Baby Batter: A Baby For The Billionaire Single Dad Romance by Alexis Angel (Author)

This book is actually FREE 👌🏽📖💕⚜️🥦
But it’s really good, the guy in this book though smh😹💀🤦🏽‍♀️!!!
Btw, “I melt in your mouth, not in your hand “ mouth 👄 🤚 < remind me of Khelo Thomas verse to his “side ***** song!!!!


Book Review: 

I liked this story it was actually really good. I was really into Zane and Piper story. It’s crazy how I just finished a book with a guy named Zane who gotten married then turn around and started another book with another guy name Zane I said really, lol!

Spoilers here and there maybe? Who knows!

Piper ex Boyfriend was so wack to me I was glad that Zane got him back for what he tried to do. No one told Piper ex to cheat on her and then get mad when he finds out that Piper was trying to have a baby with Zane. From sneaking into her office room, and reading the contract. Heck, the one that cheated. And then she found love with Zane and had a daughter, though I was rooting for a little boy the whole time. Even Zane feel in love with Piper and live happily ever after.

Kindle Edition, 278 pages
Published December 21st, 2017 by Naughty Angel Publishing


Book Description:

She wants a bun in her oven.
Well, she’s in luck.
Because I’ve got the batter.

Lots and lots of it.
Thick, heavy cream.
What can I say? I’m blessed by the gods.
Billionaire CEO with a body to die for.
I thought I’d seen it all. That no girl could bring me down.
But Piper – ah man, she’s not just a regular girl.
She’s something else. Sassy and strong.
But beautiful and kind.
Forget everything else. I just want her skin pressed up against mine.
I know she wants it too.
I can see the flush to her face when she sees me.
So what that she says us being together is a business deal?
That’s it’s a baby contract with strict legalese?
That there’s no love?
I’m not stopping until her legs are shaking and her neighbors know my name.
Because baby, you gotta realize.

I melt in your mouth. Not in your hand.


I said 3 females. 12 inches. 💀😹 ******* on your CEO desk the🤦🏽‍♀️🥝 nerve. Then ******* your CEO 👩🏽‍💼 👨🏽‍💼 = 👶🏼 🍼 … 😹😂👌🏽✅

Ethic by Ashley Antoinette

My autograph copy of “Ethic” by Ashley Antoinette 🐒🙈🖤📖🌷 can’t wait to read this. 👌🏽🐾👏🏽


Book Description: 

Ethic has power, but love has always been evasive. After losing every significant relationship in his life, Ethic is a man who refuses to love again. Focusing on being a better man and keeping his family safe, he is raising three children, one of which is a defiant teenaged girl, Morgan. No matter how hard he tries to keep Morgan away from the streets, she is determined to defy him. When Morgan finds herself in a vulnerable position, Ethic is pulled back into the deadly game where he was once king.

In this explosive spin-off to Ashley Antoinette’s, Moth to a Flame, you will fall in love with Ezra Okafor aka Ethic as he gambles on love and in the streets, in hopes that this time he will win.


 can’t wait to read this. 👌🏽🐾👏🏽

Badd Motherf*cker (Badd Brothers #1) by Jasinda Wilder (Author)

Currently reading 📖📕📌📌📍 “Bad Mother # ShutYourMouth by🤫 Jasinda Wilder 📕🔗 ••• I’m planning to read the other books in this series too. 👏🏽🍓👌🏽


Book Review:

Badd Motherf*ker was a really good book, it didn’t take me long to read and finish this book it’s so good, I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

There’s maybe a few Spoilers inside this review but not that many. I will say that Dru ex-fiancee’ he was a piece of sh*t smh. I was glad that Dru found love with Sebastian. Because of Michael, the dogs her (Dru) and was cheating the whole time with Tawny then marry her when Dru saw the video of him messing with Tawny on their wedding day then took her (Tawny) on their honeymoon. I was like really when he told Dru she was actually the side chick, SMH like real dude he was def a piece of sh*t in a bag. And Bast was there for her and actually cared and loved her, even her father liked Bast, and he didn’t like Michael I guess he Michael was a piece of dog poop.

The ending where they get married Sebastian and Dru, and where Bast brother Zane meet that girl, it was so weird how she wanted to smash him already in the 2.5 seconds of meeting him. Very weird, but I am curious cannot wait to read part 2 with Zane and that girl Mara.

Kindle Edition, 354 pages
Published October 28th, 2016 by Jasinda Wilder
ASIN: B01M683L46
Edition Language: English


Book Description:

From New York Times bestseller Jasinda Wilder comes a sexy new romantic comedy.

Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, right? That’s what they say, at least. I went into that day hoping I’d get the happiest day of my life. What I got? The worst. I mean, you really can’t get any worse of a day without someone actually dying.

So…I may have gotten just a little drunk, and maybe just a tad impetuous…

And landed myself in a dive bar somewhere in Alaska, alone, still in my wedding dress, half-wasted and heart-broken.


Eight brothers, one bar.

Sounds like the beginning to a bad joke, yeah?

I kinda think so.

Wanna hear another joke? A girl walks into a bar, soaking wet and wearing a wedding dress.

I knew I shouldn’t have touched her. She was hammered, for one thing, and heartbroken for another. I’ve chased enough tail to know better. That kinda thing only leads to clinginess, and a clingy female is the last thing on this earth I need.

I got a bar needs running, and only me to run it—at least until my seven wayward brothers decide to show their asses up…

Then this chick walks in, fine as hell, wearing a soaked wedding dress that leaves little enough to the imagination—and I’ve got a hell of an imagination.

I knew I shouldn’t have touched her. Not so much as a finger, not even innocently.

But I did.

***THE BADD BROTHERS is 8 connected but standalone books in a sexy, funny, alpha male family series. Warning: this book contains mature content, and may also make you laugh out loud!***

Looks by Madeleine George

Got this book today “Looks by Madeleine George 📕🔻🍓📌🔗📍




An unforgettable debut novel about the way we look at others, and the way we see ourselves.

Meghan Ball is both the most visible and the most invisible person in school. Her massive size is impossible to ignore, yet people freely spill their secrets in front of her, perhaps because they think she isn?t listening. But she is. Now her attention has turned to a new girl: Aimee Zorn, with her stick-figure body and defiant attitude. Meghan is determined to befriend Aimee, and when she ultimately succeeds, the two join forces to take down their shared enemy.

This provocative story explores the ways in which girls use food and their bodies to say what they cannot: I?m lonely.

Luxe 2 by Ashley Antoinette

Autograph copy of “Luxe 2” …. can’t wait to read it! Thanks, @ashleyantoinette 📗👏🏽🍓🤭


Autograph copy of “Luxe 2” …. can’t wait to read it! Thanks, @ashleyantoinette 📗👏🏽🍓🤭


Pretty Little Killers (The Keepers #1) by Rita Herron

I won this book back in February through Goodreads “giveaway”……
I’m on page 46 of 331 of Pretty Little Killers
— 16 minutes ago — update status
I’m really not into Thriller books tbh, but so far I’m on chapter 6, and I’m not disappointed or over this book yet! I’ll see once I get to chapter 20! By that time I’m over books 📚😂💯 but it depends on the book actually…
This book has me so curious as to who the Killer is I’m giving no spoilers but I think I have an idea but I could be wrong.



Book Review:

Pretty Little Keepers

••••••• There’s a lot of spoilers ••••• in my review, beware of the spoilers••• unless you actually read this book or just don’t care about spoilers and wants to read it••• up to you…••••

I won this Kindle edition of “Pretty Little Keepers” through the Goodreads giveaways. I am really not into mystery books, but when I do end up reading a mystery novel, I do like to enjoy the ones I can easily get into and want to know what happens next because of my curiosity. And I can say “Pretty Little Keepers” really has my attention and wanting to figure out who and what female or females were the ones or one doing the killing. I swear I thought it was those four women. But in actuality, it wasn’t even them. Dang. The author really has me on that one. In the end, it was Cat aka Belinda, smh and she was the one helping them in the end. The truth came out at the end that she was the Keeper and killing those men. I even thought that the Keeper murdered Korian father, I also thought the Keeper came through the front door. But guess, since it was Korian mom who killed her father. Even, reading the book from the beginning my mind was really thinking that her father was a perv and pry on little girls because what he said to her and how he was dancing with her. Towards, the end that was what he truly was like the rest of those pervy child molester men. Molest children and or harm women. Glad, they got the murder in the end, but I wouldn’t blame Cat (Belinda) for murdering those men because I cannot stand child molester or men who abuse or rape women. I feel her pain and believe that justice does need to be served. Reading this book, thinking about the justice system in real life the law really don’t truly help those who really need it and who need to be in jail for the crime they actually committed and not for something they didn’t do. Oh, between I am still curious as to why they haven’t found Tinsley abuser the Skull maybe book 2 will give that detail hopefully.


Book Description:

The predators become prey in a breathless novel of revenge from a USA Today bestselling author.

Still haunted by his wife’s murder—and stained by the blood of avenging it—FBI special agent Hatcher McGee can’t believe he’s being teamed up with rookie agent Korine Davenport. She is his most guilty secret—the one-night stand who almost cost him everything.

Korine has her own demons. As a child, she witnessed her father’s murder, and she’s spent her life waiting for the killer’s return. She and Hatcher are both looking for closure, but the disturbing case that draws them together could be their last.

When the mutilated body of a corrupt Savannah judge surfaces, Hatcher and Korine find themselves on the trail of a vigilante who is showing no mercy. Not for the predators who’ve gone free. And not for anyone who gets in the way.

As the body count rises, and as Hatcher’s and Korine’s own pasts unfold, they must risk their lives tracking a killer they’ve come to understand all too well. After all, the ends justify the means.

Kindle Edition, 331 pages
Published February 20th, 2018 by Montlake Romance
Original Title: Pretty Little Killers
Edition Language: English

Love Me Never (Lovely Vicious #1) by Sara Wolf (Author)

This book is so📖 good I want to stay up all night and read it 😄 …. just love when I can find a book that’s good that can pull me in. Especially one that can make me laugh 🤭… I was like the girl in this book before and after the changed. @authorsarawolf


Book Review:

Love me never was a really good book. Reading this book had me wanting to stay up all night to finish it. It actually took me three days to actually finish this book, it was that good. I love books that can pull me in from the beginning to end. The girl in this book is definitely me. In the way, she talks, and jokes, that is so – me. I like how she and Jack got at each other, I knew, in the end, those two would actually fall for each other, Isis actually cracked him open because he blocked people out at first until Isis. It crazy how he’s put back in that situation again with someone he actually cares about first Sophia now Isis, Jack cannot catch a break, he better not go to jail though, I believe he wouldn’t. It sucks that Isis got hurt and lost her memory, because of her mom abusive ex-boyfriend. I cannot stand any man who thinks abusing a woman or a child by raping or hitting them. You aren’t a man or have any type of power, that’s a coward. Reading and seeing how to hurt Jack was hearing and seeing that Isis didn’t remember him was so sad. I hope by the book 2 she start’s to remember who Jack was. It’s crazy how she remembers everyone but Jack. I cannot wait to read book 2, I know it will be good as book one.


Jesus drove me the rest of the way 😂💀



Book Description:

Don’t love your enemy. Declare war on him.

Seventeen-year-old Isis Blake hasn’t fallen in love in three years, nine weeks, and five days, and after what happened last time, she intends to keep it that way. Since then she’s lost eighty-five pounds, gotten four streaks of purple in her hair, and moved to Buttcrack-of-Nowhere, Ohio, to help her mom escape a bad relationship.

All the girls in her new school want one thing—Jack Hunter, the Ice Prince of East Summit High. Hot as an Armani ad, smart enough to get into Yale, and colder than the Arctic, Jack Hunter’s never gone out with anyone. Sure, people have seen him downtown with beautiful women, but he’s never given high school girls the time of day. Until Isis punches him in the face.

Jack’s met his match. Suddenly everything is a game.

The goal: Make the other beg for mercy.
The game board: East Summit High.
The reward: Something neither of them expected.


Paperback, 304 pages
Published April 5th, 2016 by Entangled: Teen (first published April 5th, 2015)
Original Title: Lovely Vicious
ISBN: 1633752291 (ISBN13: 9781633752290)
Edition Language: English

Kian by Tijan (Author)

I’m on page 184 of 328 of Kian

— 0 minutes ago — update status

This book is really good, though I’m ready for her to be found already! So I can see what happens next!


Book Review:

Got a couple of spoilers in my review!

This book “Kian” is an autograph copy from the author who I purchase the book from. Always wanted to read this book glad that I am finally gotten the chance to read it. Not disappointed one bit through the story is a bit different from her other books I’ve read. Still a good read.

It’s 36 chapters in this book throughout this book Kian, and Jordan only had *** twice so chapter 33 I am here like.

“He took a bath, but she didn’t take a bath” after they had sex! Not once did I see she went into the shower as Kian did. And all that running around she did….. girrlllll if you don’t get yourself in that shower 🙄 so okay chapter 33 they sex’it I’m like he must really love her 😂😂

This book was really good though, I was glad when she (Jo aka Jordan) finally gotten to see Kian because she was plucking my last nerve with seeing Kian everywhere that he wasn’t! Glad, also protected her in any way she saw possible/fit! Also, glad she finally showed who she was and told her story and what happened crazy how everyone blames her for something she didn’t even do!

I was hoping for Erica and Wanker to get together, or Wanker finally tell Erica how he felt! But sometimes you might don’t want to hear that someone who wants and cares about doesn’t feel the same way.

When thinking about the real world people are actually like Kian family. A family who doesn’t want to see you do good or see you happy. They rather you be miserable and lonely and have nothing or want you to be what they want you to be. It’s a shame how selfish his parents are and his sister very cruel people, he would have more love from Jordan and her friends rather than his own m family. Reading this book would have you thinking like wow not all family whose rich are nice. Heck, this something I already knew about you cannot want the next person life when you don’t really know how their life truly is. Though this book is make-believe fiction, it has true facts in this storyline with Kian family and even what happened to Jordan.


And yes, In the end FINALLY what I been waiting for Erica finally was going to get her some Wanker. I have been waiting on that truthfully. Because he truly does LOVE her.. I also believe she knew it, but she kept running from him! Or using other guys to block out Wanker. Also, glad Jake moved on from Jo aka Jordan and him and Tara got back together. Including getting rid of Sarah, she was definitely one toxic woman! Possibly Jealous one too!!! Of all three Tara, Jordan, and Erica if you actually look at it!

Btw, I am still trying to figure out how old are they “Jordan and Kian” even their friends!!!

Book Description:

Dark. Mysterious. Gorgeous.
Loved by all the girls.
Respected by all the guys.
…that was Kian Maston.

As the heir to a billion-dollar empire, his future was promising until the day he saved my life. Everything changed for both of us, and there was one more word that could be used to describe him—dangerous.

The nation fell in love with him while falling in hate with me. He was sent to prison, and as far as they were concerned, it was my fault. I was forced to go into hiding until today.

Kian’s being released from prison, and he should go back to being the golden boy he always was supposed to be. I should remain in hiding, living my life as normal as could be.

That’s what we should do…


Paperback, 328 pages
Published May 16th, 2016 by EverAfter Romance (first published October 18th, 2015)
Original Title: Kian
Edition Language: English

Break Me (Sex Me #4) by Logan Chance (Author)

Currently reading 📖 “Break Me” by Logan Chance.
Hmm, 🤔 not sure how🤔 this book will be it seems a tad bit different from the others but I am curious I might add. 


Book Review:

At first, I’m not going to lie. I thought this book wasn’t going to be good, but it was actually a good book.

Spoilers. Here. And there…

I wasn’t disappointed at all didn’t take me long either. It also interests me, when authors use other characters from previous books in the next book. I enjoyed knowing about other characters. Also, I believe Ford name was mentioned in the book about Katy, brother husband. Can’t really remember. The story he told, in the end, was so sad. Especially when, finding out his son (Houston, didn’t die, and Ford actually held him until the paramedics came. It’s good to listen to people story to find out the truth rather than hate them and not to hear the story. Glad that both Katy and Houston forgave Pollux, I will say I prefer his name to be Pollux, ugh. Because Ford is one ugly name lmao.



You know reading this reminds me of my assignment I did this week about Adler’s three safeguarding tendencies. I did pick one of the safeguards tendencies “excuses” this prologue in this book reminds me so much of those 3 tends… 


Book Description: 

You can’t help who you fall for.

Katy Vanderlin has a problem. A man who won’t leave her alone. Until he proposes to her in front of her company as a joke.
Wanting to make partner at her consulting firm, she sees an opportunity arise. Hire the man to be her fake fiance until after the holidays.
Extravagant parties, company get-togethers and it should be a shoo-in for her.

One problem, Pollux Clark.

Pollux is hired to be her fake fiance if he can not mess it up, she might possibly become a partner.

If he can just keep his past hidden well, and his reasoning for being near her contained he may just make the payout of his lifetime.

But for these two the fun is only beginning. Until one of them breaks. Who will be first?


Faster than Google can find porn 🤷‍♀️😭😂😂😂



Paperback, 119 pages
Published June 4th, 2017
Edition Language: English
Series: Sex Me #4