A Whole New League (Briarwood High #2) by Maggie Dallen (Author)

Currently reading 📖 “a whole new league “ book two to the “Briarwood High series” by Maggie Dallen short but interesting book. 

Book Review: 


Let’s see it could be some spoilers depending on how I feel once I am writing this review. So I am going to start by saying, I am glad this book was short; sometimes I do like and don’t like LONG chapters. I thought Alice and Brian story. They were best friends but split during high school. They were both in the wrong, but realize they cared and missed each other. They fixed their relationship by coming together through “theater.


Book Description: 

The star quarterback dating a theater geek like me? As if anyone would believe that. 

If Brian Kirkland is the reigning king of the jocks, I guess that makes me the queen of the drama department. Hard to believe we were ever best friends. These days we go to great lengths to ignore one another. But when Brian’s current diva girlfriend convinces him to try out for my play, there’s no way to avoid him. I try to keep it professional, but years of anger and resentment are hard to dismiss. It doesn’t help that he’s just as cocky as I remember. He lives to antagonize me, which is why I’m just as stunned as everyone else when he does something nice. Something…unexpected. His very public kiss is an act of kindness to save me from humiliation, but it leads the entire school to think that we’re dating. Which is just crazy…right? 

The Briarwood High novels are completely standalone romances that can be read in any order.