Taking Catie (The Temptation Saga #3) by Helen Hardt (Author)


Reading part📖 2 to the Temptation Saga so💙📘👏🏽 far so good! I love books that start off good right from the beginning.


Book Review: 

Taking Catie

Few spoilers here and there…..

I couldn’t help making a face at this book Because of that guy. He sees this girl. She was in love with him since she was 5 and he was thirteen I might get the age wrong lol. But I know she was 15, and he was 28. When she left after she 18 four years she has been gone she came back 21, and he’s 32? And now she ends up pregnant he thought she did it on purpose, but she actually didn’t it was her first time, and she ended up pregnant, so he was mad then demand she go to a doctor. Then told her to get rid of it. But she wants to keep it so for the doctor to see if she’s really pregnant he takes her to get married then demands sex after they get back and tell her she is going to be sleeping in the other room after tonight smh and he keeps throwing the pregnancy in her face.

But I figured that Chad wanted Catie as much as she wanted him. Because he wouldn’t have just up and marry her as Annie had mentioned to her. It had nothing to do with the baby. Though I am still upset she long their baby, I was so rooting for them to have a baby together. The way he was treating her was so wrong, I knew he was scared of falling in love with her and scared of wanting a kid, but he actually wanted both of those things. He was just too scared to admit to himself, and I was glad at the end when he finally realizes how he felt about Catie from the get-go when she wanted him when she turned 18, and he was 28. He went and chased after his wife, I was like Yass Chad you better go get your woman you know you love her.

Btw; I hate his real name, Charles is one ugly flipping name UGH, glad they call him Chad smh. Sheesh, lol!




Yay, got two more to the ‘The Temptation Saga” 🍓⭐️ all I need is the other three books to come and I’m set. 🙃


Paperback, 214 pages




Book Description:

Taking Catie by Helen Hardt
Catie Bay has worshiped much older Chad McCray since she was a child. When she fumbles a seduction attempt after her graduation from high school, she flees to Europe, hoping she can forget her unrequited love.

Four years later, Catie returns, now a beautiful, worldly woman, and Chad, the quintessential bachelor, takes notice. He’s still not looking for love, but he wouldn’t turn down a romp in the sack with sexy Catie. She’s no longer the lovesick girl next door, though, and sometimes a man doesn’t know what he wants until it’s too late.


Taking Catie (The Temptation Saga #3) by Helen Hardt (Author)