Rumor Has It (Rumor Has It #1) by R.H. Tucker

Finished this book yesterday well more like this morning. I started it yesterday. It was really good couldn’t stop reading it. I’m a read the next two books to this series real soon


Book Review: 

Carter ❤ Emma
>>>Just a few spoilers here and there><

This book was really good. I stayed up all night reading this book knowing that, I needed some sleep, but I had to finish this book.
There story Carter and Emma, the story was adorable. They were both polar opposite but still one in the same. I was hoping he would’ve told her who he was by chapter 20-25, but she didn’t find out until the end of the chapter which was in the 30s. I ass glad Emma wasn’t mad once she found out who he was. I was glad of that because she knew that she was DEAD WRONG when he did come and didn’t stand her up like she thought he did. I wouldn’t have told her either if I was Carter, the way she spits and chews him out. I see why he aborted the mission and took a long time to tell her. But he was giving Emma so many clues to who he was, and she did know who he was and he knew her. But she wasn’t getting any of the clues. But now I want to read the story I hope that is about Matt.



Kindle Edition, 234 pages
Published March 25th, 2018 by Evergold Press
Original Title: Rumor Has It
ASIN: B07C95X49G
  • Rumor Has It (Rumor Has It series)


Book Description: 

Carter Dixon deals with rumors every day. That’s the way he likes it. One little hookup, combined with a bathroom scandal during his homecoming dance, sent the rumor mill into overdrive. Now he’s The Man. At least, as far as everyone believes. Who cares if he’s not really what everyone thinks. But when he accidentally texts the wrong person, he starts to wish he’d never let the rumor mill run rampant.

Emma Sanchez couldn’t care less about high school drama. Senior year is halfway over, and she’s only focused on applying to a good art school, graduating, and not getting involved. Okay, there is the occasional boy talk with her best friend. Then she gets a text message from an unknown number and starts to think maybe there is a guy out there, unlike every other high school boy. Especially guys like Carter Dixon.

One wrong number can lead to the right person.

The Baby Package by Sarah J. Brooks

Read this book it was interesting… but the main character girl mad was annoying… 


Book Review:

The Baby Package of Twins

¶¶¶There’s a possibility that spoilers are in this review. ®®®®¶¶¶
Okay, this book was good, but after a while, I got bored with it. Though it wasn’t long, I was over it like I said above. Julia was getting on my last nerve because she kept pushing Mike away, like dang, she was annoying, you could tell he wanted her and wanted the kids that he had with her. But she kept throwing in his face about how the twins were her kids; she didn’t want a relationship, she didn’t want him part of her life or the kid’s life. Push him away, after sex, or get mad when he go and tell people what she tells him the time “those are her kids” “she doing it alone”.. When he does what she says she piss off and push him away as I said above, then stop answering his calls, or text messages. Didn’t even want him there after the twins were born. Had to sneak to see his kids, because he wanted to be there for them and also her. She was so whinny, until the end until she stopped being a cunt bucket and accepted the fact that he wanted to be with her and the twins, and she admitted that she Love him too with her annoying ***.

Other than Julia, being mad annoying, the book was interesting enough to finish and rate it a 4.5.
Btw: I was hoping for twin boys 😀


Kindle Edition, 336 pages
Published May 14th, 2018


Book Description: 

It was a f*cked up situation.
“I don’t want you. Just your baby.”
I wanted to say no.
But second chances don’t come around often…

My billions buy me whatever I want. 
Except Julia. 
I had her once and f*cked things up. 
Now she’s back. And this time, I’m marking her as mine. 
She just wants a baby, but I just want her. 
I’ll give her what she wants, but on one condition. 
We do things the old-fashioned way. 
She says she doesn’t do relationships, 
But she’s already submitting. 
One taste wasn’t enough for me. I want all of her. 
Every sinful curve. Every mouth-watering kiss. 
Now she’s pregnant, and I won’t let her go. 
Julia can try and run, but she can’t hide. 
I don’t care about my money. I just care about my family. 

Can I stop Julia from running from our past… and get her to run towards our future? 

“The Baby Package” is a full-length standalone romance with no cheating and no cliffhangers, but with plenty of steam and an HEA. I’ve also included bonus content for your reading pleasure! – Sarah J. Brooks (USA Today Bestselling Author) 

Protected by the Biker (Grim Reapers MC) by Savannah Rylan

Currently reading 📖 “Protected by the Biker” by Savannah Rylan 


Book Review:

I love MC books

Just a few spoilers here and there…

So I was curious about this book, somehow I end up getting this book without realizing I got it, so I read the description of the book. And became curious as to what it was about, will it be good. It was a good book; I was glad that Thorn was there for Easley because I cannot stand a man who beat on women. Those type of men is cowards. He was there to protect and care for her, though that little slip towards the end, still Thorn and his MC even came to her rescue and got rid of Ryan evil ***… But I thought something was going to happen towards the end like a stalker was Goin to pop up or something, but no one did. Easley did end up pregnant though, which I figured was going to happen since they didn’t use protection. Also, I kept calling Thorn,… “Thor” lol!


Book Description: 

Anyone who tries to hurt her will f*cking pay.

As the new president of the Grim Reapers MC, I’ve got one job.
Find us some cash. The legit kind too. Not the kind that landed my brothers in jail.
But I’m no businessman.
I’m an outlaw. It’s what I do best.
Until I meet Ensley.
I never thought I would want an actress from LA.
But I want to bend Ensley over my bike and show her how a real man rides.
Thing is, she has a job that needs done.
An ex-boyfriend who needs to be dealt with.
No problem baby, pain is my middle name.
At first, it’s about the money, but now it’s so much more.
I’ll make Ensley my bride and keep her safe.

Bestselling MC Author Savannah Rylan brings you this STANDALONE motorcycle romance with an HEA and no cheating.


The Rise of Peter Troy: The Devil’s Reveal by Joseph DiBartolo (Author)

Currently reading 📖 “The Rise of Peter Troy” been a while since I’ve read the last book. Didn’t realize book 5 was out…. #” I love me some zombie 🧟‍♀️ apocalypse books 


Book Review: 

The Rise of Peter Troy #5

I’m not going to mention any specific spoilers. But maybe I will beware.
So okay I knew that someone was going to end up dying and it had to be Grace. Poor little Tate, he has seen so much. That stupid Beth could’ve stayed her dumb self in the chopper like why you are going to get out and get yourself killed by your boss. If she was smart, she could’ve gone with Peter and his gang. But I do wonder what the next book will be about. Will book 6 be the end. If so I hope the author doesn’t make anyone else die.


Book Description: 

In the fifth volume of my action-packed short story series, Peter and the gang finally come face to face with the devil himself, Harold Cartwright. Responsible for engineering the outbreak that created The Decayed Ones, Harold was now hell bent on taking down Peter Troy before he can destroy all of the Elixir and bring an end to the chaos and horror. You won’t want to miss this epic installment of The Rise of Peter Troy.




Kindle Edition, 40 pages
Published August 23rd, 2017
ASIN: B075447JNZ
Other Editions: None found

Celeb Crush by Nicole Christie

Currently reading 📖 Celeb Crush by Nicole Christie…. this my second book I’ve read by this author. 


Book Review:

Luke and Anderson ❤

Celeb Crush 

> Spoilers… It could be a few or a lot. <

This book was good, but I could say it was actually to log in my own opinion. I was ready for it to be over. However, that could be the fact that I wanted to read this other book, and I was taking to long to finish this 30 something chapter book. That Kat woman and Jessica woman they didn’t want to see Luke happy because if you would like to know the person you work for or a friend of that person, you would want to see them happy and not try to ruin their relationship at all. I don’t get how both Kat and Jessica thought they could get rid of Anderson (aka Andi) Luke loved that girl. However, he had me so mad towards the end when he told her she was crazy and walked away from her like he didn’t love her or believe her over them. I didn’t care that he mentioned to her when she went to North Carolina to tell him that she was pregnant that he didn’t want to be like his father. The only person who cared and believed Andi was Nate. Now that was a TRUE friend. I knew Lucas was going to come to his sense and understand that Andi was telling the truth, I also knew she was pregnant when he blasted her out in front of Jessica and dusty Kat. However, Nate and Lucas mom ew that is just wrong, I cracked up when Andi said that Nate will be Luke stepdad and her father in law now that what you call hilarious.


Book Description: 

Twenty-year-old Anderson “Andi” Kelly curses the day she got roped into helping plan the wedding of her cousin to her cheating ex-boyfriend. To save face, she tells everyone her boyfriend is megastar, Lucas Greyson–currently Hollywood’s hottest actor. In reality, Luke is Andi’s boss and a good friend–and vacationing out of the country at the moment. It’s the perfect lie; what could go wrong?

She finds out the hard way when Luke unexpectedly shows up at her family’s front door. Caught, Andi is forced to tell him about her little white lie–and to her horror, Luke decides he wants to maintain the charade. Left with no choice, she assumes the enviable role of Lucas Greyson’s besotted girlfriend.

And that’s when things start to get really complicated. As they help each other navigate through ex-boyfriends and conniving co-stars, Andi begins to look at her famous boss in a new light. Soon the line between real and make-believe gets blurred, and she finds herself with a difficult choice to make: keep her heart safe and grounded…or shoot for the stars.



Kindle Edition, 336 pages
Published March 2nd, 2015
Edition Language: English
Other Editions: None found

39023236_1672600339532863_7562530538796351488_oI am weak…. Like what? 😂😂😂💀🤦‍♀️

Beautiful Strangers by Elizabeth Klehfoth

Won this book through a @goodreads giveaway 👌🏽📗📖


Beautiful Strangers by Elizabeth Klehfoth @elizabethklehfoth @williammorrowbooks 


In the last day of summer, Grace Fairchild, the beautiful young wife of real estate mogul Allister Calloway, vanished from the family’s lake house without a trace, leaving behind her seven-year-old daughter, Charlie, and a slew of unanswered questions.

Years later, seventeen-year-old Charlie still struggles with the dark legacy of her family name and the mystery surrounding her mother. Determined to finally let go of the past, she throws herself into life at Knollwood, the prestigious New England school she attends. Charlie quickly becomes friends with Knollwood’s “it” crowd.

Charlie has also been tapped by the A’s—the school’s elite secret society well known for terrorizing the faculty, administration, and their enemies. To become a member of the A’s, Charlie must play The Game, a semester-long, diabolical high-stakes scavenger hunt that will jeopardize her friendships, her reputation, even her place at Knollwood.

As the dark events of the past and present converge, Charlie begins to fear that she may not survive the terrible truth about her family, her school, and her own life.

King (King #1) by T.M. Frazier (Author)

Reading 📖📗 “King” by TM Frazier, it’s actually a good book. I’ve been hearing a lot about the #KingSeries …. glad I gotten a chance to read it. ✅✅✅✅ 


Book Review: 

King” by TM Frazier,  it’s actually a good book. I’ve been hearing a lot about the “King Series” …. glad I gotten a chance to read it. I definitely like this story about King and Doe aka Ramie that ending got me mad though. Her dusty *** daddy is going to lock up King like really. If you look at it, he actually did save her. He could’ve killed her if he wanted to but he doesn’t because he actually care and loved her. Oh, how I wish Preppy were still alive and Bear was still there. Make no sense, I hope that she ends up back with King, and King gets his daughter back. That ending got me mad. Her dad didn’t even keep his word. I figure that something was up when he says a second car was coming.

Can’t wait to read part 2 to figure out when and how Doe has a kid with Tanner. I hope in book two she and her son, king and his daughter end up together happy. Ugh! Can’t stand her dad, people need to look at how he is the Senator, and he didn’t even try to find his missing daughter. It doesn’t matter if she did run away. Regardless you will look for your missing child. I’m hoping they let King go and he not be put in jail.


Book Description:

Homeless. Hungry. Desperate.

Doe has no memories of who she is or where she comes from.

A notorious career criminal just released from prison, King is someone you don’t want to cross unless you’re prepared to pay him back in blood, sweat, sex or a combination of all three.

King’s future hangs in the balance. Doe’s is written in her past. When they come crashing together, they will have to learn that sometimes in order to hold on, you have to first let go.

King is the first book in a two-part series. Tyrant is the name of the second book due out August 2015.

ebook, 255 pages
Published June 15th, 2015 by T.M. Frazier
Edition Language: English
Series: King #1

Audrey And The Hero Upstairs (Scandalous Series Book 5) by R. Linda (Author)

‘This book 📖 just came out Today!!!! I just had to preorder it. Because I was like I wanted Brody to find love too….. I’m still waiting on a story about Jack…
If you want to read this book you,
Gotta read book 1 through 4 first to understand this book. Clearly, be lost as to what happens and what lead to certain situations.


Book Review: 

Good book


Yes, I’ve been waiting on this book like forever. Well, more so I have been wanting a book with Brody finding love. I’m happy he found it in Audrey.

He has been there for her throughout her recovery now that’s a supportive person and a person who care about you. He stuck by her side from the very beginning. Even though he disliked Bennett at first but he became to like him because he knew that Audrey was Bennett BRO, and Bennett was Audrey bestie.
Glad everyone accepted their relationship, and he waited until she was 18.

But I’m curious now, about Christina and Bennett, like wow, I do wonder if she is going to end up in the wolf pack, though she and Chace were cruel to Bailey and Ryder, and his sister Kenzie… Lordy, that book going to be interesting cannot wait.


Book Description:

My road to recovery began with Brody—the man who saved my life.

Without his courage and determination, I’d have died in the fire that took the lives of my entire family. If that’s not a hero, I don’t know what is.

Brody has been by my side every step…but the emotional scars are as crippling as the physical ones, even if they’re harder to see. The anxiety of being around people, seeing their disgust, feeling their pity—I’m not sure I can handle it.

Maybe it’s wrong, but feelings are developing between us, leading to stolen glances and sneaky kisses. The problem is I’m not quite eighteen, he’s twenty-five, and we’re living under someone else’s roof. It would be so much simpler with someone my own age, like Bennett, the hottest guy in school.

How can Brody and I possibly be together? And if we were, how would we explain all this to our friends and Brody’s family—who also happen to be my foster parents? I’ve already lost so much…but can I lose someone who shouldn’t even be mine?

Kindle Edition, 216 pages
Published July 31st, 2018 by Limitless Publishing LLC
Other Editions