Trusting Sydney (The Temptation Saga #6) by Helen Hardt (Author)

I knew this book was coming today 😅🤪🍓
Trusting Sydney by @authorhelenhardt


Book Review:


Spoilers….. Here and there…

Trusting Sydney

Omg, I freaking knew it, in my gut. That her brother Duke was not her brother Duke. He was actually her son. And she’s pretending like it was her son. And the baby father is Sam. Ha I knew it I was waiting on that t9 x9me out and dang if her ex-fiance didn’t blow her cover. That’s what she gets, but she was actually going to tell him (Sam) until Rod knocked on her hotel door. I believe that Rod guy needed to begin. I feel like if things don’t go his way he likes to ruin things for people.

Hmm, interesting she tells Sam and Rod she gave the baby up for adoption. Hmm, I wonder this kid is in my mind I still think it was Duke. IDC, IDC. I’ll see when I get further in the book. Ha, and I knew I www right again Duke is his child. I’m glad that he was still in the family and his grandparents were taking care 9f him, and he wasn’t adopted into another family. Though I still think Sam would’ve fault through hell and water t9 get him back.

I would’ve done the same thing Sam was doing with getting his son and claiming him. She (Sydney) may have given up her rights, but he didn’t. I would fight too. Both Sid and her mom upset because of what Sam was trying to do, I mean why you mad?! You kept this man away from his child he didn’t know about over something ridiculous because, she assumes he already had too much on his plate like a child, please. Plus, I’m petty I would take Duke away from them, but I still think he should have rights and allow to spend time with his son and keep his son and her parents could be grandparents not allowing Sam the right to get his son is so wrong.

I like how in the end Sam and Sydney did what was best for Duke. I liked that, its funny how they assume it may be her father but all along, it was her mother. I figure that because she was the one who didn’t want Sam around his own son. And bribing her husband into leaving town and taking Duke away from her own daughter and his own dad. When Sam was only trying to get his son because he loves him, I wouldn’t blame him for that, and I was glad when Sydney dad called her and left her a voicemail telling her that he will bring Duke back. To her and let her and Sam take care of him until his mother I mean to his wife get out of the institution that she was in because she was sick. I was shocked that she wanted Sam killed just because he wanted his son and that is so crazy in the end is book really good, and I’m glad I finished it.


Book Description: 

Sam O’Donovan is bored with his stale life in Montana. When his brother-in-law offers him a great job and a cut of the McCray Ranch in Colorado, he’s ecstatic. This is the change he needs. As for beautiful Sydney Buchanan resurfacing? That’s icing on the cake.

Sydney’s back for one reason and one reason only. She needs to win as many rodeo purses as she can to help her parents run their struggling ranch in Nevada. She doesn’t bank on running into Sam O’Donovan. All the sparks they shared five years earlier are still there, but so much else has changed. If only Sam could understand the decisions she made during their time apart…and trust her.

Paperback, 214 pages
Published (first published January 11th, 2013)

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