Kenzie And The Guy Next Door (Scandalous #4) by R. Linda (Author)

Currently reading 📖 “Kenzie and the guy next door”. I like this one. Her ex is more psycho than he was when he was a teenager in high school sheesh. I’m glad she got bad boy Jeremy to protect her and son

Book Review:

She fell in love with the guy next door. He fell in love with the girl next door…..

Now I really like this book. I’m not going to give out too many spoilers but there will a few maybe more who knows until you read it.

This book was really interesting; I was happy that Jeremy took an interest in Kenzie. And he became to love not only her but her son too. Chace, it was definitely something wrong with him. It was since he was a teenager from getting Kenzie knocked up stealing Bailey and ruining his friendship with Ryder, because of not only his sister Kenzie but Bailey too. Then turn around and hurt Bailey by cheating on her with her ex-best friend, Christina. The sad thing about he didn’t change as he got older by going out and stalking Bailey in college, and trying to rape her. It’s a wonder that didn’t affect her mainly since it affects Kenzie so much because Chace was stalking her and her son. I figure there were cameras in Kenzie house I am not sure how that wasn’t their first thought when they learned he found out that she and Jeremy kissed.

Chace is a psycho. Not only a psycho but more a rapist too. Because 9 out of 10 he would’ve done Kenzie the same way if it wasn’t for Jeremy being around so much and living next door. He would’ve definitely harm her and her son. I am not going to say their son because he didn’t deserve Cole. He had a serious mental illness that he needed help for glad that his parents actually considered getting him actual help. And Kenzie and her son found love in Jeremy and he the same after being locked up for eight years. At first, I didn’t know the meaning behind the next door neighbor title of this, book but came to realize that it was Harper brother Jeremy… After reading the description.


Book Description: 

The last thing I expected was my ex-boyfriend showing up unannounced, demanding to see our son. The son whose existence he’d previously never bothered to acknowledge, leaving me a single mother at sixteen years old.

As if I’m not freaked out enough, I also have to deal with a loud, annoying new neighbour on top of it all.

Imagine my surprise when I discover my neighbour is none other than Jeremy, my best friend’s dangerously hot brother, who was recently released from prison.

I’m sure he’s a complication I definitely don’t need. But then he inserts himself effortlessly into my life, becoming my hero, my saviour, and someone my son can look up to, and I realize how much I actually need him.

But my ex isn’t backing off, making me wonder what he’s capable of — and how far Jeremy will go to keep us safe.

Kindle Edition, 208 pages
Published May 29th, 2018 by Limitless Publishing LLC
Edition Language: English
Series: Scandalous #4
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Harper And The One Night Stand (Scandalous #3) by R. Linda (Author)

Just finished this book 📖 it was really good. I definitely enjoy this series 📕📚🍑 



Book Review: 

One night stand ending with LOVE.
Just a few spoilers <<<

You know I like this one with Nate and Harper. Their story was interesting and kept you wanting more, and wanting you to see what will happen next. I figured that Brody would be upset, but I cannot wait to read Brody and Audrey story. I was hoping for a book about Brody finding love too since he couldn’t get that in Harper. It’s funny how Brody didn’t know what was going on with his best friend I mean with his cousin and his ex-girlfriend. I mean it was so many signs he missed, but he saw the signs when it came to Indie and Lincoln but not Nate and Harper. I like how Harper uncle and Aung and even her brother approve of Nate because they knew he was a good guy. We need real men like these men in this book we do in the real world. Good. The book I wasn’t disappointed in it at all. I was rooting for Harper and Nate…


Book Description: 

A few too many cocktails in paradise and I woke up in someone else’s bed. My ex-boyfriend’s cousin’s bed, to be exact.

Huge mistake.

Nate and I agreed it wouldn’t happen again. We didn’t want to hurt Brody. Only it did happen, repeatedly, until I finally found the courage to walk away.

But I couldn’t ignore the temptation, and I soon found myself back in his bed — or on his floor — stealing secret kisses and forbidden touches, sneaking around behind everyone’s backs.

I tried so hard to resist Nate’s charms, but my resolve crumbled. How could I not be swept off my feet by water towers in the rain and deep confessions on the beach?

The last thing we want is to hurt anyone, but it is out of our control. And there isn’t a thing I can do except give him my heart and hope he keeps it safe… regardless of the consequences.

Kindle Edition, 246 pages
Published April 10th 2018 by Limitless Publishing LLC
Edition Language: English
Series: Scandalous #3
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Indie and the Brother’s Best Friend (Scandalous, #2) by R. Linda (Author)

I thought I wasn’t going to like this book at first….. but it actually turned out pretty good. But the first book was better though 🤷🏽‍♀️📖📗 


Book Review:

Indiana ❤ Lincoln!!! 

Doesn’t seems to need a spoiler but Spoilers alert…

I actually liked this book, at first I thought the book wasn’t that good. Due to the description. But once I cracked it open and got into it, I started to like it. I figured that everybody knew that Indie and Lincoln was in love with each other. They were just blind. The parts with Jack was so hilarious throughout, the way he kept making Lincoln jealous was hilarious. I hope the author comes out with a book about Brody and some girl and Jack with some guy. Especially Jack so want him to find love.



Book Description: 

Being in love with someone who doesn’t love you back sucks.

Being in love with your brother’s best friend sucks even more, because you know it can never happen. How tragic is that?

I’ve been in love with Lincoln Andrews since we were kids and he stuck up for me against my brother and played tea parties with me in the treehouse. I’ve also avoided him for the past year because he broke my heart… more than once.

Now we’ve been thrown together at a tropical resort to celebrate my parents’ second wedding, and things are intense and getting worse, no thanks to an insane plan my friends cooked up to get me my dream man.

No one else even comes close to what Linc means to me. He’s always there for me, but is it because he cares for me too — or only because I’m his best friend’s little sister?

It’s time I find out once and for all… but what if our crazy plan blows up in my face and ruins everything?

Kindle Edition, 185 pages
Published January 30th, 2018 by Limitless Publishing, LLC
Edition Language: English
Series: Scandalous #2
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Bailey And The Bad Boy (Scandalous #1) by R. Linda

My current read 📖 this book is actually really good it didn’t take me long to finish this. I am almost finish taken me two days just to finish. I love books that are like this that can actually keep my attention. Because I’ve been distracted and bored lately with some of the books I been reading. 



Book Review:

Bailey and Ryder ❤


this book is actually really good it didn’t take me long to finish this. It has taken me actually two days just to finish this book. I love books that are like this that can actually keep my attention. Because I’ve been distracted and bored lately with some of the books I been reading. This book had me laughing throughout. I figured that it was Christina who was going to end up her ex-best friend. 9 out of 10 I knew it wasn’t Indie. Both Chace and Christina were shady and no good, they both weren’t true friends to Ryder and Bailey…..

How they treated all 3 of them (Bailey, Ryder and his twin sister Kenzie was so wrong). I was glad that Indie came around and realize she should’ve continued talking to Bailey. I also knew that Ryder was in love with Bailey from the very start. But I’m more disappointed in the end how it didn’t give you more once she found out Christina was her roommate smh


Book Description: 

It’s the last day of school, and everyone is excited for the big summer leading up to our senior year. I was too… until my heart was ripped out of my chest.

As if getting dumped wasn’t bad enough, I’m forced to endure the humiliation of witnessing my ex-boyfriend flaunt his new girl — who also happens to be my now ex-best friend — all over town. Double whammy.

Now I’m the pathetic ex-girlfriend left gutted, heartbroken, and nose deep in a bucket of ice cream. I’m doomed to spend the summer sulking over a guy who thought I was predictable and bad in bed.

So, when I get an offer guaranteeing me some well-deserved payback, of course I’m going to take it. Besides, the plan is simple. Pretend like I’m dating Ryder, the town’s popular bad boy, and make my ex-wallow in a pit of jealousy and regret. It’s perfect.

I mean… what could possibly go wrong?

Kindle Edition, 284 pages
Published November 7th, 2017 by Limitless Publishing LLC
Edition Language: English
Series: Scandalous #1

The Tapper Twins Go to War (With Each Other) by Geoff Rodkey

Also got this yesterday 👌🏽📕


The Tapper Twins: Go To War (with each other) by Geoff Rodkey


Book Description: 

This bestselling first book in the Tapper Twins series is a hilariously authentic showcase of what it’s like to be in middle school in our digitally-saturated world, told as a colorful “oral history” with photos, screenshots, text messages, chat logs, and online gaming digital art. 

Twelve-year-old twins, Claudia and Reese, who couldn’t be more different…except in their determination to come out on top in a vicious prank war. But when the competition escalates into an all-out battle that’s fought from the cafeteria of their New York City private school all the way to the fictional universe of an online video game, the twins have to decide if their efforts to destroy each other are worth the price. In a starred review, Publishers Weekly declared “This uproarious series opener… is packed with both laugh-out-loud moments and heart.”

Invaded: An Alienated Novel by Melissa Landers

Got this yesterday…..


Invaded (an Alienated novel) by Melissa Landers 


Book Description: 

Cara always knew life on planet L’eihr would be an adjustment. With Aelyx, her L’eihr boyfriend, back on Earth, working to mend the broken alliance between their two planets, Cara is left to fend for herself at a new school, surrounded by hostile alien clones. Even the weird dorm pet hates her.

Things look up when Cara is appointed as human representative to a panel preparing for a human colony on L’eihr. A society melding their two cultures is a place where Cara and Aelyx could one day make a life together. But with L’eihr leaders balking at granting even the most basic freedoms, Cara begins to wonder if she could ever be happy on this planet, even with Aelyx by her side.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Aelyx, finds himself thrown into a full-scale PR campaign to improve human-L’eihr relations. Humans don’t know that their very survival depends on this alliance: only Aelyx’s people have the technology to fix the deadly contamination in the global water supply that human governments are hiding. Yet despite their upper hand, the leaders of his world suddenly seem desperate to get humans on their side, and hardly bat an eye at extremists’ multiple attempts on Aelyx’s life. The Way clearly needs humans’ help?but with what? And what will they ask for in return?


Perfect Scents (Romance By Design #2) by Virginia Taylor

Just finished this book 📖 I would through @Goodreads awhile back… 👌🏽


Book Review:

Cabinetmaker meets a gardener = marriage 

I actually won this ebook through the Goodreads giveaway.

My honest review is that the book was actually good. Though I got bored towards the end. It happens. Like that due to the fact I am over this book. I was more so over the gardener and cabinet maker throughout the book. Towards the end, it was getting back good. Just the same as the beginning it was actually good. But the middle it became dreadful. Good book though.


Book Description: 

Two unsuspecting lovers stumble upon the blueprint for love . . .

Calliope Allbrook takes a job in lovely, sunny Adelaide, Australia, hoping to lose herself in her work as a balm for her broken heart. And if it weren’t for the handsome hunk renovating the house next door, Calli would never even have looked up from the garden she is designing for her latest client. But rugged Kellen Dee is just the cure the beautiful heiress needs. After all, he has no idea who she is, so he certainly won’t see her as a meal ticket. Then there’s the fact that Kell’s deliciously sexy—and incredibly good with his hands . . .

From the moment Kell takes her in his arms, he knows Calli is more than just a fling. Then the blue-collar bachelor learns he’s not sharing his bed with just any woman, but the wealthy daughter of the man who could make Kell’s construction business a success—and Kell the kind of well-heeled man worthy of Calli’s love. But he’ll have to be careful his ambitions don’t trip up his heart . . .

Kindle Edition
Published September 26th, 2017 by Kensington Books

I Flipping Love You (Shacking Up #3) by Helena Hunting (Author)

I had started on this book a while back. Almost finish but not quite yet….. it’s actually good. I did the other two books before this one. I think this is kind of part of a series. 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ 📖


Book Review: 

Spoilers. Just a little bit.

I wasn’t that interested in this book. I was I didn’t buy the actual paperback book I would’ve been sort of disappointed. Though I read it in ebook format, which glad I did. This one wasn’t like the “Shacking Up Series” before this one. The other two before this one was way better. The storyline will keep you interested and wonder what will happen next. However, I was getting bored after a while, and wanted to hurry up and finish it and was glad that I finally finished this book.

I did like how Pierce actually didn’t care about Rian family history. Common sense Wil tells anyone who find out their history (Rian and her twin sister) that they didn’t have anything to do with what their parents did. I mean they were teenagers. The blame is on their parents. What suck was how their family left them after the girl’s grandmom died. Moreover, they had to fend for themselves. I was hoping. Marley and Lawson get together, but it never happened. Idk why this book was dry maybe it was surrounded by real estate to much, I got bored but that cannot be the case since I do like real estate and I am actually reading another book where the guy is a Carpenter and the lady is a landscaper of some sort.

I also, thought a funny part of this book was Rian date with Terry. That was the most entertaining part of the book.


Book Description: 


From New York Times, bestselling author Helena Hunting comes I Flipping Love You, a love story about flipping houses, taking risks, and landing that special someone who’s move-in ready.

Rian Sutter grew up with the finer things in life. Spending summers in the Hamptons was a normal occurrence for her until her parents lost everything years ago. Now Rian and her sister are getting their life, and finances, back on track through real estate. Not only do they buy and sell houses to the rich and famous but they finally have the capital to flip their very own beachfront property. But when she catches the attention of a sexy stranger who snaps up every house from under her, all bets are off…

Pierce Whitfield doesn’t normally demo kitchens, install drywall, or tear apart a beautiful woman’s dreams. He’s just a down-on-his-luck lawyer who needed a break from the city and agreed to help his brother work on a few homes in the Hamptons. When he first meets Rian, the attraction is undeniable. But when they start competing for the same pieces of the prime real estate, the early sparks turn into full-blown fireworks. Can these passionate rivals turn up the heat on their budding romance—without burning down the house?

“Fun, sexy, and full of heart…Helena Hunting has done it again!”—USA Today bestselling author Melanie Harlow (on Shacking Up)


Haha weak 😂😭😭😭🤣




Kindle Edition, 320 pages
Published May 29th, 2018 by St. Martin’s Paperbacks
Edition Language: English

Reckless Temptation: A Bad Boy Romance Collection Box Set by Jade Allen (Author)

My current read reading 📖


Book Review: 


Reckless Temptation: A Bad Boy Romance Collection Box Set 

French Kiss 

Okay, this book was actually interesting enough to get into glad it was a short read. I did want Jacques to go back to the USA with Nora… But I guess she is going to be in France with him I reckon.

Also, I don’t understand how Nora couldn’t figure out that Helene was coming for her to ruin her relationship with Jacques like the girl really? But I understood why she ran because she been hurt by what her Ex-boyfriend Ethan done to her and the whole time she didn’t know anything about it. Four years, it took her to her final year in college to actually learn he been cheating since they’ve been together (freshman year)… also, she had a chance to go back to the USA for the degree I did wonder was she considering going back or actually getting it in France who knows… I guess only the author does. 

Hard and Lethal 

This book isn’t all that great at all. Like idk I got bored with it fast like the ‘French Kiss’ book was actually interesting and I was up residing it because I enjoyed it. But this one I am so over it, but I actually want to know what will actually happen that’s the only reason why I still and actually finished reading this book other than that I would’ve skipped this book and went to the next book, and hope it as good as the first one in this box set! 

It’s only ten chapters in this book. And it actually has gotten good at chapter 7 no more so chapter 9 abs that’s a shame. The good part came at chapter 9 out of 10 chapters like smh!!!! But I will add this I knew Sarah was going to end up pregnant with Declan baby. He’s three in the epilogue ….. it cracks me up when he said “bang! Bang! Bang. I’m going to get all the bad guys” not knowing well his sister and her husband not knowing how accurate that his since Declan use to be a “vigilante”.

Stripped Down 

This book was actually into and good, unlike the second book. I was trying to finish this book because I was interested in what will happen next. I enjoyed Marty and Jax story the storyline was interesting and it pulls you in from beginning to end… I was not disappointed at all. Good book.


Book Description: 

Secrets, Steam, Suspense and Second Chances…

Reckless Temptation is a collection of three Kindle-melting bad boy romances featuring a French rocker tattoo artist, an international vigilante and a dirty mechanic-by-day, dancer-by-night. Available With Kindle Unlimited!

What would you do if you found out your boyfriend had not only been f#cking around with a bunch of other girls but had posted his disgusting exploits online for all of the worlds to see?

I lost it and bought a one-way ticket to France, planning to focus on my art while vowing to swear off of dating men for at least six months. But all of that went out the window when I met Jacques, my unbelievably-hot, tatted-up new neighbor who lives in the apartment across the narrow alleyway from mine.

Our language barrier melts when we’re alone together. Jacques worships my body in ways that no man has even come close to, and his touch unlocks a passion inside of me that I never knew existed.

But can I trust him? He may play guitar for The Four Pistols, but I swear, I’ll never be played again.

I’m damn good at tracking down what I want. Whether it’s a Colombian drug lord or a hot piece of a$$, nothing will stop me from nailing my target.

As an international vigilante, I’ve been forced to live by a few hard and fast rules. Number 1 being that I don’t allow myself to be tied down to anything-or anyone-but when I finally decided to fly home and see my family for the first time in 10 years, all hell broke loose.

Little did I know I’d be running into Sarah, the very girl who’d been begging to ride this c*ck all those years ago. She was just jailbait back then, but now, she’s all grown up.

Unfortunately, I’ve uncovered some dark secrets about her family that would turn her entire world upside down. She doesn’t know she’s in serious danger, but if I can keep my d*ck in my pants long enough to find who’s after her, I just might be able to save her life.

I get filthy working on cars by day. By night, I get dirty in an entirely different way.

I started dancing ’cause I need extra money to pay my mom’s medical bills. Ladies throw themselves-and their cash-at me, and my bed’s never empty.

I had it all figured out…that is, until Marty f*cking Leoni, my #1 high school piece, showed up with a bachelorette party one night. She’s rounded out into a hot young thing whose long legs and wicked curves are enough to make any man beg for mercy.

I thought I’d have a little fun and invite her out back for a private dance. Little did I know it would be the spark that reignited the fire that once raged between us-as much as she tries to fight it.

It’s been ten years since we parted ways, so why the f*ck can’t I let her go? Hell if I know, but I won’t stop until she’s mine again.

Reckless Temptation is a collection of three 30,000 word blazin’ hot bad boy romances and is meant for readers 18+. Steamy extras included!

Kindle Edition, 382 pages
Published November 30th, 2017