Reckless Temptation: A Bad Boy Romance Collection Box Set by Jade Allen (Author)

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Reckless Temptation: A Bad Boy Romance Collection Box Set 

French Kiss 

Okay, this book was actually interesting enough to get into glad it was a short read. I did want Jacques to go back to the USA with Nora… But I guess she is going to be in France with him I reckon.

Also, I don’t understand how Nora couldn’t figure out that Helene was coming for her to ruin her relationship with Jacques like the girl really? But I understood why she ran because she been hurt by what her Ex-boyfriend Ethan done to her and the whole time she didn’t know anything about it. Four years, it took her to her final year in college to actually learn he been cheating since they’ve been together (freshman year)… also, she had a chance to go back to the USA for the degree I did wonder was she considering going back or actually getting it in France who knows… I guess only the author does. 

Hard and Lethal 

This book isn’t all that great at all. Like idk I got bored with it fast like the ‘French Kiss’ book was actually interesting and I was up residing it because I enjoyed it. But this one I am so over it, but I actually want to know what will actually happen that’s the only reason why I still and actually finished reading this book other than that I would’ve skipped this book and went to the next book, and hope it as good as the first one in this box set! 

It’s only ten chapters in this book. And it actually has gotten good at chapter 7 no more so chapter 9 abs that’s a shame. The good part came at chapter 9 out of 10 chapters like smh!!!! But I will add this I knew Sarah was going to end up pregnant with Declan baby. He’s three in the epilogue ….. it cracks me up when he said “bang! Bang! Bang. I’m going to get all the bad guys” not knowing well his sister and her husband not knowing how accurate that his since Declan use to be a “vigilante”.

Stripped Down 

This book was actually into and good, unlike the second book. I was trying to finish this book because I was interested in what will happen next. I enjoyed Marty and Jax story the storyline was interesting and it pulls you in from beginning to end… I was not disappointed at all. Good book.


Book Description: 

Secrets, Steam, Suspense and Second Chances…

Reckless Temptation is a collection of three Kindle-melting bad boy romances featuring a French rocker tattoo artist, an international vigilante and a dirty mechanic-by-day, dancer-by-night. Available With Kindle Unlimited!

What would you do if you found out your boyfriend had not only been f#cking around with a bunch of other girls but had posted his disgusting exploits online for all of the worlds to see?

I lost it and bought a one-way ticket to France, planning to focus on my art while vowing to swear off of dating men for at least six months. But all of that went out the window when I met Jacques, my unbelievably-hot, tatted-up new neighbor who lives in the apartment across the narrow alleyway from mine.

Our language barrier melts when we’re alone together. Jacques worships my body in ways that no man has even come close to, and his touch unlocks a passion inside of me that I never knew existed.

But can I trust him? He may play guitar for The Four Pistols, but I swear, I’ll never be played again.

I’m damn good at tracking down what I want. Whether it’s a Colombian drug lord or a hot piece of a$$, nothing will stop me from nailing my target.

As an international vigilante, I’ve been forced to live by a few hard and fast rules. Number 1 being that I don’t allow myself to be tied down to anything-or anyone-but when I finally decided to fly home and see my family for the first time in 10 years, all hell broke loose.

Little did I know I’d be running into Sarah, the very girl who’d been begging to ride this c*ck all those years ago. She was just jailbait back then, but now, she’s all grown up.

Unfortunately, I’ve uncovered some dark secrets about her family that would turn her entire world upside down. She doesn’t know she’s in serious danger, but if I can keep my d*ck in my pants long enough to find who’s after her, I just might be able to save her life.

I get filthy working on cars by day. By night, I get dirty in an entirely different way.

I started dancing ’cause I need extra money to pay my mom’s medical bills. Ladies throw themselves-and their cash-at me, and my bed’s never empty.

I had it all figured out…that is, until Marty f*cking Leoni, my #1 high school piece, showed up with a bachelorette party one night. She’s rounded out into a hot young thing whose long legs and wicked curves are enough to make any man beg for mercy.

I thought I’d have a little fun and invite her out back for a private dance. Little did I know it would be the spark that reignited the fire that once raged between us-as much as she tries to fight it.

It’s been ten years since we parted ways, so why the f*ck can’t I let her go? Hell if I know, but I won’t stop until she’s mine again.

Reckless Temptation is a collection of three 30,000 word blazin’ hot bad boy romances and is meant for readers 18+. Steamy extras included!

Kindle Edition, 382 pages
Published November 30th, 2017

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