zero Hour or the ebook. Decisions, decisions 🤔 💭



Book Review:

I didn’t know that the Alternative was that short, it’s good that it was FREE huh? LOL! Anyways, this short story was actually interesting, because it was all Dornan, Elliot, and Jase thoughts and not Juliette. I like books where it has each main character own thoughts. When I finish the Alternate book, I said to myself I hope “Zero Hour” has both Julz and Jase thought and it does. Cannot wait to start with Zero Hour soon 🙂



Book Description:

If you haven’t read Alternate, you might want to download it and read it before you read Zero Hour (Which is the final book in the series).
In Alternate, you’ll get to learn some things you didn’t know about Jase, Dornan, and Elliot before you dive into Zero Hour for the final Gypsy Ride.
ALTERNATE contains scenes from Jase, Dornan and Elliot’s first-person point of view (hence the title “Alternate” points of view).


Original Title: Alternate
Edition Language: English
Other Editions

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