Courting The Nerd: A Rumor Has It Short Story (Rumor Has It #2.5) by R.H. Tucker (Author)

Finished another to this series in a day… this one is actually a short book to this series… I’m all for #teamnerd … since I’m one myself 😀😼📖📚



Book Review:

>>>>******••••••••••••••• Just A FEW MAYBE A SMALL AMOUNT OF SPOILERS<<<<<<<<<<

Love it even though it was short…. see Sam may have been a nerd, but eventually, Natalie fell for him. Idk how people think nerds are weird…, we are awesome; we are own people nerds have more fun; whereas popular people think they are better than the next or bully someone they think his less than them. I’m so glad that Natalie realizes that in the end, and wanted Sam for who he was and didn’t change him. Her friend Emily wasn’t a true friend either; that’s all I’m a say but. I loved when Natalie told Sam “to get rid of those stupid contacts and put his glasses back on” and “kiss me like that again, nerd” yasss I like them together (:



Book Description: 

Natalie Frazier might not be the most popular girl at Woodbridge High, but she’s definitely on the first rung. She’s also on her way to being class valedictorian and she just made prom court, so who knows? Maybe she’ll be able to add prom queen to her high school resume before she heads off to college.

Sam Patterson is the prototypical nerd. Glasses, talks about sci-fi shows and comic books with his friends, and runs debate and chess club. As the saying goes, if you looked up the definition of a nerd his picture would be there. And now he can add another checkmark to his high school biography: senior prom court joke vote.

When the prom court is announced, everyone knows who the joke votes are for the guys and the girls. And everyone knows the joke votes are always paired together. Except this year they’re not. Sam gets paired up with Natalie, much to both of their surprise. Now they have to survive one week as a prom court couple. That’s if they can survive each other.

Courting the Nerd is a Rumor Has It short story that takes place in the middle of True to You. It can be read as a stand-alone, but there are spoilers for what happens in True to You. If you don’t want spoilers, it is recommended you read True to You BEFORE reading Courting the Nerd.


Kindle Edition
Published July 9th, 2018
Original Title: Courting The Nerd: A Rumor Has It, Short Story
Edition Language: English
Other Editions: None found

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