Treasuring Amber (The Temptation Saga #5) by Helen Hardt (Author)

Reading this book📖! I’m more so trying to finish this series before my classes start back up on 26 of this month. 


Book Review:

Treasuring Amber.


This book was really good. I enjoyed this story. Glad to see Harper found love with Amber. She has been through so much and you could tell she wasn’t an evil person because she still cared about her mom and wanted to help her. Her mom surely did had a mental illness. I believe that all that happen when her mom found out about how Thunder Morgan didn’t want her or the baby but that wasn’t true at all.

Then there, Harper, he treated her wrong just because of some pictures. Heck, I even knew they have drugs to make someone forget what happened that day/night. I mean Harp was a lawyer, and he didn’t even want to believe that it was crazy, I mean he liked her but wanted her but still accused her until after they’ve learned the truth. But again, he still was being petty, until Amber was planning to leave to be with (to get to know her father). He is finally gotten his girl after he had a chat with Chad. I was like about flipping time Harper dang. Lol.


Book Description: 

What’s a rodeo queen to do when her past comes back to haunt her?

Kissing handsome rancher Harper Bay to avoid a confrontation with her past isn’t on Amber Cross’s “to do” list, but sometimes a situation calls for desperate measures. She doesn’t expect the kiss to leave her breathless.

Amber is the hottest thing walking but clearly not Harper’s type. Nope, he’s not looking for a platinum blonde manicurist from the city, even if she is Bakersville’s reigning rodeo queen. After her surprising kiss leaves him panting, he changes his mind and decides to get to know her. Chemistry sizzles between them, but this gorgeous woman has a past that could get them both killed.


Paperback, 210 pages
Published (first published December 20th, 2012)

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