Protected by the Biker (Grim Reapers MC) by Savannah Rylan

Currently reading 📖 “Protected by the Biker” by Savannah Rylan 


Book Review:

I love MC books

Just a few spoilers here and there…

So I was curious about this book, somehow I end up getting this book without realizing I got it, so I read the description of the book. And became curious as to what it was about, will it be good. It was a good book; I was glad that Thorn was there for Easley because I cannot stand a man who beat on women. Those type of men is cowards. He was there to protect and care for her, though that little slip towards the end, still Thorn and his MC even came to her rescue and got rid of Ryan evil ***… But I thought something was going to happen towards the end like a stalker was Goin to pop up or something, but no one did. Easley did end up pregnant though, which I figured was going to happen since they didn’t use protection. Also, I kept calling Thorn,… “Thor” lol!


Book Description: 

Anyone who tries to hurt her will f*cking pay.

As the new president of the Grim Reapers MC, I’ve got one job.
Find us some cash. The legit kind too. Not the kind that landed my brothers in jail.
But I’m no businessman.
I’m an outlaw. It’s what I do best.
Until I meet Ensley.
I never thought I would want an actress from LA.
But I want to bend Ensley over my bike and show her how a real man rides.
Thing is, she has a job that needs done.
An ex-boyfriend who needs to be dealt with.
No problem baby, pain is my middle name.
At first, it’s about the money, but now it’s so much more.
I’ll make Ensley my bride and keep her safe.

Bestselling MC Author Savannah Rylan brings you this STANDALONE motorcycle romance with an HEA and no cheating.


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